Kula Shaker - Hurricane Season Lyrics

He was an outcast from the island sailing across the sea
Bending the horizon bearing with the breeze
Searching for a treasure buried long ago
'Cause nothing lasts forever except what you don't know

But he weren't afraid of dying or stepping through that door
The compass started reeling and he stared into the storm

Soon everything was rolling and rolling like a hound
And an angry ton of water knocked him to the ground

And it kinda stands to reason
It was hurricane season

He was hanging in the darkness holding to the land
Faces in the water of folks he'd left behind
Saying 'boy you must be crazy should have stayed at home
Stuck with what you'd started, stuck with what you know'

And the sea had come to take him and snuff him like a light
In the black and heavy water in the black and heavy sight

And it kinda stands to reason
It was hurricane season


He called up to the angels he called into the deep
Said 'God if you can hear me give me some relief'
And He didn't ask for favours didn't want to ask for gold
Only one possession possession of a soul

'I'm begging for your mercy I'm begging to you please
I'm just a simple traveler lost upon the sea'

And it kinda stands to reason
It was hurricane season

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Kula Shaker Hurricane Season Comments
  1. Kelly14UK

    Some folk just get better with age

  2. Shilpa

    Interesting!! It is a hurricane season...but we can make it!!! Haribol! How about East & West fusion? Would love to sing with you guys...I am in Bay area..get in touch! Haribol!! (ps. Let's spread goodness and love!)

  3. bhakti999

    as more listening, as more feeling - all greatest rock legends are singing & sounding & re-appearing through this phenomenal band ~

    Piero Balbo

    +bhakti999 jazz legends too ...

    Vikas Sharma

    Like bob dylan

  4. Miron Andreev

    Good one!!! And this bass party reminds me of Pink Floyds Money)

  5. Gertjan Keegstra

    Great song! The drum reminds me of Brubeck's Take Five

    Piero Balbo

    +The Dutch Movie Enthusiast
    Brubeck's Take Five. That's it.

  6. audrey hardy

    A consommer sans modération :)

  7. billy shears

    immensi!!!! you are great guys!!!!!!!

  8. livedreamincolor

    I love most everything Crispian Mills has been involved with.  He seems underrated by far, IMHO.

    Diana Trang

    He was the last generation of mass pop stars before the internet came. But as a musician...yeah, he is underrated.

  9. richard bonner

    This carrys me away

  10. Julia H.

    The guitar/organ solo is beyond amazing. (The rest of the song too, of course ;))


    It stands out because it changes timing. Goes from 5/4 to 4/4 for a pick up in intensity (then back)

  11. Daniela Dani


  12. richard bonner

    Wow love it

  13. Heckvaalhagen

    Simply amazing never got bored when listening this fantastic album :D