Kula Shaker - Ruby Lyrics

All the leaves are rusty red November
Everyday you watch the colors fall fall fall
I see the way you wear your beauty like a crown
Beware of darkness don't let it bring you down
This world is cruel, let me take care of you
My love is like a simple prayer
All that I have left is a simple prayer

We could end this lonely night together
We could watch the planet spinning round round round
I see the way you wear your beauty like a crown
Beware of maya don't let it bring you down
This world is cruel, let me take care of you
But all I have is a simple prayer
All that I have left is a simple prayer

Oh, precious one how do I care
Here in my prison of despair
We're travelling at speed
Waiting to be released
Waiting for you to say you're mine
No more to say, it just turned out this way
My love is like a simple prayer
So don't be sad, the world can send [?] you
My love is like a simple prayer
All that I have left is a simple prayer
All that I have left is a simple prayer

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Kula Shaker Ruby Comments
  1. Gum Nut

    Working through this album.. it's pretty nice, I might buy it. I'm always after kind music with a good spirit but I wasn't mad on Pigs and Astronauts and forgot all about the band, til I just read a review of this one. Not bad at all.

  2. Martin Saavedra

    Sad 😢

  3. John Burnett

    So glad for is music; And i don't even like Dylan.

  4. Cook moore

    "Beware of maya...don't let it bring you down"
    "The world can send you mad, all I have left is a simple parer" :)

  5. Noe Berengena

    If you liked this video you should watch the original animated feature, with its actual soundtrack. Type or copy this title into the search slot:
    Father And Daughter (2000 Academy Award for Animated Short Film)



  6. nickz

    who's the animator??? you can't just post up a great animation without giving credit man! c'mon!


    The animator is Dudok de Wit, this work Father and Daughter wins a Oscar. He make also The Red Turtle also nominated for a Oscar. Dudok de Wit is Dutch.

  7. Patrícia Ferraz

    So soothing... <3

  8. aannttee1

    amazing video

  9. simona001000


  10. Mark OBLAZNEY

    The ILL- luminary lissens for the lesson.

  11. Stojkovic 035

    radiooooooo nostalgie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! greeeeeeeat!!!!!!

  12. paola espinoza

    que tema mas hermoso, cada vez que lo escucho me conmuevo

  13. Julia H.

    A song with such tenderness...only Kula Shaker can do it that way. I love them :)

  14. DeeRagnole

    I'm petty sure this video is an animation from anima mundi festival.... you should put the due credits.

  15. Steve Cox

    It's fine by me, my dear! x

  16. Renee Carrell

    I like these guys.

  17. TheBattleRoyale

    Very beautiful video, it suits the song very well!Is it from a movie or something else?

  18. David Ritter

    I sent this song with lyrics to my GF and we both admitted to crying after listening and reading at the same time, though separate. I don't do that readily but this song really touched me- and her. I think this video will do the same- its a very delicate treatment.

  19. KandakeAmanirenas_and_MatriarchalChoctaw

    LOVE that Crispian Mills & Co. chose to include the use of a vibrophone! Also love that this song's actual music and effects production has more of a 1960's sound to it as apposed to the composition and arrangements simply being "influenced" by Psychedelic Rock and Pop-Psychedelic Rock Fusion of the 1960s. : )

  20. Nick Brepøls

    Especially the bridge is very impressive ^^

  21. Nick Brepøls

    Is it alright if I say I cannot keep crying listening to this song ?

  22. saftmachtkraft

    love it.

  23. pontepolentepontepi

    Beautiful song and video :-)))

  24. leonardokula

    This song is just amazing, when I first heard it I was totally blown away by it.

  25. oblivious610


  26. piedelibero69

    bellissimassociazione di musica e immagini!!

  27. Herb Winckelberg

    @gennatnic già! speriamo! comunque se non neanche lui lo trova, compralo su internet o fattelo arrivare, perchè merita davvero avercelo originale! davvero un capolavoro!

  28. LaLiLuLeLo

    @valerock667 è vero... ...io sono di napoli e...niente da fare, negozi, centri commerciali non lo trovo... visto che ha torino l'hai trovato potrei chiedere a mio cugino che vive a novara... beh potrebbe trovarlo per me ;)

  29. Herb Winckelberg

    @gennatnic peccato! io qui a Torino l'ho trovato da FNAC, comprato appena l'ho visto! è davvero una tragedia che in Italia sia così difficile trovare musica davvero bella nei negozi :(

  30. LaLiLuLeLo

    @valerock667 ...beh! non era voluto ;) ...ma ancora non ho trovato il disco :(

  31. Herb Winckelberg

    @gennatnic interessante che tu abbia usato la parola "scandalo" in un commento a una canzone intitolata Ruby..

  32. Wilson Carlos

    NICE !!

  33. dazdaz14

    wow, thats beautiful.

  34. Paul Pellicci

    great song and great animation.

  35. LaLiLuLeLo

    è uno scandalo che non riesca a trovare il cd da nessuna parte! :(

  36. JeddiMindTrick

    @RubyDuneAZ all i have left is a simple prayer

  37. Katie Rose

    Gosh, this song is sooo amazing. And there is so much you can pull from it without even watching the video.

  38. B0WIElover

    @pinkrubberfoam This animation is from Michael Dudok De Wit and is called 'Father and Daughter' it's about 8 min. long originally, and on here somewhere. It's beautiful and a real tear-jerker!
    Love this song too, goes well with the vid! Thanks... : )

  39. pinkrubberfoam

    can i ask what's the title of the animation? please? thanks!

  40. virtuallyunbound


  41. paul jordan Liao

    great animation!

  42. Ruby Dune

    "Dodge" Mills has once again crystallized my life in one beautiful song. Unreal. Thank you, universe. Ruby

  43. Francesco C.

    Wonderful songs and videos ..

  44. keiwa11

    Pure beauty.. Love Kula Shaker

  45. Christopher Westmaas

    @MrAcalderon1979 definitely, my favourite from the new album :O