Kula Shaker - Infinite Sun Lyrics

We are one
The infinite sun
Fly like an eagle

She changes everything she touches
And everything she touches changes
She changes everything she touches
And everything she touches changes
And everything she touches changes
And everything she touches changes


We are gonna be a menacing will
We are gonna find the thing that's real
Out of the darkness, beyond the void

We are one
The infinite sun
Fly like an eagle

She changes everything she touches
And everything she touches changes
She changes everything she touches
And everything she touches changes
And everything she touches changes

It's hard way to say her name
Everything she touches ch-ch-changes

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Kula Shaker Infinite Sun Comments
  1. Revolta

    Love it

  2. Zelbar Dragon


  3. Brett Houston Tube

    Amen; The Hidden one!

  4. Rohit Gupta

    Great song, hearing them again in 2019 after 1996.

  5. MsMadhatter13

    Still one of the best brit band ever!

  6. Odin Bog


  7. Zen Mynd


  8. adameqrot

    Anyone else saw them at the Lizard Eclipse festival in Cornwall in ’99? Hitch-hiked (mostly) there from Finland, in itself a journey worthy of a fireplace story for the grandchildren.. Kula Shaker truly crowned that whole experience that night. To see them still tap into the stream of greatness..gives hope to this world we live in today. Kiitos!

  9. Radya Ichwandiputra

    The Kinks of the 90s!

  10. Stull Derevo

    Люблю вас!

  11. RJTWhitfield

    Bill Burr sent me

  12. B- Collector

    OK guys it's the end of 2019 and you have to come back!!!
    We need album No. 6 !!!

  13. nmacog

    Shaanti xxx

  14. Tivan

    Hey! Por qué no están haciendo conciertos!?!? Son una super banda

  15. Yeet Machine

    Somebody map this on osu right now

  16. Jim Morrison


  17. Arwah Sapi

    Wow! I remember back in the 90s when Govinda played on the MTV

  18. inty carhuarupay

    Las nuevas generaciones en el estudios grandioso

  19. inty carhuarupay

    Yo también me he vuelto adicto, da mucha calma gracias Kula,

  20. Lucky charms Lucky me

    Wowww what the tune love it xx

  21. Lynsey Templeman

    Just love you guys!

  22. Kai Marmalade

    Is the chanting at the end Srila Govinda Maharaj/Srila Sridhar Maharaj?

  23. Colt Louvin

    Oh and obviously a great performance..Love your groove

  24. Colt Louvin

    Love the old Silvertone twin twelve amp..
    Had one when I was a kid,very cool amp.Such a clever design,place the head in back of cabinet and go.

  25. TunyulWismul

    Heavy rock sound mixed with traditional instruments... bloody brilliant!

  26. 71 LFC

    Love and peace to all Om Namah Shivaya

  27. Frank Zappelin

    great great tune

  28. Kevin -

    Raga rock to its greatest

  29. Coseacaso

    Hey brothers, listen this!


  30. Stuart O'Donnell

    My God how beautiful is this video :)

  31. Josh Rector

    Lenny Kravis

  32. Al Pavlik

    Glad your back dudes, very catchy song and video. Always enthusiastic in your videos and your version of Hush was a masterpiece back then. WE NEED YOU.

  33. Nelson Bellot Kalteis

    Another amazing mantra song . She changes everything she touches......From Bolivia!

  34. Kevin -

    These guys are legends of psychedelic Pop... 😎✌

    drew andoy patuasic

    Psychedelic rock..

    dadang nur rahman safari

    Yes its psychedelic

  35. sally lith

    Love this song! What are they doing now? No tours or upcoming albums? If anyone has news, please let me know😊

  36. Cary Fielder

    Thank God for KS.... Awesome!

  37. goutham abhishek

    darn....that is so much Indian tradition yet still western

  38. gingerfreak01

    Wasn't there more of the baby at the end? Has this changed? 'everything she touches changes' worked so well with the vid of the baby. Gorgeous (like there's any other type of baby). That whole bit resonated with me, gave me hope for the future.


    Yup, watching again, baby got sidelined. Still love the song, still really love the video. Family, creating together. xxx

  39. Phil & Sophie

    So cool ;-)

  40. Micah Buzan

    Proof Rock isn't dead.

  41. Jeremy Sears

    They still Got It

  42. Jackson Inc.

    Yeah, cheers and love for my favorite band that is inspired by a shitty band who doesnt deserve any credit and this band do their job better than those piece o' shit, Kula Shaker. Cheers from Indonesia, i hope you come back to Indonesia and feel our Sanskret influence again.

  43. David M

    rock and roll music for the world

  44. Antonio Pezoa

    .... simply !!! ...AWESOME !!..... there's some powerful spirit in there ...!!!!!!

  45. Bryant Pace

    Polkhgu barwa cewqi ascnwa huruioo qwe qwe sweaj a gtrfdeswa .....

  46. meantheam

    KULA SHAKER i am soo BLOWN AWAY ! thank you infanate ly always .PP

  47. Atri Smith

    Great Video , what is the purport of this song

  48. Uri Elias Levy

    Rainbow spirit.

  49. S Singh

    Namaste from India to Kula Shaker. 🙏🙏☮️

  50. Ramonster beat

    Me fascina la mezcla de instrumentos ese sonido psicodelico se escucha bien chingón que buena banda Kula Shaker🔈🔉🔊🎶🎶🎵🎵

  51. Nicolás Guiñez


  52. Cheeky Fest

    Why havent I heard this until now?! Love it

  53. Breck Mackellar

    Ma ha kali maha kali... kali ma kali ma

  54. death 777

    Great song and great video guys....

  55. Breck Mackellar

    Ma ha kali maha kali... kali ma kali ma

  56. 人格その3


  57. jmf1002

    I flew to Hong Kong to catch them there some years back. They are amazing live.

    Rachel Umkar

    When the hell did they ever come to Hong Kong?


    @Rachel Umkar Aug 2010. Google it

  58. S.W. BEST

    Real music

  59. Piano Tuning & Repair

    What Kula Shaker mean?

  60. Cenk Kaptanoglu

    Kula Shakers is one of the best Rock and Roll bands in history. Kula Shaker! What a cool name to start with.

  61. Mary Sanderson

    Brilliant x

  62. Radio KJD


  63. Blues Of Morderer

    Pretty boring song. What is it with British musicians' fascination with Indian culture? Not so original --- the Beatles did it 50 years ago. After they colonize India and rape the country, they then steal their culture. Stupid white anglo liberals.

    Abbie Rounds

    This song in my opinion is recreating the older songs, as people of my generation are then able to experience the more older loved songs. As you may be aware different types of music interests others, its great to have something different which embraces other cultures in English music, which you then cannot penalize Kula Shaker for using this loved culture. If people were so against the English colonizing India, then why do so many become part of English society? As you may also know, Britain had colonized India over 50 years ago, and I can assure you that it has very little effect on society anymore. Your ways of describing Britain 'raping' the country, has no relevance to Kula Shaker and their music. I have you know, my generation don't listen to this sort of music, which is a genuine shame as they're a fantastic band. Therefore, if you don't appreciate the British music industry embracing the Indian culture, then don't comment or listen to it. Kind regards.

  64. Alexander Edgar

    i would love and prefer to see these guys live
    i sware it be amazing

  65. Vegemob Hunter

    l love kula

  66. Tony Sahajlain

    Beautiful. Namaste.

  67. Sergey Kalabin

    kinda nooooo

  68. Tuto de Calera

    Buena como Julia Dream de Pink Floyd..

  69. Metraglia Channel 46

    I love K

  70. rolling and tumbling

    I just discover a great band...........that´s it

  71. Daniel Contreras Sances

    Fucking Great!!! A Masterpiece really! After about 20 years of career you guys still doing such a incredible songs! Imagine, i grew up listening Kula Shaker, when i was 8 years old i already knew all the songs thanks to my father, and i am from Chile. YOU HAVE TO COME HERE, you are very welcome!

  72. Augusztin luis

    Hi my Kula Shaker you are in my top 5 with Dandy W. i am eager for the next tour !!

  73. DeepBluntMan ___

    Love it!!! ❤️

  74. Dave Musgrove

    they have stole the lyrics and melody , any heard Gong its a total rip


    It's time to come to India..

  76. Kennerhoj

    Video killed the radio star

  77. David L.

    Half million views. That what any stupid pop star gets for a new single in like the first 30 seconds.

    Fuck this world of retards.

  78. Leo de brito

    I´m addicted to this song. I listen to it everyday at work. Greetings from Brazil!

    Ernest 2008

    I am brazilian

    Ray Ban

    Hope you get some help with the addiction. lol...jk, I understand.


    pls come to brazil

    Yasmim Monteiro

    Muito boa mesmo!

  79. Yuma Miki

    hyped up

  80. Jose Antonio Sanchez Diaz

    I saw You Crispian Mills, Krsna Kanta das in India, in the shores of Mother Ganga, looking from atop a lecture from Vaisnava Sages, my name is Antonio Sánchez and Anupama das disciple of Srila Narayana Maharaja. I live in Mexico City... HARIBOL!!! HARE KRSNA! RADHE RADHE!!!

    Jose Antonio Sanchez Diaz

    I always liked your music since I first listened to it back in 1999

  81. Pesky Kidd

    As consciousness expands so will people's appreciation of this lot. I was a teenager when I first heard Govinda, had no idea what they were singing about, but remember thinking the sound was just stunning and being like..."what is THIS???" Was properly blown away. Bought the album K, became slightly obsessed with it. To this day I think it's still one of the greatest albums I've ever heard. And then I got old, forgot about them for a while, before hearing this 20 years later...and they're still making beautiful music. Awesome.

  82. C rodrigues Fantarozaa

    Massa demais carailhossss

  83. Nick Smith

    Jez from Peep Show on drums, seems to have turned the corner.

  84. Mike Oneill

    Just horrible 😰

  85. Ohaio Obaio

    Unik bro

  86. Dead Dodg

    white peopel make the worst music

  87. Drasko Tuvedzic

    Am i the only one that gets a cult'y kinda feeling

  88. Why Not Now

    Always thought kula shaker were a great band

  89. JHimagination

    Very underrated! If you want to check out a band inspired by KS, take a look/listen to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXAajC_wY28

  90. Kai Marmalade

    I wonder if the bit, "Everything she touches changes!" is a reference to Maya. Jaya Sri Krishna Chaitanya Prabhu Nityananda! < 3

  91. Martynn 1969

    No amount of very amazing vintage gear will make your songs any better.... This is generally OK , but nothing rememberable

  92. David Shaw

    The melody to this song has been pilfered from Titicaca by Gong.

  93. Donna-Dina

    what mixing console is there?

  94. Keith Reynolds

    Who did this song originally? The everying... refrain is on an old Gong album? Gongmaison 1989.

  95. Hurley ashley

    Hall and Oates