Kublai Khan - River Walker Lyrics

Day falls to night
You've become
Someone else
To me now
In this light
I can see
Who you are
Bleed me out
Be my god
Be my last
Weigh me down
Hang my head
Toss me back
Break me down
Hate the smell
Hate the sounds

You're the one that I found
You and no one else
You're the one that I found

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Kublai Khan River Walker Comments
  1. That Frosty Ape

    I think I like this band on the same level as Gojira.

  2. dmurdend x

    kick cunts and kill their children 👊

  3. Joe York

    i\m from texas and i'm drunbk as fuck and this is my new shit

  4. Papaya Pocket Gopher

    I workout harder to this than any fast paced metal.

  5. Гелий Изюмов

    Пусть эта прекрасная музыка будет длиться вечно.
    Let this beautiful music will last forever.

  6. dmurdend x

    that intro rifts almost electric wizard tier

  7. Cody Clark

    The last 60 seconds of this is straight fucking Weedeater. Hell yeah

  8. Legendary Gary

    Love the whole album just sat and listened to the entire thing. Havent enjoyed an album this good in a long time thanks guys

  9. tez

    I can imagine this as a theme tune to soooo many films

  10. alexander simmons

    Sludge Doom ftw

  11. Sterson S

    Different from other songs, pretty heavy, one of their best songs from their new album


    Stergios Sotiriou lol this my favorite one but theres some heavier songs in this album ant pile would be my top but its so short this ones too short as well

  12. Derk Ender

    Damn I wanted more.

  13. Gabe Ochoa

    amazing thank you

  14. Ryan Woodlock

    Wow i thought this was a cover of a doom band

    Grant Youngblood

    Ryan Woodlock it is. It’s a great song by the band Sleep

  15. MarTs 21

    Anyone knows the guitar tuning..😕

    George Barnes

    Drop G#.

  16. brutalmetalhead

    Damn this is fucking lit

  17. Seth Wilkinson

    I did the fuck outta this. Great job homies 🔥

  18. EdgePitSwing

    This one should've been 6 and a half minutes.

  19. Dylan Barnes

    Clean Vocals?!?! I never thought I'd see the day, but it is actually really good!

  20. Ricky Smart

    THIS WAS AMAZING !!! omg this is really good. instrumentally is so fucking heavyyyy, lyrics are amazing, breakdowns are like taking a trip through hell MAN THIS IS SO GOOD THAT I CANT CONTAIN HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS

  21. Jacob Fay

    Reminds me of black sabbath tbh

    Erin Bragg

    Jacob Fay I felt the same way

    Pallah DaOracle

    Why say tbh at the end of that statement? Who would think you werent being honest?


    @Pallah DaOracle assholes, and paranoid people. that's who.

  22. blizzyb

    This somehow gives me chills

    Chris Candler

    same here

  23. HxCpaintball

    I feel the this one has a little acacia strain influence

    alexander simmons

    more like both of them have taken on a Doom Metal influence. This song is basically straight up Sludge-Doom metal.

    Kevin Quirt

    Has Tactical Nuke vibes

  24. Kosta Zarikos

    This is pretty grooving

    MyMusicChannel mm

    Kosta Zarikos Yeah, I'm surprised that there's no any of their stuff on Stoned Meadow or Mr. Doom

    MyMusicChannel mm

    Holy shit that gramnar ;DDDD