Kula Shaker - Ol' Jack Tar Lyrics

Cold on horizon
Hope of the sea
A breeze
Calling me back to my love

Oh despair
How softly we cry and mourn for a dream
Just a dream
Wait for me

Slow on my armour
Cool on my mind
This time
I'll be forever with you

I have waited so long I can't take the stars in degrees
In degrees
Wait for me

'Cause you are my home
Across ocean and farm to be there
To be there

Moon on the water
Churn in the deep
My sleep
Has ended and I'll come home to you

Now your love
Blows gently
And haunts these sails
Cross the sea
It's endless sea
Wait for me

Wait for me
Wait for me
Wait for me
Wait for me

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Kula Shaker Ol' Jack Tar Comments
  1. Denis Popov

    Stellar, superb, soaring, simple, sweet and supreme

  2. Sonny Azeira

    who else you folks who come out as millenial kid who wanna live at 60's, raise your hands !!

    David Gross

    I was there in the 60's, little brother. Believe me, it wasn't all incense and roses. There was an imminent prospect of getting drafted and dying in the Vietnam war, the very real threat of annihilation from a nuclear war with the Soviets, prevalent violent racial strife, frequent domestic cultural wars, and on and on. The counterculture you might admire was the purposeful, radical opposition to all we faced in daily 60’s American life. Yes, we created great beauty, wonderful music, and raised our collective consciousness. But let’s not forget the context, bro. Shaanti.

  3. Dave Hays

    Beautiful song