Kublai Khan - High Hopes Lyrics

The needle cold punches the vein
Tremble pressing the plunger
For the pleasure and pain
Sting and strain
You risk everything
To feel again

Hell with the hopeless
Every clinic in America sees you
Eyes wide shut bitch
Everyone ignores you
They all just walk by
You chose your bed so sleep tight
Just a junkie doomed to die on the side walk
A human with a heart who's lost

But they don't see you

Push it in. Find the spot. Force the needle in
Tearing. Ripping. Fucking addiction
Corruption of the people who love
Intake drug deaths and homeless heart aches

Sad truth is that most of you will die full of holes

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Kublai Khan High Hopes Comments
  1. Desi Thug

    Sad truth is that most of you will die full of holes.

  2. Cj Doyle

    This whole album slaps in my car. Fuck yes that breakdown towards the end goes hard. This album fucks.

  3. Kersey Chase

    this whole album is fucking awesome. i didn’t think they’d be able to one up nomad but i’m glad they did

  4. Tim Brawdy

    This song is so fucking savage

  5. James Kipferl

    can not get enough of this album relate to the whole thing all to well

  6. Arkondre

    1 2 3 do the roar

  7. Arthur PX

    All I can say is: Thanks

    Desi Thug

    You're welcome

  8. therockstar barber

    That breakdown thooo

  9. Akitsuki Fuuka

    amazing <3

  10. Kyle Richardson

    Is it just me, or did they release the worst songs on the albums first? Not saying they're bad in any form, but some of these other songs are sick.

    Andrew Ellenberger

    Eh, I dig Boomslang and Self Destruct. The Truest Love is probably one of my least favorites on the album, but I think the whole album is killer. "Cloth Ears" and "High Hopes" ( and the way they transition on the album) are probably my favorites.

  11. Cody

    im done doing herion, this song saved my life.

    Griff Allison

    Congrats, bro. I know that feeling.

  12. Émile B

    This album is bomb 💣

  13. Renato Briones

    why you guys arent talking about that fucking nasty bass tone

  14. Mark Lubashevscky

    Kublai Khan TX > Panic! At The Disco

  15. MTMskate1

    No Kin 2.0
    Pure 🔥

  16. DegenerateGringo

    This album is fuckin NASTY

  17. Michael Gonzalez


  18. Ivan Angulo

    1-2-3 GO!

  19. Daniel Amaral

    Another copy of Panic at the disco.

    Anthony Gates

    @William Gaudreau shut your emo ass up ugly ass kid lol

    Liam Walls

    @Anthony Gates who hurt you?


    Who would've guessed that people would take this comment seriously

    NRG jinjer

    @Anthony Gates I never seen someone comment fucking trash like this in while. Live line alone.

    That One Player

    @Anthony Gates shut your ignorant ass up bitch. The original comment was a joke