Kublai Khan - No Kin Lyrics

Take a step back to a time past
Old story from the bottom of the fucking map
Fair skin with the wind behind a rebel flag
Blood is blood but I never had imaged that

My own kin wallowed in ignorance
Burning crosses. A beacon of prejudice
My uncle told me of the clan. Our ancestors
Tethered by blood in this modern America

I have to fight for an equal life
I don't know who would be more surprised
Brown skin ridiculed by blue eyes
World view through a noose or a white hood
It's all bullshit. I'm the living proof

You hear me?
I'll outlast you

Heritage that cuts me like hemorrhage
No homage to ignorant narrative

Weep for my kin soaked in southern blood
I bare the shame of your name and your actions
To the families affected by hatred
My heart breaks. I wish I could change it

Now it's my time
I am the last of my family's name
My birth banished the old ways
The final hour. The last say

Fuck your hate, you mother fuckers

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Kublai Khan No Kin Comments
  1. Scott Marshall

    I never lift without blasting at least 1 of kublai khans songs fucking love these guys mad drops and mad lyrics for a mad man

  2. Solenya

    Volume doesn't go high enough ☹

    Desi Thug

    time for a new sound system

  3. ThePhoenix1860

    just enjoy this heavy bitch ass song and fuck about political discussions about it lol

  4. Michael Epp

    Hating Racism=Being Too Political

  5. Ása-Þórr

    I like this because it tries to detach us southern whites from ancestors (even though mine weren't here at that time, and not many people could afford slaves). I take this a song that ask people to stop blaming southern whites for shit that had nothing to do with us in this day in age. That's my humble takeaway.

  6. Vince Caruana

    New age Bury Your Dead without the lover boy vocals!

    Kevin Quirt

    How are Matt (from BYD) vocals "lover boy"??

  7. Dirty Bird

    Kublai Khan is one of the heaviest unique angry bands there is. Fuckin great album

  8. Brick's Toilet Store

    1) If you really feel that a song about rejecting racism is political, then you must subconsciously think that there is an inherent link between politics. 2) Generally, people do not like things that attack their beliefs. Perhaps if you do not like this song because it is "political", maybe your political beliefs are based and rooted in racism.


    Metal heads don't like things that aren't metal. Virtue signaling is not metal, it's gay. Doesn't mean they support racism...

    Michael Epp

    Solenya Shut your clown ass up. You have no right to decide what metal is and is not, just because the lyrics actually mean something doesn’t make it bad; in fact I think that because of how meaningful the lyrics are it just makes the song better


    @Solenya So, denouncing racism isn't metal? Dude, shut up.

    Peter hale

    Matt Honeycutt (lead singer) has an lineage of ancestors that were apart of the KKK. He is ashamed of where his family descended from especially since he's the last of his family. That's why he wrote this.

  9. Lil Uzumaki Vert

    This nigga eatin beans

  10. H D

    Holy Shit haaaaaaaaaarhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar BADASS

  11. BITCH NIGGA, wut up

    Best fucking band ever!

  12. Aphelion

    Woah woah, whats wrong with burning crosses?

    Hermes Trismegistos

    It's a reference to the KuKlux Klan and their ritual of burning crosses. Matt is talking about his relatives who got involved (as far as I understand) and uses this song to clarify that he does not want any business with them.


    @Hermes Trismegistos is, is this, OP help me out here, is this an r/woosh moment? was hermes here wooshed?

  13. Blake Holland

    shit goes fucking hard and the lyrics are real as fuck. makes you wanna knock somebody the fuck out lol

  14. NRG jinjer

    I love the sound of this band but there a bunch of fucking SJW cucks. And this song is pointed towards all the southern people even the non racist ones. Fuck you Kublai Khan.

  15. MikeyFish Horror

    A man writes about not liking racism and people find a problem with it.... Racism... WHACK... KKK.....WHACK... People... WHACK! Frick you guys.. Seriously! Its like people can't talk about real world and personal problems in their own music... This song is tight doe...

    MikeyFish Horror

    Magnus Erikson edge lord

    NRG jinjer

    MikeyFishHorror *NoRmiE*

    Мартин Молхов

    It's WACK man, WACK, not WHACK which is a FUCKIN VERB. But you're right.

    MikeyFish Horror

    ................. WHACK!

  16. Brian G

    @1:06 is sick af

  17. Vic Stevensøn

    Sounds like mid 90s metallic hardcore. Loved that sound, love the album good music and awesome lyrics.


    Any recommendations? Love this sound.


    VahleTV Varials

    Vic Stevensøn

    Off the top of my head. All Out War.


    I hear that word alot lately online metallic hardcore

  18. WASP


  19. CriticalHilt


  20. Cliff Bond

    If you're butthurt about the lyrics you're probably a Klan member, and in that no one gives a fuck about your opinion you bigoted fuck stick.

  21. IAmWhoTheGodsDetest

    Why the fuck are people actually going against what this song stands for? Fuck the KKK and fuck all of you being sympathetic of them.

  22. khrom

    getting tired of bands becoming politicized.

    Dalton Sullivan

    khrom its funny cause there is nothing about politics in this song.

    NRG jinjer

    AyCeeAreyy this song is pointing to all southern people not just the racist ones.

    Genghis Khan

    AyCeeAreyy Does having racist ancestors 200 years ago something to be ashamed of or feel guilty for? No, because that would be fucking stupid if one was punished for the sins of their forefathers. The only people who think otherwise are sheltered teenagers and uninformed soccer moms.

    James D

    Jens Pulver No shit I think that's blatantly fucking obvious----which is probably why nobody was talking about racist ancestors 200 years ago. You literally brought that up out of nowhere...

    Michael Epp

    NPC # 7223 V2.2 he’s talking about his family that is still currently alive dude, you missed the point of the entire song

  23. COPPERHEAD 269

    Fucking pussies

  24. Derk Ender

    Honestly this whole album reminds me of old school Stick To Your Guns, back when they had a message and a mind to speak. Before becoming w/e the fuck they are now.

    Sterson S

    Derk Ender They are still one of the best hard-core bands out there, especially with their new album. Go fix your ears

  25. HopeToTheWEAK

    Leave politics out of music, musicians wouldn’t know their left nut from passing a law.


    Things that make your Nam nam touch her yam yams nice bait dude

    Too Much Sus

    Politics have been in music since music started being a thing. Shut the fuck up

    Vic Stevensøn

    Kublai Khan writes what the fuck they want and good as fuck that it's political. Better than whineycore about breakups. It is good subject matter. Don't like it? Don't fucking listen to it go listen to Asking Alexandria.

    Seamus Ritz

    @HopeToTheWEAK But how is this political? Read the lyrics. He's denouncing his family's former affiliation with the KKK, saying he won't be a part of that hate. There's nothing in there about politics.

    That One Player

    Anti-racism does not equal being political

  26. Dylan Barnes

    Makes you want to punch a Nazi.

    morwen angelus

    did y'all assume its gender????!!!!? you ignorant fucks, that's so fascist of you , you swines


    @Dylan Barnes which is now AntiFa, a left organization. They might talk about wanting better for minorities, but have you seen what a leftist says to any minority that supports the right? It's usually racist shit.

    Phillip Clark

    @Ása-Þórr i've literally witnessed liberals and leftists use the N word against black folks who were conservative or libertarian. It's one of the biggest reasons as to why i tend to stay away from HxC, it's filled with these wannabe "antifascist" scum.


    Makes me wanna punch a liberal...

    Phillip Clark

    ZAlbroZ fucking SAME bruh

  27. jacob gomez

    sounds so generic
    vocals i mean
    hardcore is dead

    Brandon Mather

    lol yeah cuz the vocals are what makes the song hardcore, right? jesus.

    Brandon Mather

    nvm just realized i got trolled. gg.

    Phillip Clark

    jacob gomez of course it’s dead, you have a bunch of hive minded boot licking pussies telling people what to think and say, and no diversity of ideals.


    jacob gomez but I love it though 🤘🏾🤤

  28. Hatebreed55

    HEAVY AF!!!!

  29. Dirty Eddy


    Derk Ender

    Hey Troll whats up ?


    loooool; staphh you're too triggering - take your pepe shit back to 4chan bruh ;)

    Phillip Clark

    Adolf Hitler you’ve triggered the horde my guy

  30. josh beatty

    sickest lyrics, fav

    angry reacts only

    josh beatty uhhhhh

    Kirby Kore

    ok I'm late to these guys but JB  you're spot on . I listen to a ton of hard core ( check my profile ) but these lyrics are top shelf and delivered like a swift kick to the nads  !!!