Kublai Khan - The Gift Of Blood Lyrics

I respect your skill to believe in someone like me
You caught sight of
A child in need. An abandoned seed
Instead of simply walking way like most would
You picked me up
You took my hand
You showed me trust
Made me a man
Look now
Here we are eye to eye
I owe you my life
This is one for the ones who are unsung
One man's mistakes. Gifted a new son
To understand this love is to live it
Though it's hard I try to believe it
Witness my brother Kris
His son Ryder James
New Porter Jay and sweet Emily
Restoring my faith in family
A sight that heals and enlightens me
I'm the lucky one
For all the self loathing bullshit I say
I can't forget to see the beautiful effect
Compassion can bring out
No love
For weak-hearted fucks
Who disrespect
The gift of blood
Dewitt I wasn't your son
But you were more of a father than I could have asked for
My life will honor you
This is a song of strength

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Kublai Khan The Gift Of Blood Comments
  1. Max DiPierro

    1:51 the bass RUMBLING right before the breakdown

  2. Гелий Изюмов


    Fuck, yeah!

  3. Ethan Hutchison

    Can't resist chanting and throwing down at 1:21

  4. art

    That breakdown @ 1:56 sent me to the hospital