Kurtis Blow - America Lyrics

I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all

Square meal for every man

Dr. Martin Luther King

Square meal for every man and every woman


Dr. Martin Luther King

I've been to the mountaintop

Don't you love America, my favorite country?
Don't you love America, land of democracy?

Don't you love America, my favorite country?
Don't you love America, land of democracy?

The issues are global

I John Fitzgerald Kennedy, do solemnly swear

Ask not what your country can do for you-ask what you can do for your country

I Richard Nixon, do solemnly swear

The issues are global

Don't you love America, my favorite country? Germany
Don't you love America, Russia land of democracy? Africa


Well, from California to the coast of Maine
From the days of pickin' cotton and sugar cane
From the mountaintops to the rolling hills
Baseball, hot dogs and all the cheap thrills
There's New York City and Kalamazoo
White, black, red, yellow and of course the Jew
Democracy is the land of the free
But we're all gonna die if there's a World War III!

Lebanon, Beirut, Iraq and Iran
Arabians, Russians don't like Americans
Revolutionary terrorists swarm like bees
Take American hostages across the seas
But how long Reagan go for that?
Before he really gets mad and then he goes for a bat?

Yes I'm talking World War III!
Destruction! The end of you and me!

Good lord

Old soldiers never die, they just fade away

I see little hope for us

Good lord

Can we solve... peace?

Can we solve... love?


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Kurtis Blow America Comments
  1. DB C

    Is that frank zappa reciting the pledge?

  2. Jack Lyons

    Timeless 😍😍😍🏪🏪

  3. jon jon goufema liames zenbin pinfen

    Reminds 19 from Paul Hardcastle

  4. Hugh Cipher

    Yo what the fuck was Kurtis Blow doing here LMAO...im waiting for the rhyme like "tic,tic,tic,tic tawn,tic tic" lol

  5. Andrea Lyon

    Graduated from high school in 1985. I'm still catching up with all the stuff I missed back then, including this vid. Weirdly beautiful.

  6. Tha Prophecy

    Dont You know Amerikkka Aint Shiiiit


    "But were all gonna die when its world war 3" - Kurtis Blow

  8. Enforce Treason Laws Now

    Where do I sign up for this class?

  9. Loves Greatness

    America, F yeah!

  10. Fernando Caetano


  11. Raphael Pinheiro Soares

    Brasil >>>>>>>>>Rio de Janeiro

  12. Karla Ross

    I saw him in 89 or 90 in Nienburg Germany. So great!

  13. ShaneVH Tic Toc

    I was never a fan of Kurtis Blow but this one is pretty cool.

  14. Ronaldo Apdo R Fao

    Muito top este som

  15. Verdade Seja dita


  16. rEdd Lyfe's

    Reagan was the President I think🤔🤔

  17. Divine Righteous

    Kurtis Blow auto tune before all these new rapper's.

  18. Magnabosco Trans

    Old school hip hop

  19. Chevy Chaser


  20. fruitloopz1224

    This is america

  21. The Robster Hamilton

    I believe this was Summer of 1985. I remember it getting airplay around the same time as Prince & The Revolution 's " America " from " Around the World in a Day" album.

  22. F LEONARDO Limonadas

    Uma lenda da música Black, grande cantor, destaque som Rogério DJ jardim das oliveiras Fortaleza Ceará.

  23. michael werner

    Haha... Kurtis blow said "murika" before trump! .... D.T. Must have learned the term when his dad kicked blow out the house

  24. Gaston


  25. Ronaldo Apdo R Fao

    Minha época o funk muito bom de curtir

  26. Robert Cummings

    This is still a fave rap of mine in 2018


    I saw a plasma screen in the class on this video

  28. D'Artenya Granger

    Kurtis Blow - America

  29. Mac Gotti

    Dope describes my rhymes, making all you MCS cold drop like dimes. You know MCSC is back again, and battling me on the microphone is like committing a sin.

    I've seen it all

    Scott /MCSC /Mac Gotti

  30. Robert Beaudoin

    Rap legend Kurtis Blow with a true rap classic.

  31. Teddy Rubskin

    this video is fucking a amazing!!

  32. Keith Witcher

    Kurtis Blow's America song and music video is a classic. America album is good. I like the album pictures. I love Kurtis Blow. [email protected] green jacket and hair jhericurl. I'm tired of white people being evil to unemployed black men like me who can't get jobs. Black men can't get jobs. Black men are homeless. A lot of black men are in prison. It's a joke for black people to vote for a president. White men politicans don't care about black people's problems. I voted for the first time when Barack Obama ran for his 2nd term as president. Nothing has changed in black neighborhoods. I'm not voting anymore for a president because I'm sick of the same problems in black neighborhoods. Black men are killing themselves because they're tired of being without jobs and housing. America has so many problems that will never be fixed. But America is the best country to live. That's why so many foreigners come to America to get away from their poor and violent countries to get jobs. America is the only country I know that will let foreigner people start their own businesses in black neighborhoods. Black people need to stop supporting foreigner people businesses. Foreigner people only care about making money off of black people. I'll be happy when I'm dead because i won't have to worry about looking for a job and a apartment. Banks need to give money to poor black men so they can have their own businesses. Black men shouldn't have to depend on white people for jobs. The government also should give money and housing to poor black men who can't get jobs. Black men shouldn't be without money and housing while they wait on jobs to hire them. I wanna tell black men to read Demico Boothe's Why Are So Many Black Men In Prison book and Bill Cosby's Come On People book.


    you focus to much on race also im white and no I don't hate black people unlike you were brainwashed to think

    Keith Witcher

    Who else am I supposed to blame for me being unemployed when I want a job and a apartment? I'm stuck living with my parents because white people won't hire me for a job. If i do get a job. I always get fired because white people love to complain. I get temporary disability money and a food stamps card from social services office. I'm waiting on a letter from social security because i applied for SSI money that's permanent until i die. I hope i get SSI money because i could use the money to get a apartment and pay for car repairs. I'm not gonna get money without a car. I also could use SSI money to take a vacation to Miami, San Francisco and Los Angeles. I haven't had a vacation since 1992 when i went to New York and Boston.

  33. pink gorilla -

    don't u luv america?

  34. Darth Hwang

    Is this sampling Barbara Mason ?


    sht rap these days don't talk about America no more all the talk about is .......... I'm not sure because I can't understand rappers these days

    Evil Peezy

    same people that act all "black pride" here and "black power" there and "black live matters" listen to Gucci Lame, Rick Ross or even worse to any mumble rappers.... those people should be ashamed of themself...


    Err... Black power and what not is bullshit but black lives really matters you know ?

    Evil Peezy

    Nostre38 do you just bullshit or also actually read comments? Before replying make sure you got the point of the first comment

  36. NWforager

    happy 4th of July !! :D

  37. Sleep Jr

    This video is hilarious, I watch it every couple months to stay youthful.

  38. utubegirl

    I know this is hip hop history but, I never heard or saw this before. Why does Kurtis look & sound like Herbie Hancock here for the 1st half of it? lol

  39. Night Flu


  40. Cut Factory

    00:31Wow a tehcnics with build in Akai EMU. Go Kurtis.

  41. A. Kidd

    a jheri curl mullet

  42. D'Artenya Granger

    Kurtis Blow - America, the BOOM 2016!!

  43. carlosgamer 1892

    Dancei muito esta música na Quermeshow em Araçatuba...

  44. No Bad

    Turn off the instrumental and Kurtis Blow sounds like he's doing a drunken Christopher Walken impersonation.

  45. Josiel de Assis

    1:08 The white girl looks like not very confortable to Blow's approaching.

  46. Tommy Mc

    for hustory




    +Peola Perkins Must have been '84 or '85. I remember it all too well.

    Bedlum 69

    +Peola Perkins 1985

    Kendall Jones

    +Bedlum 69 CLASSIC 85much respect Kurtis Blow legendary emcee America 2016 still listening now guys

    Hal Keating

    must be recent .. hes talking about terrorist corruption and war with Iran.....

  48. DreamWarrior

    1:55 he looks like malcom x with a jerry-curl


    Jheri curls 🙏

  49. JBO!

    Ronald Reagan never started WWIII, imagine that

    Josiel de Assis

    +TheJbo614 Nevermind, Trump is coming up to the scene!

  50. Shedon Chambliss

    I love to mix this with Paul hardcastle 19 but do not try this on your sisters turntable lol

    jon jon goufema liames zenbin pinfen

    You Hit the Spot Bro...Word👍✌👏

  51. mgloco88

    This song should play everyday during Black History Month.

  52. Blue Incal

    Does anyone know if this song was meant to be ironic? Because it sure does sound extremely ironic extremely when you compare it to his other songs. The cover of the album also seems to depict a rather negative image of America.

    Menace De Mort

    @Shinichi Williams If you are talking about the part where he says "Don't you love America?", yes it's ironic. But, the rest of the song is just how America was at that time.


    +Shinichi Williams The message seems to be "America is a great country, but it has done bad things. Also I hope World War III doesn't happen." Rick James and Prince made similar songs around the same time ("Funk in America/Silly Little Men" and "America"), which isn't surprising since the anti-nuclear movement was at its height in the early-mid 80s.

  53. Constantine Konstin

    The man could see the future. He is our nostrodamus of the 21st century.

  54. András Mák

    Köszike a jó Break dance music  már rég kerestem.

  55. Haroldo ferraz costa

    Dançava esta música no baile do Magnatas...Cash Box..a melhor equipe do verdadeiro funk....

    Saulo Pinto Moreira Pinto Moreira

    Verdade chegado pode crer quem não entende de funk dança aquelas porcaria do rio de janeiro

    Haroldo ferraz costa

    @Saulo Pinto Moreira Pinto Moreira Não te conheço como nada....só lamento...coitado de você....recalcado....não deve ter comido ninguém quando era moleque.....

    Marcelino Paiva

    aroldo gostei da resposta que voce deu para o cuzao do saulo , sabemos que eu tambem curti muito o magnatas e tenho muitas recordaçoes boas tamo juntos e nois

    Marcelino Paiva

    aroldo gostei da resposta que voce deu para o cuzao do saulo , sabemos que eu tambem curti muito o magnatas e tenho muitas recordaçoes boas tamo juntos e nois

  56. David Jennings

    Still one Awesome Classic Cutt

  57. Nyborn Funk

    Happy 4 JULY America .... !!!!

  58. Josiel de Assis

    For those days, he was more like a Full Force dancer (a little weaker, of course!) than the King of Rap,

  59. Marcos Comercial

    rei kurtes blow kurti muito e dansei muitobom.d.maisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  60. TheDemonGangster Colombian Revolutionary

    My love for real rap sent me here

  61. Jacobson Gunti

    I Like This Video - World Peace, Unity of Countries & People.Its Great Video of 1995.
    Thank You for Upload This Video.

  62. danyrx8

    Haha "We're all going to die if there is a WW III" indeed but i beleive these time is for the lack of money to keep up alive and starve of dead.

    Catchy song ^_^ and those Kangol hat's, DAMN used to be the SH*T! Too bad i was too young and i didn't have one to use back when it was cool. Now nowadays to b cool u need to wear a helmet of hair in your head covering your left eye, n wearing your pants above u ass checks hoping to get fucked by t wind in the arse.

    SH*T not me! But i luv AMERICA! ^_^

  63. Leonardo Briceno

    Miss America


    the father of hip hop!

  65. The Barrow Family Aquarium

    This was the first cassette tape I purchased as a young white boy growing up in Northeast Kansas City. This and the Fat Boys.

  66. Tyree Dawson

    make me wanna be a video dj teacher.

  67. tupacoburger

    that's the kind of rap song you don't need to pause when your parents enter the room

  68. Crazy Life

    BRAZIL AT 0:09

  69. Pootjuice

    He was talking about Iran and Iraq way back in 85. Crazy!!

  70. ljinbs

    Loving this. Forgot all about it!

  71. caodasruas

    I need this lyric for one work,where i could found it ?

  72. shithead2415

    cause jews are cool ,they are the Jssss :))) guess thats what you mean like bros :))) jews are the best

  73. Zakary Kolkey

    He used a hard J when he said Jews

  74. Raivis Ozoliņš

    This video is 999900099 views Fuck yeah

  75. Benjamin Borden


  76. Google Sucks

    @Nuhtin4u cause this video isn watchable in many countries..... without proxy ;)

  77. invader brandon

    I swear he said gullible at 4:47

  78. cuspurs

    @transneural why dont you go fuck yourself

  79. transneural

    move out...!

  80. transneural

    with Liberty and Justice for all...

  81. cuspurs

    Dont you love America? - No, I dont!

  82. tmsunrise1234

    it makes me sad when I see a ad for Tyga's new song in a Kurtis Blow video...

  83. freakzilla10


  84. Gabriel Ramos

    When r people going to understand that America is the whole damm continent! Not USA only! US people are stupid as hell -.-
    Btw... Why didn't this music video show images of all those innocent japaneese people who were affected by those bombs back in WW2??

  85. Cebrum George II

    This video is proof positive...BLACK PEOPLE CAN HAVE MULLETS!! (Just ask Kurtis and Full Force...)

  86. BusbysSanchez

    kurtis your the king.its sad how this wank music we listen to is slowly killing old music and killing the old 80's 90's artist off slowly???

  87. Brian Blum

    I declare war on the one dislike.

  88. Miguel Correia

    1 person is from North Korea, oh, wait they don't have internet connection, right?

  89. ZfancyMan

    @Nuhtin4u is this a good thing or a bad thing


    GOD FATHER OF HIP HOP!use to listen to this in 1980s,always liked fat boys,ll,public enemy,boogie boys,seem to me that political rap was the greatest.it will always be to me..still have my lasonic trc-920

  91. willy L.

    what a deep fuckin song im 17 and this shit is so true a hiphop Legend!!!!

  92. wbooker10

    @Captcheesejr America the land of the free, freedom for all thats what the good paper say, they made shore to put that because they didn't want to go back to the days there was none at all. On July 4, we remember that day like it was yesterday. some men give love to that day ever year it come's around ,but to some men it means nothing at all i allways wonder why? Come on !" it's Independence Day in the land of the free will only if your color free o" now i see.

  93. wbooker10

    @Captcheesejr America the land of the free, freedom for all thats what the good paper say, they made shore to put that because they didn't want to go back to the days there was none at all. On July 4, we remember that day like it was yesterday. some men give love to that day ever year it come's around ,but to some men it means nothing i allways wonder why? Come on !" it's Independence Day in the land of the free will only if your color free o" now i see.



  95. Robert Pond

    1 dislike, that has to be some sort of accident

  96. Kumi -

    Arabians and Russians don't like americans,.......I LOST RESPECT FOR KURTIS BLOW.

  97. Zak A

    can we ?
    peace peace
    can we ?

  98. Zak A

    it's new york city, and kalamazoo,
    white, black, red and yellow, and of course the jews!
    democracy is the land of the free
    but we're all gonna die if there's a world war 3!
    lebanon, beirut, iraq and iran
    arabia and russia black americans
    revolutionary terrorists, swarm like bees,
    american hostages across the seas
    but how long will reqan go for that,
    before he gets mad, and then he goes for a bat!
    War! yes. we're talkin world war 3!
    destruction! the end of you and me!