Kula Shaker - Let Love B (With U) Lyrics

If your ashes turn to ashes
In the blinking of an eye
If you are trying to kick the habit
If you are trying to survive

Let love be with you
Let love be with you

If you are thinking about tomorrow
Think it's coming pretty soon
If you are trying to find your baby
If you are trying for the mood

Let love be with you
Let love be with you

'Cause you know what it's all about
You can never put the fire out
Now there's time to seek
Come together, oh... come together

If your creature is in the corner
If your specters have to feast
If you're in buyers is collapsing
If you numbered every beast

Let love be with you
Let love be with you

Darling when you trip and stumble
Feel that spirit in your heart
No, don't give into the hatred
No, don't tear yourself apart

Let love be with you
Let love be with you

'Cause you know what it's all about
You can never put the fire out
Now there's time to seek
Come together, oh... come together

(Let be with you
Let be with you)

I don't need to feel the Devil
We got hell right here on earth
Gotta lick the burning fire
From the moment of our birth

There's a streak of evil geniuses
In the eve and later news
Oh my love go with you darling
And let love be with you

Let love be with you
Let love be with you
Take back your power
Let love be with you
You've got the power
Let love be with you

Got me no reason
Let love be with you
Got me no reason
Let love be with you

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Kula Shaker Let Love B (With U) Comments
  1. Beatriz Quintero

    Anyone knows what happened with this band? I discovered it the last year and I am a fanatic!! I need to see them live. Anyone knows something about them?

  2. Trilokjit Sengupta

    and they are back!

  3. Sadia Ahmed

    Kula shaker is a great band and should be much more recognised. Such good music is hard to find..

  4. corge brink

    much love

  5. Debashis Banerjee

    great song . loved it. And Also loved the picture of Devi Saraswati holding guitar. ❤

  6. Alexandra

    Forever ringtone 💕

  7. Ernest 2008

    For ever

  8. Paul Belci

    Bringing back memories of Kula Shaker now. Years ago I had the album Peasants, Pigs and Astronauts and played it so much. I wish I still had that album. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsDG7GZfJ2A&list=PLGE5YRHR4eQIr7s7z_FD38F5qTILIsK8D&index=5

  9. Luis Serrano

    who the fuck is "U"?

  10. Susannah Xo

    Awesome and Artistic ... Love this song

  11. Tomasz Boguszewski

    Come to Poland please

  12. LeccySheep

    The beginning of this track always reminds me of Dave Brubeck.

    Boom Baras

    А ещё Sinnerman

  13. zybereqwilfish

    i dont know much about KS but this song is amazing and cool ...waiting new singles

  14. Ben Castro

    you should come to spain ¡¡¡

  15. Ford Capri

    Bournemouth, Dorset, UK. Thanks for an awesome gig last week, anyone waiting to see them.........YOU HAVE A REAL TREAT IN STORE..............been the best part of 20 years since I properly listened, love it now just as much as back then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  16. mikecox

    The Royal Scam - Steely Dan

  17. Gérard Peralt Bonell

    I love this music. Greetings from munich 😘

  18. Shilpa

    Awesome!! If they are they are looking for someone to sing with them, I am open to it since I love devotional singing plus wouldn't it be awesome to have East & West fusion?...Krishna!! Jesus!! Allah!! As long as it brings out the best in humanity and bring out the goodness in people. At least that is what I want by my singing.. It is all about spreading love!! Imagine having an Indian voice in your band! I am not a typical Indian singer...I am quite versatile... Haribol!!

  19. pouicx

    Guys!!! I'm speechless!!! its been 13 years your music is on my playlist and listen to your new release = GOOSE BUMPS!! Just seen you'll play in San Francisco, it's on my way and I will f***** be there!!!! GOVINDA JAYA JAYA!!!

  20. Adelina Nohrnberg

    my favorite band in the world. Can't wait to see you live.

  21. Jim O'Neill

    Quite simply the best band of all time. Caird Hall Dundee gig with my son will live in my head forever.

  22. Darth Locke

    Sweet album ~

  23. Tabi Bell

    I love you guys, I love your music. Kula Shaker forever!!! Greetings from Chile! ❤️🇨🇱

  24. Jo Ngo

    The animation is awesome!

  25. mod69

    Glad I rediscovered kula shaker recently,what a great band they are


    Me Too...

    Jay Kogan

    The same!!! Hahaha! We are lucky! 💙

    cristian rossi

    Me too. Great band. I saw live in Bologna in 2007 . Great show.

  26. Cook moore

    What is the deal with the triangles, man. The same as the gatefold -what is the deal with the triangles on the inside of the gatefold?

  27. Vo Devil

    What a fuckin' tune!

  28. Diana Iacob

    The lyrics are exceptional and the melody is oustanding, put together they form this superb song!

  29. Martin Kenny

    Ruined by the piano riff

  30. Pedro e os Lobos

    Cool song.

  31. Michael Cochrane

    please please Australia waits for Kula Shaker

  32. Carla


  33. 青木朋博


  34. 〽ini Forklift

    Great track, love Kula Shaker. Can't help noticing the similarities between this and Pharrell Williams "Freedom", is it just me or does anyone pick that vibe up? Regardless, great track from another stunning album. I hope there are more to come! Regards from New Zealand

  35. Lola Kenshiro

    My favorit song in this new album !

  36. Alex Cavani

    Lovely song, but I prefer the mixing that is in the album version.

  37. Folder Z

    Love this new mix. & the message in this song is excellent.

  38. chrisbacos

    Catchy and innovative. Good one Crispian. I really like this band.

  39. Coral Tatiana

    Lovely. Forever Kula Shaker.

  40. Munny Clemente

    Love it!

  41. foolhandy

    A wonderful, wonderful song! Liking the different mix too. Great stuff!