Kublai Khan - Belligerent Lyrics

I lose little sleep. It's sad, but true
Drowning in unhappiness. It's nothing new
Anger now comes easily and frequently
Replacing who I used to be with someone weak
I wait patiently for clarity
Anxiously I count my time with no relief

So I mold my grief into madness
Release all my pain and my sadness
Quick fix. An explosive reaction
Making a mess with the way that I've acted

I don't know when it all began
I had a bigger heart when I was a younger man
Still I deny
I have any anger issues
Still I deny
Chances are I'll probably fucking lose it

I lose little sleep. It's sad but true
Drowning in unhappiness. Fuck you
Frustration it never ends.

If you fucks could just fuck off and die please
I think I might finally be happy
I know this isn't healthy
I never asked you to help me

Maybe you are the cause of this
Years of people walking up and down my nerves
But you think I should let you in?
Just so you
So you can fuck me one more time

The world made me like this
Sad part is I couldn't care less, bitch
So fucking move

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Kublai Khan Belligerent Comments
  1. MrTommydrums

    This band proves my point that groove drumming is so much heavier felt than crazy busy shit...keep fucking it up boys! 🤘


    Save some dry wall for the rest of us gd!!

  3. kubikolos

    I want to kill people to this. LMAO

  4. Smaxx

    This riff is disgusting at the end.

  5. Christopher Cunningham

    Ok, a song that says EXACTLY how I feel. This world sucks, people are pathetic and worthless.


    This song makes me want to cannonball into my sink

  7. iDrinkJ4ck

    Mix is shitty, song jams. Sounds so thin, myspace deathcore era bass tone, nice mawshin chugs, good vox. Nice job

  8. iDrinkJ4ck

    This song makes me want to almost shit my pants but prairie dog it instead

  9. How_V3ryAwful.

    This makes me want to rob my own house

  10. Alex Drelich

    My favorite part of this song is the correct use of "I *couldn't* care less, bitch", not "I could care less, bitch". It's one thing to be angry, but its another to be incoherent. GOOD ON YA

  11. Brittany Huffman

    What is wrong with the 113 people disliking this? This is gold!

  12. Scott Marshall

    This song makes me want to harvest rat milk to feed the orphanage

  13. Ruslan Tarasenko

    Музон шикардос!!!!!!!!

  14. SchizophrenicDolphinz

    Anyone wondering why there’s 2 metalcore bands with the same name as rulers of China

  15. d0ngstin

    This band is beyond underrated

  16. Philip Coats

    RIP Dre

  17. JuneYaa Boi

    "Dont fuck with Texas" Well I fuck with Texas cause they bring out some good ass bands!

  18. StoryMaker Upper

    Welcome to the salty spatoon, how tough are ya?

  19. Janko Bujnovsky

    True Love !!!

  20. Hakan ARIK

    orta asyadan gelen ülkücü kardeşlerime selam olsun. Tengri sizi korusun

  21. Asd Asda

    damn I just seen them today at the warped tour. they are waaaaaaay better live - not saying they suck digital

  22. Rob Williams

    fuck. yes.

  23. Brandon Dillow

    Cant wait to see you guys at warped! Keep up this amazing music

  24. Sandra Hatfield

    I accidentally shit myself

  25. Collective Conscious


  26. FlatOutEntertainment

    need more variety between tracks, a part from that, good tune

  27. Jay M


  28. Melaniee -

    I get more and more pumped for warped every time I watch this

  29. Kevin Brooks

    Sounds like he knows my X hahahahhaha

  30. Josean Colon

    Saw them yesterday! Show was insane.

  31. Blake Holland

    that is some good fuckin shit, man

  32. Suicide Guy656

    Siick songg

  33. awesd awee

    and the 97 lil justin biebers ware here


    i just got swole listening to this

  35. Alexander Franzen

    The lyrics are heavier than the riffs tbh

  36. Andrew Nunes


  37. JM Franklin

    This song is like pulling your teeth out with pliers.

  38. Josef Korbel

    2:02 - Suicide Button

  39. Bam Crunch

    this song is fucking blast!

  40. kiburah film


  41. Justin Migliaccio

    Rat Metal

  42. Cody Burris

    God damn. Killer track.

  43. Mannix Neff

    This shit makes me wanna roid rage

  44. Diego Soto

    doun'tt h8 ratto :(

  45. nikornla

    damn, I'm hearing some of "American me" vibe, which is freaking awesome!!!

  46. gorillas213

    Brooklyn tonight bitches!

  47. Ruben Inzunza

    The song is super good but does anyone care about whats going through his head? Matt has been consistently putting music out that speaks his mind and not been the type of dude to make fake lyrics up to just make a "cool" song... these songs worry me about him. I look up to him In a way... i really hope this doesn't keep going that way in his life or whatever.


    Ruben Inzunza straight facts the lyrics actually resonate with me

    Marksman 5147

    Biggest reason I love KK, I connect with so many of their songs more than any other band. Nothing gets me more pumped up than KK and just angry, perfect for when I just need to get hype and hit the gym or just wake up. The Guilty Dog lyrically just hits me.


    This song is clearly about apathy. You can only take so much shit...

    Too Much Sus

    @Ren It's about Matt's anger issues.

    The King of Dallas

    He stated this song was about depression ^

  48. AlienGoBoom

    Love it! it is something different in sound and genre.

  49. luke

    Wait until you all hear 8 years, that shit is madness

  50. Aaliyah Roepke


  51. Brian Pergande

    This song hits harder than seasonal depression

  52. Aaron Grice

    Fucking heavy

  53. Rodec1337

    i can't describe how heavy motherfucking ass kicking this song is! love it!!!!

  54. Velizar

    Пизда рулю

  55. horst kantholz

    Wie ein Tritt in die Fresse!!

  56. Hatebreed55

    Already preordered this album....is it f'n Sept29 YET!!!!?? ;p Awesome new tracks!!

  57. awesd awee


  58. Scott Margreiter

    These guys sound a little like an epic band that doesn't exist anymore named Elysia.

    michael owen

    Not really but elysia needs to come back

  59. Travis

    I wonder if the lyrics were written with someone specific in mind ... 😶
    The bass player is fucking awesome too

  60. WheresChris4

    Homie used to be pretty skinny... Got buff outta nowhere I feel like... Hmm....

    Justin Ebare

    WheresChris4 he had an injury and for his rehab he went to the gym a lot and he just made it a habit.

  61. TheCheekySpoon

    This video gave me whiplash

  62. yurryurr yee

    this shits fucking hard. lyrics on point too

  63. Joseph Salas

    I just dance the all song in my bed room and now I have blood all over in my ancle.


  64. Ben Dover

    still kick his ass though

  65. gengar_ate_me

    Love this jam

  66. Nick Kizlin

    Sounds like TAS with a different vocalist.

  67. Sean Essex

    Straight up thug prison beatdown hardcore.

  68. Aidan Ballard

    That bass guitar is nasty heavy

  69. Benjamin Deml

    This song made me wanna kill crowdkillers.

    Ben Dover

    Benjamin Deml weak

  70. JTPxMETAL & Hardcore Promotion

    Loving the new songs. Shaping up to be the best Kublai Khan album

  71. Visualizer

    Can't wait to see you guys live

  72. Mike Mahler

    Fucking awesome!

  73. Jacob Casper

    Hell yeah

  74. Sacred Hatred

    This band is too heavy for rise.

    Ricky Smart

    ever heard of make them Suffer xD no for real they are fucking amazing

  75. Jake

    I just wish this was a little bit more riffy



  76. Dalton Sullivan

    Jizz, everywhere

  77. vennissa Kenzire


  78. Toxicskittle1

    I lost my virginity to this song.
    R.I.P Grandpa.

  79. Darko

    Wow, sooooooooo much better than The Hammer, stoked for this album again.

  80. Basedbrawler

    This song makes me want to dial 9-1-1 with a calculator

  81. john doe

    *insert generic, overused joke about crowd-killing a family member and or destroying one's living space*

    Andrew Cramer

    Disrespect your surroundings

    Ben Bass

    this makes me wanna carve out the eyes of god with sandpaper while disrespecting my surrondings and harming my loved ones

    John Doe

    Hi name twin

    Mannix Neff

    x Moon This shit makes me wanna blow a baby deer


    @Andrew Cramer *kublai khan cover:* * "DISINFECT YOUR SURROUNDINGS!! BITCH!"" *

  82. Baggy Live

    rockin that fucking steel nation shirt!

    Ben Dover

    Baggy Live dang. haven't heard that band in years

    Baggy Live

    Ben Dover PGH HXC baby

  83. Steamy Hot Djent to the Face

    I'mma go crowd kill a tree now.

  84. hahahahaha

    So the singer does own a shirt

    Sacred Hatred

    No one in their right mind will do shit when I call them out at shows. And I'm tight with KK I assist them at local shows and jam with the guitarist regularly.


    Ok Rambo. Listening to beatdown makes you into such a tough guy.

    Sacred Hatred

    Lmao did you just call this beatdown

    Lord Deezus

    @Sacred Hatred did you just be an asshole to a guy making a simple joke?

    Ethan Gurevich

    Lord Deezus welcome to the community lol

  85. Tannah L.

    This song makes me want to push too hard on my pencil and break the tip

    Tannah L.

    Sacred Hatred what's got you so bitter? Lmfao chill out


    The song made him bitter and angry

    ruby Cortez


    Viking Penguin

    One of my all time favourite replies to a thread

  86. Kamil Karpinski


  87. suicideseemssoyesterday

    These guys make me hard every goddamn time.

  88. moko9hoko

    Holy. SHIT.

  89. Lauren Smigelski

    so fucking move


    Stepping the game up! Perfect song

  91. Michael Metz

    Not the band to be listening while visiting your grandmother at the retirement home and crowdkilling everyone in bingo.

    Daniel Polido

    Michael Metz LMFAO!


    This was funny up until the crowdkilling part. Game Over. Better luck next time.

  92. dr Stoned

    They putting on for hardcore,
    Hardcore once again getting out the underground.

  93. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes


  94. WorldMusicRadio

    *I have new Eskimo Callboy album! Check!*

  95. Scott Allen

    Bad ass, ready for the rest of the album.

  96. Alan Sims

    Wait, this isn't Attila....

  97. redsoxfan6794

    This song hits harder than my dad.

    David Emmons

    redsoxfan6794 well being an issues fan is reason enough lol


    What's wrong with liking Issues and Kublai Khan?

  98. Daniel philip Navarro

    this made korea to decide a ww3

  99. Cleffification

    Someone explain to me where the hell this band has been while I have been under the impression that music was going down-hill?

    Skeleton Rocker Gaming

    Cleffification bro KK have been making bangers since 2010.


    Their last album New Strength is fucking gold


    For real