Kublai Khan - Still Here Lyrics

Something on my side
Built me up
And gave me pride
Helped me cope
Helped me survive
A choice in life
Helped me define
Myself in time
Of both body and mind
How you live is
Your choice
I hold this close
To me
I know its hard enough as it is
Trying to motion through every day bullshit
Growing up fast
Seeing my
Mother fall helplessly victim to
Substance abuse
If I'll ever become that
A better life better chance
Better plan
Still learning
Still listening
Still searching
For my myself
I know it's hard enough as it is
Trying to motion through every day bullshit
I know it's hard enough as it is
Trying to motion through every day bullshit
This is for us, the few left
The ones still standing. Fuck what they think
Still here. Still clean.
For Susan Griffith, eating pills
My brother Shawn, a drunk driver killed
In this life
My choice remains the same
Forever unchanged

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Kublai Khan Still Here Comments
  1. Гелий Изюмов

    Ладно, ребята, большое спасибо.
    Okay, guys, thank you very much.

  2. noah m

    KK is the most under rated band out there. fuck every other band, KK hits the spot spitting real life bullshit and giving us the heaviest shit out there. KK forever mother fuckers

  3. vulkan deathgrip

    Badass band can't stand the singer though... Vincent whooped ass on this track though.

  4. john larose

    FOR AN ADDICT IN RECOVERY THIS SHOULD BE ALL OUR ANTHEMS!!!!! this song fuckin just hits home hardcore and propels me forward!!!!

  5. Legendary Gary

    i fucking love this song

  6. Demon’s Fist Saint’s Heart

    StraightXedge till death

  7. seymore butts

    acacia strain could learn a thing or two and write some fast riffs like on here


    @ryan h
    as if it wasn't clear that you were fucking retarded before lmao

    how does it feel living in a constant haze of stupidity?

    seymore butts

    you can't evben fucking listen to a song, acaica strain doesn't write this, FFS do some fucking research you gronk


    @ryan h

    you can't even make a complete coherent sentence lmao

    seymore butts

    i can listen to a fucking acacia strain song and have my ears fucking work, obviously your eyes don't either go back to school you dumb fuck

    Roger Losh

    How u going hate on them when Vincent's on this track and there singers on a acacia strain song

  8. Joey Madara

    Damn them lyrics will hit you right in the feels, lost my best friend 2 yrs ago

  9. Jacob H

    My hometown band mother fuckers!

  10. xMACHOxMANx

    Vocals remind me of slipknot vocals

  11. Odinox


  12. Anthony Whipple

    literally sounds like vomit. what is this???

  13. Slavisa Babic

    Is this that bogan metal I've heard about

  14. Stewiee

    i got this fucker on replay!

  15. Colin FB

    Fucking loving it. Song is kick ass and I love the message, as always

  16. Kolics Máté

    this is a whole new level of brutal

  17. Chad Boreham

    nice, Vincent

  18. Sebastian Cisneros

    I don't like the production :0

  19. kylen reed

    Just saw them with Acacia strain in seattle, shit was lit. Kublai khan is lit.
    this album is gonna be...

  20. josefrancisco

    fucking awesome


    Vocals Are Different This Time Around.
    Haven't seen a Breakdown like that In All Of Kublai's Work.
    I'll take it. Spaced Breakdowns Eat/ Blow Everything Up.

  22. Jonny Blaze

    ahhh yiiissss Mr. Bennett is a nice feature

  23. Alexander McYates

    Vincent has the most brutal vocals of all time imo

    Geoff Enyart

    +Alex McGinnis-Yates they are


    +Alex McGinnis-Yates Not as nasty as Matt Honeycutt's.

    Ursa Minor

    Alexander McYates this is how i know somebody only listens to rise bands lol.

    cro cops leg

    Absolutely agree. Guy is a fuckin legend

    x Moon

    @cro cops leg Absolute legend.

  24. Erving Petrikowski

    fucking sick

  25. Dustin Coulter

    I love the grittiness in Kublai Khan 's vocals.

  26. Nudoyals12

    Kublai Khan never disappoint

  27. Derek Norris

    Vincents vocals sound weak .

  28. Othmane OTH

    ara Liya l 9ewada a ZEBIII ; Da7k te9add =D HEAVY AS FUUUUUUCK !!!

  29. OldPinHeadLarry

    Brb moshing with my cat.

    Coup de Grâce

    +Larry Rupp the good ole xCat Moshx

    Travis Turner

    Kill it.