Kublai Khan - Smoke And Mirrors Lyrics

Set it off
Early in life the act of hearing art
Kept me from falling apart
Craving to create
I couldn't be like them
I couldn't settle down then
Dry up and die
Why the fuck we survived is to my surprise
Six years of sweat and fear
That was all we ever had
It was just enough
But for what?
Fast love
Fake fucks, bad luck, and all those impossible months
The best times imagined
We were broke and dragging
Our lives behind us laughing
The youth war passing
If I knew then, what I know now
I would have slept less
No memories to be missed
Everything has changed
Now it's a game of numbers
A competition, fucker
Know your place
Egos dominate and
Money discriminates and
I don't fit
I look at others and I see beneath
While others look my way to look down on me
I never had shit to prove
For myself to get the kids like me through
And that will never change no
You're the self-proclaimed heir to the industry
But this industry never meant shit to me
You're the self-proclaimed heir to the industry
But this industry never meant shit to me
Never blessed with the mind of a business man
Nor impressed with the depths of the feeders hands
Never blessed with the mind of a business man
Mind at rest with the heart of a simple man
I know it's never too late
That's why we choose to display
New strength

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Kublai Khan Smoke And Mirrors Comments
  1. Desi Thug

    heaviest shit i ever heard

  2. IceMane

    I Bang my wife to this masterpiece

  3. mister kthulu

    Suicidal tendencies?

  4. theBOSpaladin101

    Still wish people noticed this album more

  5. dmurdend x

    pure money

  6. Niesporczak Magnum

    He can kill with that voice

  7. 510JisatsuNiño

    Any OGs here? This reminds me of Bury Your Dead

  8. The Butcher

    Is this a music video or a Levi’s Jeans commercial? 🤔

  9. Ruslan Tarasenko

    100% Бомбаааааааааааааааа тема!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Byron Evans

    So sick.

  11. Lebensessenz

    I love the vocals so much. Can never get enough of it.

  12. Brandan Buxton

    Dat bass line though... beastly


    Punched in the gut on this banger.


  14. Justin Arrowood

    TEXAS! god damn that was some good shit!

  15. moon man

    I just met this dude yesterday he's super nice I just ran into him at warped tour and asked for a pic and he gladly said yes and him and my dad talked about where he was from and all of that


    Yeah he is super chill

  16. Timo Jung

    Bäm! Bäm! Bäm! THAT is Music!

  17. Porter Whitaker

    What's up with them last lyrics😂😂 still good tho. I give a like

  18. CooperchinoTalk

    I like the song but since one mate of me said it sounds like half of his tounge hang out while he performs this song i cant unhear it

  19. Sean McGuire

    I know these guys are Texans but I love seeing him rep the La Jolla sweater!

  20. K n o c k e d L o o s e

    Lol the drummer reminds me of my little bro jammin out on his drums.awesome af

  21. Brett Courts

    Why arent these guys more popular? My Brother showed me these guys and they have been my fav band for a year now.

  22. Derek Skala

    Oct 11. To anyone that sees this. Sorry for kicking you in the face

  23. Max Stavro

    the bass yesssss

  24. One Mad Canadian Bastard

    Best Hardcore band that i've discovered for years. This shit is fresh as fuck. Love it, want more!

  25. Best Bun in The West

    *that fucking bass tone*

  26. Maro Vlasic

    this is grrrrrrrrreat......

  27. ninjarillarex

    Getting a Seventh Star vibe.....and that's definitely a compliment

  28. Che Green

    Is that Jason Maas at the end? Ex back up vocalist and guitarist for Defeater

  29. Seth Gibson

    Is there a band like Kublai khan cuz there shit goes harder than any other band I listen to


    then you simply don't listen to hard music...


    Seth Gibson maybe check out varials they're pretty similar

    Juan J.

    Check out Ektomorf, Throwdown, Full Blown Chaos, Exhorder, and A Perfect Murder.

  30. Cory Kamermans

    Vocals are shit.

  31. Isaiah Barada

    I can crowdkill to this lol


    instrumentally i love this band, but i don't like the vocals very much.


    just watched a live video and vocals are way better live. just not a band i'd listen to in my headphones i guess.

  33. Frank Harmon

    Been at this shit since 1984 and I give props where they're due. Tough.

    K n o c k e d L o o s e

    Frank Harmon aye?,do you mean the band has been around since then? I noticed an 80s album by the same name and just assumed it was a different band. If that's the case, I find that trippy af.

  34. Andrew C

    This song starts off exactly like Machine heads Struck a nerve.

  35. Janelle R

    This is REAL Hardcore not that pussy post hardcore shit

  36. Alex VanKirk

    Reminds me of Deez Nuts without the flashiness

  37. Will Dumont

    This song makes me wanna beat my bosses ass. 😈

  38. Mark Steele

    Wow looks like you guys came a long way from playing shows in the Sherman VFW for next to nothing pay. Glad to see you didn't change your style of music either. Nonetheless, have to say can't get better than Teeth.

  39. Cleesp

    Guy sounds like Steve Austin with a lisp.

  40. luridthingsCO

    Hé Kublajchančééé

  41. Marcel Burnout Moura

    vocals = Rage punch !!! awesome!!!!!

  42. noah m

    so fucking heavy they got a original sound

  43. Red Army

    Muy bravo. Saludos desde Madrid.

  44. Bruce Slajvic

    Sounds hard but gay.

  45. José gelci

    Morte morreuu é uma viadinha

  46. horst kantholz

    bei der mukke kriege ich ganz dicken ständer.....

  47. William Bostic

    varials did steal the ditka ditka ditka from them


    ditka ditka hahahaha

  48. billzzz Jb


  49. Michael Gonzalez

    knocked loose is boring compared to these guys. honestly.

  50. EvNick

    They are GrooveCore

  51. Ben

    Man those vocals are tooo good

  52. Syz

    all of Kublai khans lyrics are just wow...

    like fuck


    this is the most underaged thing i've ever read.
    go get some worldly experience, manlet


    um... ok?

    Michael Gonzalez

    0x20 dude, what does world experience and the way he types have to do with anything? God, either the dumbest fucking troll or the dumbest fucking person ever..

    jordan nichols

    or both

    Michael P.

    yea i also recently read them ... just mindblown ( for me) how they transfer such kind of poetic lyrics into brutal music

  53. PenguinzFtMFW

    He sounds like a pitbull barking... Not an insult ... its fuckin awesome.

    Facekoter 217

    And Live the pure War

  54. Andrew Contreras

    can't wait to play with these dudes in October! Chicago!

  55. callingyouout

    Kenny powers has a hxc band?

  56. Rick Winters

    Does anyone know if that actually is Bryan Garris from knocked loose that does the guest vocal at the end of the song? I can't find any info on that last scream.

    Sophi medina

    Rick Winters I highly doubt it, I mean it did kinda sound like him though.. :/

  57. cubs203

    That rangers hat!!!

  58. Tannah L.

    came here from Knocked Loose
    am not disappoint


    Saw them two days ago, got really angry, pitted really hard, left with some random spots of blood that was not mine on a few spots of my body. Really rowdy and fun live band you wont be dissapointed (keep your eye out for Jesus Piece that was the most violent crowd i've ever seen)


    +Michael i saw these hardcore bands yesterday "lifeless, purgatory and marauder" during purgatory this huge fight erupted and purgatory ended up stopping their set. Hardcore Is a crazy genre hahaha


    Pretty crazy but most definitely fun. Going to a show and losing your mind and maybe a tooth in the pit is un-describable

    Love Anime

    Got my nose broke to this band. Pit is life pit is love

    Tannah L.

    @Love Anime b r u t a l

  59. Tannah L.

    came here from Knocked Loose
    am not disappoint

  60. TheGhost IsNear

    Holy shit this is perfect. Vox are raw as fuck.

  61. SunsetMission

    Makes me want to fight a bear.

  62. Jack Lyons

    This song gets better everytime I listen to it. So fucking tough and raw. The vocals hit so hard the the back ups are mint. Top band.

  63. Please be djentle

    I personally don't enjoy this band. I think the vocalist sounds like an ill old man. But looking through comments on this bands videos, they have a pretty sick and dedicated fanbase. That's cool as fuck!!!

  64. Allidoiswynn93

    They need to do a song with I Declare War.

  65. Frank cordoba

    Ryan Harvey is such a sick producer

  66. Joe Dawg

    does a youtube video get a view for every time its played because I played this one at least 150 times.

  67. start/end

    yo check out my guitar cover of this song ! thanks

  68. AndNowYouSuffer

    Matt Honeycutt has some of the meanest vocals I've ever fucking heard. If you don't like it at first, keep listening to some of their shit. I didn't like it at first, but it grew on me and this shit is just nasty now.

    Eliezer Torres

    Fucking right, man! He sounds brutal live, too. Few vocalists resonate with me as much as Matt

    life boats

    +Eliezer Torres def. I think they sound way better live and listening to like a live vid or a studio vid doesn't do them justice.


    Daily dose of Honeycutt Cheerios

  69. Prometeo

    Vocalist sounds like a mad pitbull with rabies and a flu... Fucking awesome

  70. Mali

    I really like their song they need to be recognized more

  71. aestheticaf

    the dudes vocals are good but sound like there hurting him

  72. ariunbold munkhbayar

    dope af

  73. Dropkickpennyday95

    Wait so these guys are actually from Sherman tx?


    +Dropkickpennyday95 they say it like 10 times during each fuckin set. what the fuck did you think?


    +TrickshootingProject I literally just heard about these guys, you don't have to be an asshole about it lol
    I was just saying that partially because Sherman Texas isn't necessarily known for being big in the hardcore/metalcore scene, I should know since I live there? so it comes as a bit of a surprise, that's all
    Only other band I've really heard of from this area that's metal is texas hippy coalition
    I wouldn't be living here for much longer but I think it's kinda cool that there's at least a couple bands like that from this town.


    alrighty brotendo

  74. Алина Хабибулина

    Это не то...

  75. Griffith Johnson

    Best band ever. Killer video. I love all the MLB hats.

  76. Darren Bednorz

    Texas hardcore/beatdown

  77. Truth seeker

    Genuinely like this song. Has the vocalist got a speech impediment?

  78. Stefancore

    First 10 seconds identical to Thy Art is Murder - Coffin Dragger lol

  79. American Hostility

    So is Texas the breeding ground for insane vocalists?
    Kublai Khan
    I AM


    It really is man

    Austin Arnett

    How TF are you not going to even mention Phil Anselmo....

    Delton Crow


  80. ShadowⓋ

    Pure barking dog noisy crap. Total garbage.

    Charlie Eb

    Shut the fuck up and quit acting tough over the internet, its getting you no where, now simmer the hell down kid.

    Charlie Eb

    Good job


    crowd kill


    +ShadowⓋ thank god, someone else realises...the vocals are absolutely horrible and annoying.!!!

  81. Harrison Hoyt

    Hell yeah! Dallas rep! 🇱🇷

  82. Rachel Sky

    This absolutely amazing! Keep up the great work guys <3

  83. emocobra666

    good video

  84. Sword Of Games


  85. Daddy Fuckin' Buff

    I'm so fuckin glad this band is back with another powerful fuckin album. These guys are gonna destroy venues with this one, can't wait to jam out with you fuckers in December with Acaia Strain. NEW STRENGTH!


    I'm seeing them in Dec. never miss TAS when they come anywhere near Philly. These guys should be tits, too.

  86. Matthew Benton

    this is fucking hardcore. I havent heard music this raw and aggressive in years! definitely need to find a show with these guys and get into that pit!

  87. Briana Bonilla

    I dig this song harder each time I listen to it! So good.

  88. Drew mahaney

    i'm sorry. but you guys are much better live.

  89. Andrea Sireña Gonzalez

    saw them last night, they're so fucking amazing live💞

  90. Drugz al la mode

    These guys have such an awesome vibe with their music, honestly one of my top bands atm !!!

    Michael O'Rourke

    +Drugz a la mode EDGY YOU ARE VERY VERY EDGY!!! "Drugz a la mode"

  91. Pat Hickman

    Let's open this pit up

  92. Cody Morgan

    Saw them Saturday and they killed it. Cant wait to get my hands on the new album.

  93. Colin FB

    Digging it. Got the preorder with longsleeve, stoked

  94. Hayden Dick Finnie

    that 2 step

  95. Mercedes Reyes

    Very Good Music And Video Is Awsome❤

  96. Gegi

    Holy fucking shit this is awesome