Kublai Khan - Beneath A Crescent Moon Lyrics

Cry for god

Home at a dead end
In the creek past the fence you'd find him
Too young to know the hurt the world holds
Childhood friends on the back road

Still I'm stunned by the news
Why is it I still think of you?
Life's come a long way since the cul-de-sac
To tragic tales on train tracks

For what it's worth
It's kept me up late
So many years past
And I never lost sleep

But now I question what was in your head
What had happened since we weren't friends

Cry to God
Life lost

As I write you're in my mind
Sitting down to analyze

The events and how they unfold
Your emotions and the stories untold
The hardest part for me alone
Is knowing that I'll never know

Not meant to know

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Kublai Khan Beneath A Crescent Moon Comments
  1. God

    Nice ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

  2. Jess Johnson

    Sometimes I find a sweet jam that goes hard and I’ll see the lyrics and not relate one bit but still love the heavy instrumentals.. Then there’s a song like THHIIISSS. I grew up on a dead end street in a peninsula town surrounded by freight train tracks and rivers. Kids in the small school system were killed every year. Damn this song is IT

  3. xLazarusEnvy

    That groove at the end is just OOF.

    Joe DeSimone

    Makes me want to ARF

  4. Eric Suter Rodriguez

    man this and demon slayer battles, the perfect youtube video.

  5. James Garbutt

    Fuck that breakdown at the end is the breakdown I've always wanted and looked for. My type of breakdown so fucking groovy

  6. Matthew Centilli

    When is this album coming out??


    the album's been out for a couple weeks fam

  7. Trey Wilkins

    God damn. My second cousin died on the train tracks only a few blocks away from me some odd years ago. This hits home.

  8. NRG jinjer

    This makes me want to play wii tennis without the safety strap.


    Stay safe my friend

  9. Anthony Gates


  10. Glenn Blackburn

    One of the best bands I've found in quite a while, let's fucking go


    My whole coldersack is now a FUCKN MOSHPIT FUCKK

  12. Lane.Maker

    Sittin in my room bobbing my head with a shit eating grin on my face 🥳

  13. Jacob Lynch

    Let's fuck some shit up boys! Fuuuuuu!

  14. the great fluids from my anus