Kublai Khan - Partners Lyrics

Dwells inside of me
See sweet innocence
Taking what I'm given
Twisting any sense left struggling inside of me
Your heart is a pit where my actions make a new nest
To lick their wounds
My mistakes congregate
My weak traits
All lie in wait
For love and lust
For the two to separate
But they always find a way
Get away
In the silver moonlight they both dance
In a perfect course
Soft steps set the pace
Slow moves sweep
Night after night the two meet
They lose themselves
As the tension builds
Temporary fix for a
Heart impoverished
You can't change me
Hopeless. Just leave
I'm never who you thought I was
Empty life with a fake agenda
I'm the worst kind. Fooling hearts
Your pain your hate
In the silver moonlight they both dance
Your hate courts your heart
And they twist about
Your hate courts your heart
And they twist about

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Kublai Khan Partners Comments
  1. Гелий Изюмов

    О, да, да, заебись!

    Oh, yes, yes, fucking A

  2. Гелий Изюмов

    охуеть! классика жанра!

  3. K n o c k e d L o o s e

    One of my favorite bands now

    Desi Thug

    Knocked loose too

  4. Mazda Miata

    0:48 holy shit

  5. gengar_ate_me

    love the new shiy

  6. Henry Garza

    Tough guy shit

    K n o c k e d L o o s e

    Henry Garza whaaat?😂na bro,it's a product of hard work and talent others like us are privileged an opportunity to enjoy or not.ch-ch-chill out,😁that goes to the 1year ago henry.

  7. Oskar Olivera


  8. Non im


  9. Vycrance

    SO RAW, love it

  10. Jesse Legrave

    sounds like a bad hatebreed. I personally don't like it

    and let the hate comments commence

    Dominick Velazquez

    +Misconceptions This beautiful son of a bitch. Who do you think you are being so beautiful?


    +Dominick Velazquez I don't know m8 :0 I'm so sorryyy


    Jesse Legrave There's a good Hatebreed?

    Marksman 5147

    You can not like it thats an opinion

    But this sounds nothing like Hatebreed and thats a fact lmao, unless ur a newbie to the genre thats ab it lmao

    Scruffy Ndn

    @Marksman 5147 exactly what I had, when I first started getting into fry vocals and what not. All it is a bias