Kweli, Talib - Ocean Song Lyrics

[Verse 1 - Talib Kweli:]
I treat my woman like water, I play with her emotions
Got her floatin' that's until I get her salty like the ocean
She engrossin', she full of mysteries and revelations
It's ironic, sea level is the highest elevation
She be movin' with the moon cause she move and she in tune
With the universe she bloom like bearded irises in June
She make me swoon, if you're not careful she will suck you in
You're piratin' lookin' for that booty but the treasure you discover
Is the mothership, marry for the love of it
You wonderin' why you need a licence from the government?
She the pool you jumpin' in, your neighbours covered in the earth
Three fourths water that's the length you wanna [?]
She bugging when I'm gone I'm comin' back when I get off the tour
[?] but could the ocean ever divorce the shore?
I stare at her, I see the sun reflectin' cause it mirror her
I'm humble but I never feel inferior, still

[Hook - Talib Kweli & Mela Machinko:]
Who am I to fight the ocean? The battle just begun
But the only way to win is if me and the ocean one
When I swim against the current I'm showin' 'em my pride
But her strength is a deterrent so I'm goin' with the tide
I can't fight it, no, I can't fight it, no
I can't fight it, no, I can't fight it, no
I can't fight it, no, I can't fight it, no
I can't fight it, no, I try to fight it

[Verse 2 - Talib Kweli:]
She get loud at night, way too loud to listen to me
And so I'm out at night, you know there's other fish in the sea
Now I'm soundin' like a stowaway, the ocean overwhelmin'
I'm so small, surprised she noticed me
Let's go away and get a room with a spectacular view
Don't be a basic chick, focussed on the bag and the shoes
I'm playing favourites, you labourin' so hard that you broke the water
Got all sorts of memories and cured the remedies that you could show your daughters
Go with me so we can sow the seeds
A gem so rare that they should keep her in the booth with the Mona Lisa
My poetry lives where the sky and the ocean meet
The potency [?] capsizin' [?]
See the ocean spray wetter than a kiss from my lover's lips
Kiss the mothership, if God the ocean and I'm just a sip
Because of this waterless life, let's have a baby
You so wavy, Ii's crazy, now I'm drownin' come and save me


[Bridge x2 - Mela Machinko:]
No I can't fight it
So tired it's like [?]
And it's winning when his thirst quenchin'
Don't fight it, no
Just let it flow

[Outro - Mela Machinko:]
Like the ocean, just let it flow
I'm the ocean, just let it flow

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