Kublai Khan - Cloth Ears Lyrics

All you virtue signaling fucks
You're all the same. Pussy rats
You expect change but just complain
Shut your mouth, use your brain

Nothing real to say. Nothing real to me
Nothing happens but you swear you're helping
Nothing is achieved when all you do is scream
You state your case I'm listening

Ruled by mob

Holier than thou does not impress me
You got the heart but you're arrogant

It does not serve you well
Convinced your virtue does sell
Compelled to preach to me
A new human living error free
Demand love and equality
But not if ideologies disagree
If I speak I become the enemy
For questioning your reasoning

I don't give a goddamn what you think of me
But I give a goddamn if you think or if you just agree
Refusing civil conversation
Is the death of mental exploration

This is end of the line
Back up your shit or shut up
Listen for once in your life
We are not rivals

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Kublai Khan Cloth Ears Comments
  1. Scrufy Shortdog

    Pure unfiltered anger and I fuucking love it

  2. SpazzyTaco1014

    Literally just lost a really good friend because I called her out on her virtue signaling bullshit. Thanks kublai khan. I now know I'm not fucking crazy.
    Edit: also, Issa fcuking banger bois

  3. Cj Doyle

    Fuck. this song and high hopes are straight fire. Glad i bought the vinyl .

  4. Balfazar

    Oh my f*cking :o

  5. usedport100s

    With how pertinent this issue has become on social media and in daily living, thank you guys for having the guts to write and release this song. Massive respect.

  6. Desi Thug


  7. Barbellicious

    1:00 is what I'm talking about



  9. Waq Hamma

    Damn man yall really took the riff from one of I AM REVENGE's songs


    not exactly the same rifff but it sounds a lot like it. only so many spots on the neck of a guitar 🤷🏽‍♂️

    Alex Rubenstein

    You’re wrong as shit, go listen to tiny moments from kublai’s album new strength. Came out in 2015 so if anything that wack band took their riff boi.

    Connor Nugent

    Funny story they are best friends so who gives a shit

    NRG jinjer

    @Waq Hamma No one gives a shit.


    its 2019. show me one 100% completely new original idea

  10. Jordan Martinez

    Damn that ending bro...

  11. Skyler Tovar

    Straight Fire 🔥 !! 🤘

  12. AntiR0b0t

    Fuck everything I'm done wearing panties this album makes me too wet

  13. Dahliah Gonzalez

    2:09 Made me want to crowdkill my whole family.

    Desi Thug

    woah easy

  14. Podcast Falando Sozinho

    Good album.

  15. Daniel Amaral

    Fucking awesome!

  16. the great fluids from my anus