Kula Shaker - Great Hosannah Lyrics

If we stand here together
And we see the world as one
We may think there's no future
But it's the same for everyone
It's like the world has lost its head
And it's like all the prophets said
But will we arise to a new world

If we stand here together
We can laugh at what we've done
All our time has been wasted
And there's nowhere left to run
There may be trouble up ahead
Will we be sleeping in our beds
Or will we arise to a new world

Look for signs and portents
I'm looking for a reason to believe

Will we arise in our time
At the dawn of another meaning
Will we awake at the break of a great hosannah
Well if there's nothing left to do
Just hold your breath and hope it's true
That we'll arise to a new world

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Kula Shaker Great Hosannah Comments
  1. Alejandro Gama

    Kula Shaker got to be a subject in college, if you dont get it... you dont graduate.

  2. Namri

    Has anyone else ever thought of the album cover, that it also looks like delivery forceps.
    You just thought you reached heaven, but instead you're dragged into another life.

  3. Andrew Johnston

    The first time I heard kula shaker was way back in the day maybe 1996 and the sound stopped me in my tracks cos it's fuckin awesome

  4. Samantha Brown

    Uplifting every time ... know it inside out 🙏🏼

  5. Bender Rodriguez

    najs najs najs


    You was the Greatest band of 90ies Rock music...Hello from Greece-ANGELO

  7. andrea andrea

    tell to liam that this sound its a good shit kula shaker!!

  8. ValChronification

    Awesome track.

  9. Andrea Pinardi

    The perfect 26 years old bloomer's song! thank you!

  10. Simon James Young

    I like this band
    Highly unfashionable I know
    Nice 90's & 00's take on the 60's
    They should make more albums
    Very pleasurable

  11. 71 LFC


  12. Pol Fartin

    one of the best albums ever made by anyone EVER!

  13. Howard Maxwell

    I’m more of a ‘K’ fan bit this song is stellar. That guitar intro has been played so many times in this house!

  14. Julescape

    Hari Hari bol AGTSP

  15. Agent 156

    Been a favorite song of mine for over 20 years now!

    Felix Brändle

    this and air - la femme d'argent...

  16. Lucky lisbeth

    Merci à vous kula shaker la 1ère fois que je vois ai vu j'avais 11 ans et depuis je ne vois lâches pas j'en ai 36 et je vous aime 😍

  17. Andrew Brown

    Can't believe this has so few comments. Great second album from a band with such great fusion potential whilst having fantastic creative merits of their own. So many songs that just "speak" to you. Missed them when they played in my city - and will forever regret it. Be well and many blessings.

    Now off to watch mystical machine gun, although sadly can't find the original any more.

  18. Magali N

    20 year old song already! Beautiful.

  19. Better than telly

    Hare Krishna.

  20. John Martin

    One of the best rock albums ever...also be sure to check out K, I think that's the name of it, a newer one.

    Salvador Ascencio

    Agree, and one of the most underrated ever too.

    Marijn Post

    K is their first album, IT is released 2 of 3 years earlier

    Simon James Young

    K is the earlier release

  21. Jigar Shah

    Love this album and the indian fusion...fabulous lyrics!

  22. Dapper Dan

    fantastic album!!!!