Kublai Khan - Tiny Moments Lyrics

Sad fact is
None of us chose to be here. Nothing.
No one will appear that isn't destined to disappear
Destined to disappear
Do your best accept the situation
Trouble is trouble hates jubilation
Pressured with the task of finding my purpose
Answers elude me. Gaining distance
No one wants to drown
But I have been treading water for a lifetime
Keeping my chin dry while the waves climb
Looking up just long enough to see sunset
In those tiny moments
When I'm letting go
Fully acknowledging
That I am knowledge-less
The human event
Ongoing rhythm of life
One more day
I must last
Pushing past
Just to be
Convinced that
It's okay
I'm afraid
I'm still drowning
Beauty mind sight and grace
Wading a shallow pool soon a shallow grave
No wonder everyone is miserable
Left missing so much because I think I know
The stage is set you get what you get
No wonder everyone is miserable

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