Kublai Khan - Before It's Too Late Lyrics

No solution
No success
I have become
My very own end

Absolute love. Absolute hate
Absolute waste. Absolutely
Absolute life. Absolute death
Absolute trust. Absolutely

Speak up
Speak up

I find this to be tragic madness
To give up, not live up to the benchmark I set

And fail without second thought
To the blood I shed and
All the tears that dropped from my eyes

Fuck trying to avoid trying. Weakness
Fuck whining. Fuck crying
I'm to blame for my own shame. Bullshit
Accepting the pain and own the mistakes. Prove it

I find this to be tragic madness
To give up, not live up without second thought

To my soul. To my heart
To my mind. Absolutes reign

Prove it to me
Prove it and save my life
Prove it to me
Save me
Prove it to myself
Before it's too late
Prove it to you all
Before it's too late

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Kublai Khan Before It's Too Late Comments
  1. funkypluck

    I'm on about my 10th run through this...Holy Balls...It gets better each listen....Every song is a banger...Crank up the Sub and enjoy...Got my 2019 vote...Great Job

    Genadi Mihov

    every single one man...


    @Genadi Mihov Best plate of "Meat & Potatoes" Hardcore this year...Woooo!!!!

  2. Juan Taberner van der Kleij

    Best album of 2019. But, this is the most underrated song of the album imo.

  3. hollowminds

    the absolutely part is fucking cool.

  4. Tim Brawdy

    Best album of 2019 by a long shot

  5. Jilles

    1:05 is so fucking hard. It's crazy

  6. Spinal Shock

    This and Cloth Ears are my absolute favorites

  7. Danny

    Catch me in the pit

  8. Ricky Smart

    godddddd DAYUM this album's fucking amazing !!! what an awesome follow up to another badass album like nomad !!! keep up the good work guys and i hope i get to see you all live soon

  9. fml 666

    Fuck yes

  10. Dominic C

    Okay you guys won the spot for being in my top heavy band list . Gah damn

  11. AntiR0b0t

    Gotta change my panties AGAIN this shit just SLAPS MY BEAN

  12. the great fluids from my anus