Kweli, Talib - The Wormhole Lyrics

[2Pac interview]
"Niggas is tellin' me about this Illuminati shit while I'm in jail - that's another way to keep your self-esteem low, that's another way to keep you unconfident. And I'm putting the 'K' cause I'm killing that Illuminati shit. Trust me. These motherfuckers wanted to kill you, why the fuck they gonna tell Farrakhan, why they gonna tell the Nation of Islam, why they gonna tell this nigga in jail about the plan? How did he know? How'd it leak to him? Who told him? Who told him, the Pope? Who? Cause they like, 'the Pope' and 'the money', aw c'mon man, get the fuck outta here."

Oh you niggas wanna get deep?
Niggas wanna kick knowledge?
Y'all niggas ain't deep man, y'all niggas lost me
Soon as you steady tryna tell me which rappers in the fuckin Illuminati
Then I'm like, show me the proof right?
Niggas start talking about the anti-Christ and aliens and shit
Save the ghost stories for the kids nigga, I'm a grown ass man
Let's go, let's go

You can lead a man to a drink
But you can't make him take a sip
You can lead a man to a link
But that don't mean he gonn' click
What's this? Y'all ain't really on no deep shit
I peeped it, scared of a motherfuckin' secret
Society and only bein' with people you agree with
You scared of a chalice scared of death
Only thing worse is your silence
Illuminatis enlightened, the OWL see in the darkness
Masonic roots still survive from the book of dearly departed
Egyptologist and scholars
Symbologists at the college
Will all acknowledge that ancient Kemet is where it started
Way farther back than the knights
Or the Rite of the Scottish
You need to wake up, no new Bugatti
My enemy tryna stop me but I don't stand a chance
If I can't identify 'em properly
Illuminati as we know it started in Bavaria
Years before it landed on the shores of America
The mission: abolishment of government and religion
They were enemys of the state
And they was hated by the Christians
They was Poets, they was Scholars
Early Illuminati was sorta like the students
In Victor Hugo's Les Miserables
The modern day politicians would diss 'em
Turning them into martyrs
This in turn inspired the founding fathers
The vast majority Masons who were the subject of the Illuminati
Found this fascination the order was insipiration
And ain't no disrespect to the masons
But you try to keep secrets then it leads to speculation
Only those in league with Satan need to hide infomation
That's how you catch a ride to your final destination
Where the proof, show 'em proof put it all on the table
When the facts are intact ain't no need for a fable
Good versus evil is primitive
Real life's more complex, what's your context?
They put the symbols on the dollar bill, the monument, the obelisk
They honouring Columbia the children of the colonists
You can trace it back to the root trace it back again
It's really just another case of stealin' from the African
Racism and vanity justify the sale of flesh
You property like cattle or produce but are you still as fresh?
Population control is real, you know the deal
But still perpetuate the cycle of violence
We known to hold the steel
No, I don't need no fuckin' chorus
Use to read so many books
Thought I was a hoarder down at Borders
Like Behold the Pale Horse or The New World Order
But you really don't know what you reading
If you really don't know the author
A lot of Satan worship is just government propaganda
Unsubstantiated lies with no proof a bunch of slander
Of course there are forces against you and that's a fact
Don't get caught in the distraction, it's bigger than any rapper
The truly oppressed ain't got the luxury of inventing a monster
The devil incarnate is much realer than the devil in concert
What they doing so sinister
Worse than any blood sacrifice you can imagine
Iller than any cinema
The Federal Reserve, the World Bank and the IMF
Helping the poor get poorer you in debt until your dying breath
Food, vaccines, humanitarian aid
They want control of the region, they really tryna get paid
Obey thy consumer make a product out of man
Where's the conspiracy? It's always been the plan
Y'all niggas scared of one world currency
But still paying your taxes
It ain't the Illuminati that worry me
Lack of spiritual energy, suicidal tendencies
Unwitting soldiers in the armies of the enemy
I'm leaking information so follow me down the wormhole
Same reason that they called Bradley Manning a turncoat

(Man, we supposed to be brothas!)
Oh what you tryna get smart?
Nigga you tryna kick some knowledge?
Nigga fuck that give me your muthafuckin jewelry nigga
Take that shit off
Oh you got a pager too huh?
You a balla huh? You a balla huh?
Gimme that muthafuckin' shit
Better me than the muthafuckin cops nigga

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Kweli, Talib The Wormhole Comments
  1. New Negroid Breed Dominant Genetic Parent

    Talib is nothing but a puppet. ADOS4Life! Be prepared your ass will never be famous on this soil again.

  2. Christopher Coleman

    Kweli thank you for this song. 1 Love bro.

  3. Be_HoPe _DK

    "The Federal Reserve, the World Bank and the IMF, helping the poor get poorer!!! You're in debt til you're dying breath"–Talib Kweli ... Ain't that the Truth!!?... #FuckTheBanksters ! ! !
    ... //ANTI-NWO ! ! !

  4. Be_HoPe _DK

    I think that the Illuminati is a distraction, cos no fucking rapper gets to call the shots!!!...
    I don't believe in the Illuminati, but through thorough research, I've come to the conclusion that the New World Order is VERY real, and it is indeed "The Enemy of Humanity" like my man MEAR ONE said ! ! ! ... So, we all need to learn how to #QuestionEverything, like my brother LOGIC (UK) said on "Question Everything" ! ! ! ... Cos the real ones ARE aware that "Society is Brainwashed" like Ill Bill said on the track with that title!.. #KnowledgeIsPower

  5. Robert Dilda


  6. SI- LINCE

    "...IMMA GROWN AZZ MAN...!"

  7. Coleman Younger

    Namaste & Thank you.

  8. Kevin Johnson

    Is this to deep for you? Continue to understand...and dig it. This message is for the beings that can relate a different sort of true reality mentality.

  9. Brandon Landis

    I noticed talib has some "mason" in him. Rappi g about doing things himself and finding it in himself. That's mason talk. The One and Only is who helps you "Get by".

  10. Brandon Landis

    He really didn t get too "deep" himself. Nothing I heard was news. There is ALLOT more to this shit then what he raps about. No chorus he should've gone at least 10mins on this .

  11. Dru Nature

    AHHHHHH TALIB!!! <3 thanks man!

  12. babyradfem_tv

    Where is that Tupac quote from?

    Brandon Landis

    Its on a makaveli collection. That's where I heard and have it.

  13. Download Mothership

    i suggest any body whos on a super high high frequency listen to that bRAgadino full album

    Free TheSlaves

    What did you get out of it? I'm curious to know if we may be on the same freq. or in close range at least.

  14. Brent Heymans

    Dope edit

  15. Jerome Jordan

    Geez. I can't believe the level of ignorance in regards to the beat or the lyrics. Are you people deaf? People saying "[...this beat is whack]", "[this video could have been made by a 13 year old...]", "[tk has lost hist skills...]" - you're the exact reason that Hip Hop is in danger. Hip Hop is *supposed* to be about the #MESSAGE.

  16. Jesse Luciano

    its not about the faget ass illuminati people just call it that over and over to try to believe they have identified who fucks this country up. Just another boogeyman. America is the king of fear mongering i bet the powers that be laugh too fucking hard at the herd..

  17. Ruben Fisher

    This is really ironic.

  18. John Hernandez

    Talib Kweli, you have been paid off by the elites to make this. Im sure you have been compensated greatly for spreading this bullshit. Jesus Christ will remember this and you will join Satan in the abyss. As for the rest of the good, honest Christians left on Earth..we will join Elohim and reign over your tortured soul for all enernity. 

    Bryson Young

    When you die youll break down into elements and no one will care that you lead a delusional life filled with hatred. But ill play along - in heaven youre going to just stare down at tortured souls, not doing a god damn thing? Didnt realise sadists were let into heaven. Sounds awful. Thankful that i'll be in neither of these places when i die :)

    John Hernandez

    yes because thats what people will do in heaven, stare down at people. *sarcasm* maybe if you read  you would be able to spell REALIZE correctly as well as find out what Christians will be doing in heaven. But we both know that will never happen. I wrote that comment to express my freedom of speech on talib kweli, not to bother with the uneducated likes of you "b young". And while you're at it, could you not take the lords name in vain? that was extremely intentional that you used those exact words and for that you are truly a piece of shit 

    Dru Nature

    +John Hernandez LOOOOOL at "good, honest Christians" its okay to be wrong, you can admit it.

    John Hernandez

    @Dru Nature​ Dude this was so long ago, yet you couldn't help but tap into your troll-like ways? Have at it. I won't be wasting my time on someone like you.

  19. cloudskipa

    "Good vs Evil is primitive, real life's more complex plus your context"

    I disagree, good is good and evil is evil in natural/universal law which we all abide by whether we know it or not. Only mankind has sought to make it complicated and intentionally so via moral relatiivism.

    James River

    'good' and 'evil' are moral abstractions, and are completely irrelevant to the natural world. what you're exercising is a just-world fallacy, with a healthy helping of appeal to nature.

    if you don't believe me, then take a look at the way that other animals in the natural world behave; male lions kill cubs to force the mothers into ovulation, rival chimpanzee troops routinely raid, kill and cannibalise each other; many duck species have a rape culture so endemic to their reproductive process that their physiology has become an evolutionary battleground; adolescent dolphins are known to participate in anti-social behaviour for their own amusement - and that's not to mention all the naturally extant microbes which only do what they're naturally programmed to do, even if that results in parasitism and the causation of painful and sometimes incurable illnesses.

    even among human beings, political differences alone often point towards the fact that one person's definition of 'good' is likely going to differ from another's, providing evidence to the legitimacy of the argument for moral relativism. Kweli cites the idea that the world can't be objectified from a black/white perspective partly because it'd lend many with the excuse that anyone who disagrees with their perspective on life is inherently evil.

  20. Mackcity Limits Radio Show

    Damn this track totally ruined the knowledge that was spit in the rhymes. Please remix this shyt.

  21. jon wheeler

    Came here because of mark dice

  22. Jackhammer77

    Who directed this video, a 13yr old, talib kweli the fact you think it's a joke is the reason why ppl aren't paying attention ppl like keeping everything in the left right paradigm & race thing is why ppl are ostriches. Here's a thought think of hydra then you might get it.

  23. AkilAswadKamau

    Content, Skill, & Flow ! Still 1 of the greatest past & present !

  24. yakuza moon.

    Get eem, pac, nikka was talking illuminati in '96 bro.... ignorance is bliss ig

    yakuza moon.

    kinda like a modern nature of the threat

  25. Jab Bad

    This sums it up for anyone that's oblivious to the truth, but is just waking up....

  26. EFYALrecords

    Even illuminati is becoming over rated. Money and power controls the human subconscious mind state. Once you master those mental vibrations then you have master living in this temple. Peace to Talib!

  27. Hernan Cortes Athrice Recordings

    Pac was wrong about that shit.

  28. Sara Robedee

    It's Chelsea.

  29. Rafael David

    The only conspiracy here is who was behind this horrible beat and who took away Talib's flow?


    Best rapper alive

    Rafael David

    Ummm no, that's not how music works.  Artists create music to be judged by the masses.  If they're good enough they'll find success but if they churn out wack beats such as this they won't.  ANYONE has the right to judge music, otherwise how would even enjoy it?

    Dru Nature

    +Rafael Aptroot uh, wow your taste is horrible. Coulda told u this was one of the coolest beats ive ever heard, then i find out its the kid OH NO, who can ONLY make next level shit. so i dunno wtf ur smoking. this is talibs flow, OH NOs beat matches him.

  30. philosophyking

    Stale or fresh? Kweli, may his name be equated with 'Fresh' forever.

  31. InventionsRus1

    the BEST MC - period

  32. RozkminSam

    Secret society, trying keep they eye on me


    the way you type is the reason why they keep an eye on you....ignorant language

  33. linkrocker1

    "Talib Kweli is ruling hip hop!"

  34. Tony Bones


  35. aaronhutchinson82

    tha plan......hah

  36. wukillabee100

    Talib once again rips it with knowledge. keep it coming God!

  37. Holly

    Wonderful!! Educate!!

  38. henry h

    Are the pics at 3:01 of the London riots?

  39. extremewayz


  40. Egység Média - Zene

    pls put lyrics in the description above

  41. Brian Okemo

    In Kiswahili, Kweli means True, Now thats the Truth in a nutshell...big s/o

  42. Wes Minister

    there really are secret societies/cabals/juntas that seek to rule the world. the elite admit it in their own writings.

    Ri Mo

    CAPITALISTS nigga, fuck that bullshit pro capitalist right wing conspiracy shit, organize against the class enemy, forget that pacifist fascist conspiracy shit!

  43. yourmanwatson

    THANK YOU !!!!!

  44. leonrussell262

    Conspiracy simply means more then one. and occult simply means that witch is hidden the illuminate is a occult conspiracy made up of some of the smartest minds the world has ever known, minds that know exactly how peoples minds work and how to control them they are only known if they want you to know. we know of them we don't know who they are. one thing is sure people like Jay-Z and other hip hop artist have neither the intelligence or money to be illuminate they make hand sighs and say flashy words but a true illuminate will die and no one but other illuminate will know they where illuminate in fact they might live their whole life and never utter the word illuminate. obviously it would be detrimental to their plans if they ran around spoutin off to people that they where illuminate so in a way Talib is right there is no illuminate because they would never ever in a billion years use that name today your best bet of identifying "illuminate" would be through symbols.

  45. leonrussell262

    even though your wrong it is a catchy song. hey i rapped yay!!!! woah thats freaky ;)

  46. leonrussell262

    i suppose there is no skull and bone society either or how about the grove out in California just a old mans frat house i suppose the trilateral commission doesn't exist either or bilderburger. all that shits fake? na Talib they are real you just need to go back and re read your books son.

  47. Kuromatsu619

    What is the name of the movie clip at 3:49?

    4 Eva

    That's "Menace 2 Society" a hood classic... That's one of my favorite movies

  48. Ricardo Logan

    what they are doing now about the illuminati now is that are letting people talk about it and trying to make it a joke to drown it out like letting a bunch of white people into or join a black positive group that would help black people and uplift them like public enemy just to water it down to cover up the truth but I know that it's real and most people in this world are cowards and wont stand up for anything they are scared to liking garbage that's why I don't respect jay-z or any of these other fake rappers in the game because if they we really about helping there people or anybody that's in struggle they would speak about and be on t .v .shows and making videos about it they are cowards and I would tell them that to their face too all they going to do is talk and never do anything to help show me by making a stand speak out.

  49. Mark Dice

    They're PUPPETS, Talib.  Willing servants of the system, who promote mindless materialism, violence, perversion, and serve to influence the masses keeping them out of the way. 

    Comrade Cat

    @O Ra HA "Karma" where is karma for imperialists like Obama? where is karma for those fucking up the world? Where is karma for the Brazilian government and Sepp fucking Blatter? FUCK KARMA

    Ri Mo

    @Comrade Cat word, had the same reaction here decided to leave it tho, but word 

    Comrade Cat

    @O Ra oh no, grammar police! Call the bourgeoisie to reign in their lacky! Go fuck yourself swine traitor. 

    Evan Smith

    Hey look the leech @Mark Dice! Welcome to the genre of music people call rap/hip-hop. 


    So Says the PUPPET himself! obvious.

  50. nothingmuch44

    this is what i have been talking about,.. this generation is straight Stupid,.. u think a secret society will let u knw they signs and shit,.... some bunch o muthafuckers comes up with shit and call themselves conspiracy theorist and brainwash kids,.... SAY BYE TO THE BRAINWASH 

    4 Eva

    The best way to hide something is in plain sight

  51. Danny Stevens

    When Pac said Killuminati he wasn't saying it cause he believed Illuminati existed its cause he new it was a corny load of shit what don't exist. People just completely miss understood. He wanted to kill the rumours no grown man would believe in a made up organisation uless they're dumb.


    Could not have said it better Danny!!!! Fantasists believing in that nonsense 

    Lucas Chayramy

    You're blind from the three eyes my friends. Start informing yourself and get some knowledge before spitting crap on youtube. It's not easy to believe, and it's even easier to deny it without trying to understand but you should keep an opened mind and not being a sheep like most of the people.

    Brandon Landis

    Hahaha. What's that ol cliche.
    Greatest truck HaSatan pulled was Mali g you think he aint there. Ohhhhhhj he's there boy. Get right. Of you ain't scared to Fuck with him. See how ya life turns.

  52. Jab Bad

    Thank you mister kweli!

  53. LoUPz

    y wouldve been like "fuk it this is the lead single." this is a classic

  54. Daniel Gray

    Another Kweli Lesson on Truths!

  55. Riccio Cruz

    Horrible beat. Wtf? I wonder who made that choice? I can't imagine anyone going through instrumentals and stopping at this one and going "yeah, that's the one!"

    Dru Nature

    +Riccio Cruz well reimagine it, because OH NO only makes the best shit, and its never the typical dre recycled BS.

  56. Ari Sticks

    some saying talib lost it prolly cause its not an old song. u like his old shit, buy his old album

  57. Youniversoul13


  58. Society Media

    www. thenwo .net

  59. suhnstar

    good attempt...trash delievery..good knowledge.....trash rhymes,trash beat(and oh no is a beast but this one sucks)..rass kass nature of the threat is a real viable attempt at spreading knowledge...i miss black star kweli..cus this guy is..........

    Edward Ricketts

    LOL I didn't even see your comment before posting but, yup ... Nature of the threat!

  60. christoph rolee

    allways zee bad germans

  61. jakejawsmusic

    I don't think that anyone of you guys got the message he tried to put out in this song. He is NOT talking about Killing Illuminati, he's talking about turning away from that shit and trying to see what is REALLY going on. The rich co-operating with the rich to get richer and to get all the money there is, therefore making the poor, poorer.


    Yeah but It's more sinister than just for money, it's about making a world for them without us.


    It sure is. And do you know how we counter this?
    We learn to do what the fuck we want. Not talking anarchy.

    But let's say that money doesn't exist, what would you do?

  62. Jens Lundberg

    Talib has lost it.. this sucks.

    Danny Stevens

    Em is still quality wtf you on about?


    you aint bout that life

    jon athan

    all of you mad. talib is still killing it

  63. Adam Feldman

    Damn, now that was hip hop.

  64. sean rose

    Damn. I thought Kweli fell off once Eardrum dropped and now this shit is more real than ever. Thank goodness for real talents doing real projects about some real shit for once... twice... over five times since 1995?

    sean rose

    @Larry Green
    I'm only 23, but I'm just used to Reflection Eternal and Beautiful Struggle days. Maybe I did fall off.


    @sean rose
    Rite About Now was ill as fuck, one of the most slept on albums check it out

  65. isacc norman

    Wow this song is truly amazing

  66. aqvamarin9

    Need more of thisGreat Video #truthmusic

  67. Guchimerlo

    Great Video!!!!!!!

  68. TheBigEli1999

    2Pac!!! Great and good to put him in.

  69. P4me4ever

    Great song,
    i'm very happy about the fact there is a new album coming, so soon after the last album. awesome artist

  70. Kasper Kevin

    So dope!!

  71. crownimperialmusic

    Everyone Should Thank Our Brother Talib For Always Dropping Knowledge & Keeping It 100%!!!!

    Free TheSlaves

    Knowledge? Lmao! He just threw up another smoke screen. He doesn't comprehend reality. Focus on your hologram and you will never get out of this matrix. Change your intent and focus your energy towards productivity and goodwill and you will see what I'm talking about. It's the only way out.

    Brandon Landis

    Haha exactly. "No disrespect to the masons" as in Jay-Z. He had to say that when he knows Damn well what they're about. Its isn't a conspiracy,it's deception.hahaha

  72. Joel Diaz

    So do the ones with the greatest power tell the entertainers to further distract the masses from the truth by using obscene or controversial symbols? That is what it seems like. I think this is where the whole 'selling your soul' aspect comes into play. You'll be raking in a lot of money...but the guilt one must feel and the shame. Knowing your doing something malicious or secret to fatten your wallet....just a stream of consciousness...

  73. Ali Outtalab

    Fuck illimunité

  74. Teddy_P

    Hot fire!

  75. NX dei Massakrasta official


  76. Bob Don

    We found out because in every organisation there are whistleblowers and snitches no organisation is that secret we may know more than they're comfortable with so they deal in confusion and misinformation and if you believe it you're crazy!! What's more real Jesus and Christianity or the illuminati??

  77. Ptah Amen Ra

    "Good versus evil is primitive". When will human beings wake up, step away from these religious fears...Kweli is becoming wiser!

    Ptah Amen Ra

    I'm sure you said Amen at the end of your prayer...With that said I appreciate your prayers!

    Brandon Landis

    I don't say amen. Even if it was said it would refer to the Hebrew word so be it. I aintcha average ayydayy mofo. So stick with your Sun God home boy.

    Ptah Amen Ra

    Bruh EVERY major religion says AMEN at the end of their prayers (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and some Hindus). So be it my foot. Its about the acknowledgment of the hidden one. Sun worship! However if I did worship the sun. I do know that the SUN is most important star in our galaxy.The sun gives and bring life. I'm done with your average ass!

    Brandon Landis

    I don't. You ain't met no one like me BRUH. I suppose the Sun is 93million miles away? Hahaha laughable.

    Brandon Landis

    Keep eating those pics from NASA. Even the bullshit you follow know the Sun ain't that big. You are just deceived in every kinda way

  78. Bob Don

    What is he saying there's no illuminati no new world Order that's a nonsense!!


    He's saying 'where's the proof'?  That if there is some global secret society, rappers and celebrities sure as hell wouldn't know about it.

    Bob Don

    i understand that but the proof is everywhere and has been everywhere in plain site except to the uninitiated most people 95% are still unaware. i see signs and symbols everywhere

    Fire in the Bedroom

    He's not saying there's no Illuminati, he's saying that there is but musicians aren't members lol... thats basically the song summed up. Listen to it again


    @Luke Haywood
    That and the hocus pocus stories. Its more like corporations and real life struggles. Like how the poor get poorer and the rich get richer.

  79. Javierm0n0

    Spit that knowledge let the fools know, and hope the ignorant realize their short commings with this bullshit. INB4 nutjobs destroy the comment section.

  80. choda10304

    OOO YEA!!!

  81. William Hunt

    Need more of this !!!!! BLACK STAR !!! WHERE Y'ALL AT !?!?!? YOUR FAN BASE STILL LIVES !!!!

  82. Mikołaj Organista


  83. adil115

    gatekeeper ;). 


     and no kehmet isnt where it started. lol...5%ers are deluded -.-