Kublai Khan - Lower Level Lyrics

I plead with misery
Her lips they torture me
This is a lifelong curse
Chained to the floor with her

And still I choose to stay
She keeps me. I can never
I can never leave

Only one choice
Take it to another level

It's all just noise. It just keeps screaming
It boasts. You won't kill me
It's all just noise. It just keeps screaming
It boasts. You won't kill me

But I must try
Spirit forged from the steel
Of my black heart straight to
Your fucking skull

Twisted arms and broken knees
It's all become the same to me
And for what's worth I will never leave
I have come to be what you hate to see

Every motion haunted through the absence
Of my fucking mind

But where the fuck was the gratitude anyway?
Give a life just for love to slip away
Same story. New day
Little kiss from a bitch named misery
Cold bed cold hands cold energy
Legs shaking. Back bone rippling
Half moon night of sin left sickening

But I will never leave her

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Kublai Khan Lower Level Comments
  1. Ryan Brown

    That growl at the beginning. I feel it in my nuts

  2. Tygart511

    Can’t get enough of their shit...

  3. Jonathan Cartier

    Sick shiiiiit I jizzzzz

  4. Liam Walls

    Saw these guys last week and I think about the show everyday. The album is insane!

    Connor Nugent

    Liam Walls saw them Friday and I literally fangirl about the show every day greatest asskicking of my life


    The Brutality is making me want to drop kick everyone

  6. Danny

    The groove @0:42

  7. Lukas Selberg

    This is some of the best shit out there

  8. AntiR0b0t

    COLD BED COLD HAND COLD ENERGY ooofff fuck a dead bedroom bro leave her and find your cum queen

  9. AntiR0b0t

    I'm back because I couldn't get enough, still more dank than the most lit OR kush

  10. AntiR0b0t

    BRB gotta go change my panties this shit is so wet

  11. Jean Choquette

    This shit slaps

  12. Roy Navi

    1:24 chris roetter?

    Dustin E

    Roy Navi don’t think it’s Chris. Sounds similar just a different tone.

    Dustin E

    Roy Navi I do wonder who it is. Shits sick

    Rek Racing

    I believe that's Jay Pepito


    Jay from Reign Supreme/END


    @krager54 Yeah, Brendan sings for Counterparts and END, but Jay was the singer of the band Reign Supreme and does backing vocals/plays bass in END.

  13. Daniel Amaral


  14. Beck Brooks

    My grandma grew teeth so I could rage and knock them shits right back out.

    Die Already

    I love I see you here, homie. Album of the year, IMO.

    Beck Brooks

    @Die Already lol yoooooo. I was feeling some type of way I guess.

    Die Already

    That growl at the beginning sets it off like Hiroshima, bruv.

    Desi Thug

    wtf lmao

    Tom Guerrero

    😂 oh hell now

  15. Josué Veguilla


  16. the great fluids from my anus