Kurupt - I'm Burnt (Remix) Lyrics


I'm Burnt, errbody sayin' I'm Burnt
Nigga you should see when I'm turnt
Homie I'm Burnt, burnt, burnt the fuck out
Ya'll ready know what I'm bout
You know how I'm Burnt, cuz I got that FIRE
You know how I'm Burnt, cuz I got that FIRE
You know how I'm Burnt, cuz I got that FIRE
And the whole goddamn world keeps tellin' me that I'm Burnt!

[Snoop Dogg:]
My music's so loud like the 15's in the coupe
Got a new routine, fresh fruit
Like to be sweated and pitted too
Turnt up, what it do?
Smokin' dope, count my revenue
Mectric, Electric Avenue
What it do one stop cause he got that (UGGH) that make a nigga heart stop

2 G's, DP
Mini Monster, you know about me
Caddilac on chrome, two toned
Sittin' home alone with a brand new phone
I'm original, life stays coated
West Coasters, sippin' Hen getting toasted
I like the way she hood and I like the way she think
But the only problem is if the bitch's pussy stinks


Yo it's R to the Bat, scars on the tats
I pull up at the front tell em' park it in the back
I'm Burnt, more than Half-Baked I'm crispy
Flavour of the month, no flavour on the blunt
Havin' money out the ass is a blast
And all we get to do is smoke weed and talk trash
Puffin' Hash till' it sends my moustache surrounded by...

My diamond lane chain swang hang and it's glitterin'
Fucked my ex bitch bare down and caught clymidia
Yeah that's burnt, burnt like a fire, I'm higher
Than the fucking voice of Mariah
Roll it like a tire, all fours on the long freeway
In the diamond lane can you see may
Problem, for those who don't know about 'im
I'm the nigga walking round with all the smoke comin' out 'im


I'm down on blues, In the club on shrooms
Old School, take it back, Mac Milly chrome tubes
Chrome feet, lowkey, OG on gooms
Like the callin' games on him standing in the corner like tombs
Twerk, work, look at how she flirt
When me, Snoop, Daz , Problem go burnt, so burnt, so burnt
Have no fear, I told her come ere and put my dick in her ear


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Kurupt I'm Burnt (Remix) Comments
  1. The Duncer

    Good song

  2. TheReal Angelica Marie

    Best beat ever

  3. TechnicalSniper

    The original version is on Spotify.

  4. trill ionmv

    this mix is dope, i like the new flow thats being rapped

  5. Alex Lenada

    Music video on my channel. But it's speed up due to copyright.

  6. violet_vanguard

    the only thing burnt is our ears with this garbage ass mix. wtf.

    The Duncer

    Your ears were already trash cause you have bad taste. Idk wym cause this shit good

  7. EthicalFox

    This shit fucking sucks, honestly. I was looking for the original, and here is some stupid ass remix..just give up remixing, it has no good beat, and the background music is just fucking terrible.

  8. oNeOfAkYnE661

    Huuulk smaaaaash ...!!!

  9. Groundhog Guns

    hahahahaha!! some "made in the garage" shite

  10. E.A.S. Reviews

    what the fuck is THIS Bullshit


    It's shit, that's what it is

  11. Natalie Elmore

    i think im the burnt one


    this mixs suks

  13. KillaVinyl

    ORIGINAL VERSION --- -   http://vimeo.com/9386158

  14. Bou

    Only my ears burn with this remix

  15. Armando Contreras

    I appreciate all good music

  16. mclain money

    WHERE IS THE OG !! AND Y IS IT THE " clean vertion "

  17. carbonphiber

    the original was on youtube forever.  FUCK is this yay area trash remix?  ugh. 

    The Duncer

    Brugh you trash

  18. FuckYaChickenStrips

    where the fuck is the original !!!!!???!!!


    +nebraskacutie96 i can't find it any where :(


    i know right ??? IT SUCKS

    Alex Drummond

    vimeo idk wtf

  19. Tyler Kezer

    Burnt the fu* ck out

  20. realballa08

    Wack af getta life

  21. junior gonzalez

    Play store only 99cent

  22. Kristen Hogan

    someone put the origional on youtube its all gone :/

  23. UnicornsAreReal

    WERE THE FUCK IS THE ORIGINAL SONG!?!?!? IM GUNNA RAGE THE FUCK OUT! Cant find that shit anywere, and I wanna bump it on my subs

  24. kalsie johnson

    this song burnt

  25. George

    its not really meant to slap feel like its kind of a roll call. E40 and the federation made it dope. dont think its even really meant to be compared to the original. if anything this is more old school because it doesnt rely on a repetitive hook....


    this remix is fucking wack as fuuuck!!! why would you shit on the original like that.. horrible!!!

  27. Christiana Simoni

    e-40 knows how to ruin every song..the original is so much better, all of snoops new songs are starting to sound the same....if you havnt heard the original, then go check it out...this shits wack

  28. LeroyDogg

    Not digging the beat. Maybe I'm 2 oldskool.

  29. matt Schrag

    the beat to this is horrible

  30. Norman Abbott

    if u dont like this song! u ant from the set! fool

    The Duncer

    True dat