Kublai Khan - Mistakes Lyrics

I sink again
Goddammit, I want to break all I do is bend
I'm sick of waiting. On fucking maybes
I'll twiddle my thumbs while you
Make up your mind that
We're not worth the time and
Fucking effort never
Resentment rests in my bed
No sleep for me. Hang by a thread
Worth-less self worth
I sink lower
I wasn't
Always like this
Heart break
But it cannot erase our mistakes
I push through
What else can I do?
Just push through what else can we?
Such a bitter bitch life is
To discover you're not worth shit
Not what others want to see
Not even who you wanna be
I dig deeper
Maybe my problem is me
Still there's got to be more
Were we meant to live this way?
To drift away?
I refuse
To believe
There's no way out
Tunnel visions got me seeing
Little past this sour feeling
Patience and clarity
Grant me new strength
Somethings aren't meant to last
My nature's to the live the past but it
Proves to do me no good
I'm thankful for you
Gave me love gave me time gave me you but
No more
Time will pass on

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Kublai Khan Mistakes Comments
  1. Game Music Gems

    When times are tough, this is the goto jam right here. I PUSH THROUGH! WHAT ELSE CAN I DO?!

  2. Paulius Mscichauskas

    The mixing/mastering is weird in this...

  3. Evan Lebbell

    Couldn't have come at a better time in my life