Kublai Khan - Split Lyrics

My life slips away now
Under microscopes
I split into pieces

All my life
Separating these visions
While dividing the sequence
Into pieces
I spend my lifespan
Tracing a new plan
For me to find a way out

To get back to
All the feelings I lost
Like a wall on edge of emotion
Too high to scale, too long to look past
This is another impasse
Endless traps on the path
In which my feet falter
Don't trip or fall farther

Into my warpath
Walk back my words
My shallow plan

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Kublai Khan Split Comments
  1. Daymon Murden

    kick children and kill their cunts 👊👊

  2. mojo 410 Captain Caveman

    Gentleman keep waking up this world... I need help... Or is it not time yet.. to let the peeps know that were on top of something so colossal that, no one will believe me -us anyway..

  3. ThePhoenix1860

    some nice heavy shit!

  4. CrashBandit

    This is how this sort of hardcore is supposed to sound

    Daymon Murden

    this is about as inversely deep as ur rectum cavity

    Daymon Murden

    somebody call fucking einstein we got a dead ringer ere

  5. Blake Holland


  6. XJ6000

    Holy fuck that breakdown was out of control.

  7. Cleffification



    Lucky enough to say I've seen kublai play in basements for like 5$


    u kidnapped them and forced to play?

    Jacob Long

    YUNG RANMA same. I had seen them play in the basement of a theater for plays and shit. The whole thing was so sketchy but it was so tight watching Kublai destroy

  9. lypura

    Vocals remind me of Harm's Way


    lypura kind of remind of behemoth the vocals

  10. Sebitti Fohat

    shiiiet I just crowdkilled my palliative patients

    Daymon Murden

    do it again make sure the jobs done right

  11. Jake Renaud

    I love this song cuz it reminds me of your best song, the hammer

    Daymon Murden

    next tracks recording one into ur frontal lobes

  12. Travis Turner

    Fuuuck this is giving me a hard on Jesus Christ

  13. Dylan Barnes

    People are gonna die at @1:44

    JM Franklin

    Dylan Barnes People die at 0:01


    One of my favorite parts of the album

  14. Hatebreed55

    Oh shit....this is f'n AMAZING!!

  15. Kosta Zarikos

    The deep lyrics split me open

    Daymon Murden

    that was my cock

  16. Brenden Ortiz The Elite Group

    Brutal ass fuck

  17. HXLLXWデッド


    Waq Hamma


    maybe if they make KF3, we'll see it happen

    Daymon Murden

    thats ur face kidpile