Kublai Khan - B.C. Lyrics

Human kind has reached a time
Where faith can take a step back
(Follow truth and fact)
Jesus Christ. White washed in the blood
Of plantation crops and native plots
A proven tool to bait the hooks
While the church controlled the history books
(Mother fucker)
You love Christ because it's right?
He arrived on ships with men who forced their thoughts

Sleep beside the fire
That burns brightest the darkness

History and man's beliefs tell two tales of destiny
Knowledge leads to set our kind free

Man made god to make sense of this world
Nature proves we all lose. There is no control

Pagan kings and offerings
Men created Christ to keep control
Loosely pieced from past beliefs
To unify the heathen gods beneath a cross
Integrate or be erased
Conquered lands set the pace for breeding faith
Religion needs the human seed
Our species is unique. Confided to our beliefs

Sleep beside the fire
That burns brightest in darkness
Sleep beside the fire (Knowledge will lead. Move forward)
That burns brightest in darkness (Knowledge will lead. Move forward)


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Kublai Khan B.C. Comments
  1. Desi Thug

    Why isn't this band famous? Because it's named Kublai Khan?

  2. Cezar Vinicius

    For me, the best breakdown of all time

  3. Daniel Mikesell

    Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life.

  4. nostalgic guy

    Fedora tippers to be sure

  5. Snakehawk81

    God and Jesus Christ are real.

  6. ThrashniirGaming

    knocked loose did u dirty

    Giordan Duro

    ThrashniirGaming you caught that too?


    @Giordan Duro yea, denied by fate 's breakdown is exactly this. guess you can say that you cant DENY its FATE ahahhahaahahaha

  7. Étienne Boisvert

    1:27 2-step

  8. Reagan’s Dead


  9. Kamehamedouken

    Be true to yourself. Be about what you're about. Christian dude here letting other Christians remember that there's a time and place. This is not the place. Respect for individuality and free will. For a while I shared the same beliefs as these lyrics. No one ever shamed or scorned someone to Jesus. Keep it real, Kublai Khan 👍

    Zachary Sheets

    Kamehamedouken keeping it real brother. I was the exact same way. Keep walking in Christ my friend and hopefully our friends in KK will find christ. Like you said. It will come through grace and love, not scorn. The scornful “Christian” is what created this mentality in the first place. Thanks for being a light in a darkened world brother. God bless and keep rocking.


    go fuck yourself


    @Zachary Sheets and you go fuck yourself as well

    Lucas Rabun

    @BuckScrotumn why so butthurt 😂

  10. The Groypist

    Properly anti-judeochristian 👌

  11. Гелий Изюмов

    Хорошо, да, большое спасибо.
    Okay, yes, thanks so much.

  12. Chrisza Firmansyah

    That breakdown tho.

  13. Scott Marshall

    Should have had more ending guitar drop during song

  14. Ruslan Tarasenko

    Пиздееееееец ахринитильное музло бомбаааааааааааааааа тема!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Ruslan Tarasenko

    Бомбаааааааааааааааа тема!!!!!!

  16. XxMedicatedChildxX

    I like you guys as a band I saw you in Atlanta a while back. But you guys don't know shit about history.

  17. Josh Nelson

    Having grown up in church as a pastors kid I know what a bad church is and what a good church is. This song basically all of them together. Not every Christian is a super over religious dickhead pushing their beliefs on people.

  18. DeadLittlePunkDoll

    I'm not sure why people would be offended by the lyrics or the content of this song. Go listen to any True Norwegian Black Metal band--all they do is slander Christianity & religion as a whole left & right. In fact, the majority of real metal does.
    Slayer, Behemoth, Cradle of Filth, Dark Tranquility, Rotting Christ, Taake--metal acts all across the board that explicitly denounce religion, mock it, and/or poke fun at it in some form or fashion--& often to an even greater extent than presented here. & this is just the tip of the iceberg.
    Metal isn't about being "Christian" or being respectful of these religions of the masses----it is FAR from it, in fact.

  19. IAm Epidemic

    a year and countless replays later, and I still get the spine tingles at that 2 minute mark because I know it's coming.

  20. oliolioxin crii

    shoutout to the guy that danced in the moshpit with me at 1:03

  21. Phillip Clark

    I love how they don't ride establishment cock and attack soley the bible, and how they go for the throat of Paganism and Egyptian gods.

  22. Isaiah Bozanic

    The fuck y’all listening to the lyrics for like just go pump some iron tf lmao

  23. Emile Styx

    02:27 sounds like #sepultura 3.0!

  24. DegenerateGringo


  25. TURTLZ18

    Fucking love these lyrics

  26. Rudi Setiawan

    when Heihachi finisher Jin Kazama

  27. Lizzy Gilmore

    Jesus tits this music makes you feel good.

  28. Iceland Z

    Saying Gods not real is at least a debatable topic, but saying Jesus wasn’t real is literally the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. He 100% existed.

  29. IAm Epidemic


  30. Imraan Akollo-Arenz

    BMTH makes The House of Wolves: No one bats an eye

    Kublai Khan makes BC: *everyone loses their shit*

    Canned Distrait

    Everyone's triggered lmao

  31. TheSeveredTongues

    The end of the song shows you can make a brutal ass breakdown while hitting a closed hihat instead of a crash/china and without following the guitar rhythm with the bass drum. On paper you wouldn't think that would go hard but it fucking does here so fuck me i guess.

  32. IAm Epidemic


  33. Rosie Sanchez

    I don't understand why rise would sign them there horrible

  34. Vic Stevensøn

    Fuck religion. The virus of humankind.

  35. Tyler anderson

    That breakdown at 2:27 is sick

  36. Jo Wolf

    This piece of shit is an insult to the great man they steal the name of their fucking band from.

  37. Kaidus99

    Definitely looks like he lifts

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  39. Idle Vows

    I’m getting some Slipknot vibes. 🤷‍♂️

  40. 9rmetal

    I want to punch a Baby so bad to this song!

  41. anthony irvin

    B.C. = Before Core

  42. KrypticSoul

    Don't like the lyrics very much but the music itself is sick!

  43. Roberto Rodriguez Gallaeci

    Why doesn't everyone just stfu , and appreciate a talent for what it is, focus on the creative factor not on personal beliefs and choices ....some of you can't even stand in front of a camera , much less , grab a damn microphone...and speak your mind...or sing it .

  44. Quentin Todd

    Lyrics anyone?

    Canned Distrait

    Everyone is triggered reeeeeeeeeeeeee

  45. Edward Sciortino

    There are over 2400 gods believed to exist around the world and because he believes ONE less then you hes not right? Get over yourselves haha.

  46. Dennis Kirschner

    Hey dude what are you listening to?
    Samurai breakdown core.


    *mongol thankyouverymuch

  47. Gabriel Faust

    that breakdown tease got me drenched tbh

  48. Twitch Switch

    Wats the name of this ritual?

  49. Amando Garcia

    This reminds me of sepultura roots album 🤘🏼

  50. Santa Clause

    Album of 2017!

  51. Griffith Johnson

    The groove is way too real. My goodness. This band is beyond perfect.

  52. danky dankerson

    lol at all the people who are legitimately angry at the lyrical content of this song

    Cj Bixby

    The truth hurts

  53. Cliff Bond

    If this offends you, why don't you find something else to do, like go to Church and get lied too since you're gullible and all.


    "I'm 16 and just found out about atheism."

    Brick's Toilet Store

    So edgy


    "my mom took away my juul and said i need to try church, ha jokes on you mom im ATHIEST"

    Anthony Gates

    Atheist are the biggest retards/hypocrites ever I do believe in God and christ but I fucking love khan, knocked loose and varials that's my shit very much


    Dude, the father of The Big Bang Theory, which we still follow today, was religious. And I mean "was" as in he was religous until he died. Faith in something doesn't hold everyone from understanding facts or theory.

  54. A RA

    Kublai Khan ?
    I have heard that name in history book, who he was chinese/Mongol Emperor ,
    Are you kidding me you are his descendents ? LOL

  55. Conner Sutton

    Probably one of my least favorite from the album. Solid instrumentals but the lyrics were just generic and lack luster for me. And no matter what someone believes, the human being Jesus Christ walked the earth. I think there’s way better ways to discuss problem you have with a religion without seeming childish. Just an opinion though. No need to rip me in a comment.


    Look into the similarities between the Jesus story and the Horus one from Ancient Greece.

  56. jacob duffney

    God this shit is gay

    Idan Peek

    jacob duffney I bet it turns you on

  57. Stickman

    It is quite ignorant to say someone is ignorant cuz he doesnt believe in what you believe, isnt it?

  58. Tristan Christlieb

    Badass song imo

  59. Tristan Christlieb

    Everyone says it's generic but isn't that what a genre is for? As far as I'm concerned they've stayed true to their sound. Funny how a band that becomes famous or well known is automatically "generic" or "sellouts." If you don't like it don't listen.

    Totally Not Bruce Wayne

    Tristan Christlieb I just think the lyrics for this song are generic and something we have heard thousands of times from this genre. It's nothing like the lyrics of their other songs. The instruments and vocals are cool though.

    Luis Zamora-Tokosh

    its cause they're stuck up their own ass and mad that Kublai Khan is openly talking about their opinions, or atleast Matts. its ridiculous that people talk down on KK or any band that voices their opinion, we all have our own views and beliefs. christians will remain arrogant and the rest of us will believe what we believe.

  60. thelightsout1337

    I'm just confused because I would see Matt wear a cross on his neck at shows and he was also friends with a lot of Christian Metalcore bands, then he'd write lyrics like this? Not to mention Nolan (they're guitarist) is a Christian. Kind of crappy, imo.

    Love Kublai Khan though and this song is heavy as heck.

    George Seeker 32

    It's about organised religion not Christianity, organised religion is the blasphemy of Christianity!

  61. Phantom Limb

    Khal Drogo would be happy.

  62. Krby dp

    holy mother of fuck

  63. John Graham

    There's only one problem I find with this, the actual Kublai Khan was welcoming of other religions in his lands, as long as they didn't try to conquer and kill his people. Oh wait, it was the Christians that that plotted against Kublai and basically started the whole live for Christianity or die under our feet business. Religion is the root of all wars, that and dumb people like Trump and Kim Jong

    Madson Barbosa

    John Graham the Mongols and islam we're typically tolerant conquerors.

    Josh_ Wright

    Politics is the root of all wars, idc

    Totally Not Bruce Wayne

    John Graham Religion isnt. Money, power, and land are the root of all war. Don't give me that "religion is the root of all war" bullshit.


    Trump ends wars, and you're claiming he starts them? Politics have replaced religion, and are now faught over for who you vote. Kim, a dictator, and Trump, a democratically voted president who only can serve 2 terms... what a great comparison. You've showed us that politics have replaced religion, and you're willing to fight bec "orange man bad". You are cancer

  64. RML

    I Missed the sick breakdown :/

  65. Skeefus

    I'm confused, because I distinctly remember seeing Matt wear a cross at one of his shows.

    Madson Barbosa

    Skeefus the Khan was open minded but brutal.

  66. William Bostic

    I just crowd killed my mom 911

  67. Clay Drummond



    Yes lol



  68. tenesajuancruzenyb

    Djent at 2:27

    John Manners

    tenesajuancruzenyb nope

  69. Alex LC

    holy shit, this shit is lit

  70. Gainz&Gamez

    So what about other religions? Was their savior created by men as well? It's not just Christianity. What about Islam? Was Allah created by men too? Or is the focus only on Christians?

  71. brutalmetalhead

    Your going to see a lot of ppl getting offended by the lyrics

    The Groypist

    Good, christcucks btfo

  72. Dane Harris

    Some of you are really over thinking this. Unless someone can ask him personally to interpret the how he meant these lyrics you can only speculate how he meant for them to be perceived. I personally don’t think he’s saying Jesus Christ never existed. I think he’s saying the “Son of God” Jesus Christ didn’t exist. No supernatural powers none of that bullshit. That’s my opinion and everyone is entitled to that.

    John Graham

    Dane Harris and the mass majority do nothing but that, speculate, instigate, assume, jump to conclusions.... Because America has turned into a Shitting ground for dumb people and ungrateful children. Everyone's right and everyone else is wrong, there's no such thing as a conversation or debate without someone calling the other a derogatory name or pointing out they spelled something wrong to someone win the argument.... It's sad.

  73. Fubreezify

    Guitars are generic, vocals never change. Same stupid bitchy lyrics about how bad religion is. Perfect music for bitchy kids that hate their parents. This is shit.


    Guitars are generic, vocals never change. Same stupid bitchy lyrics about how bad religion is. Perfect music for bitchy kids that hate their parents. This is shit.

  74. Moon Devoured

    so many people bitching about their lyrics lol this is metal, right? unless it's Christian metal in my experience most metal is anti-religion. considering the massive percentage of the world that believes in God, you shouldn't be surprised that the 'minority' who don't are emphatic speaking against it. THAT SAID, not a fan of this song.. not lyrically (I actually dig the lyrics) but musically. Antpile, The Hammer, Split, and River Walker are the true shiners on this album for me :) ** key words: for me **

    Totally Not Bruce Wayne

    berkah89 Yes but the lyrics of other kublai khan songs are unique and cool. But the lyrics of this song are just like every other metal lyrics. That is why I like kublai khan it isn't always antireligious. I like that they make meaningful lyrics.

  75. Tom Guerrero

    My boy Matt getting swole af 💪😏

  76. Jiluka blood67

    generic as fuck

  77. Muꭥn

    fuck me so glad i found this band
    Nomads coming in the mail! too keen
    love from aus \m/

  78. insane .zebra

    their vocalist used to be so scrawny aha just dont pull a tim lambesis on us ;)

  79. sᏟᏒᎥm CAP

    Fucking gangster Mosh crwod kill shit right here 😎

  80. Im a pug

    How do you dislike this then sleep without tossing an turning?

  81. Latch

    fuck man the likes are at 666 but i need to show support...

  82. GhoulReaperAsh

    666th like

  83. Teh Joshua Montañez Shit Show

    So swolllllll!

  84. Random Guy

    can anyone can recommend another band that have drum sound like this?

  85. Samuel Odadjian

    matt is starting to look like genghis khan

    Andi Seluang

    Kinda ironic cause his band name is Kublai Khan


    fuck yeah thats the idea

  86. ipawnoobs

    This song makes me want to drive my car on the sea and boat on the streets , ohh yeahhh !!!

  87. Camden Smith

    If Jesus didn't exist then why did we base our entire timeline off of him? Before Christ (B.C) and After Death (A.D.)

    Zachary De Los Santos

    Camden Smith because european colonialism and imperialism wouldnt have it any other way. We dont even use B.C. or A.D. anymore by the way. Academia rejects it outright. We use B.C.E. (before common era) and C.E (common era) now. FYI

    Camron Lee

    Its not even that man Christ actually existed weather you believe he was the son of God or if you believe in God period. As a human Jesus existed in the history books, encyclopedias, dictionary etc. I myself am a Baptist nd I think the lyrics are shit. Not bc im a Jesus freak but just that he talks about Christianity by itself where almost every religion has a "savior" or "lord" its just ridiculous. But its just my opinion. The guitar rifs are nice ill give it thaf

  88. The Lukeas

    "Knowledge leads
    To set our kind free
    Man made god to make sense of this world"

    Love every bit of this. Really digging their new material

  89. jkteddy77

    I'm usually very proud of Kubali Khan's lyrics, they're always deep and meaningful, BUT this song is just simple and ignorant. You don't know, I don't know, nobody knows the truth, at least not if we're living. I can't believe this is the same band that wrote Dear God, Life for a Life, and A Brotherhood of Man, all songs with much more mature lyricism. Really ruins their image imho.

    Tim Durfey

    KOSVENDETTA  Keep trying to make yourself feel more secure bro. I'm not triggered at all. I'm writing back because I'm actually enjoying this conversation. I like making fucktards like you look retarded to the entire internet. Plus, what the fuck are you going on about? What do you think faggot means? The oldest record of it's usage is to refer to a bundle of sticks tied together with thread. Then, people began to refer to cigarettes as "fags" and in the fifties onward "faggot" was adopted as an offensive term of gays, used to make them feel inferior. You seem to know nothing about the world around you.


    Tim Durfey one of you needs to stop replying because this conversation has gotten completely pointless. You're just insulting each other at this point. This is the Internet and both sides are put against each other both of you have given into us vs them attitude. You're both fighting a battle you'll never win. At this point you're just putting your pent up aggression against each other. Cut it the fuck out it's doing nothing but wasting time.

    Tim Durfey

    Tyler West  True shit man. Thanks for keeping it real.

    Tim Durfey

    Tyler West  Yeah man, I can understand that for sure. And you're right, better to go out and make a difference than to sit here having what eventually amounts to a cockfight. Keep it real, brother.

    Isaiah Simon

    I so agree with this, I'm a bit disappointed too, I was hoping they'd stay as this manly tough guy band that wouldn't care about bashing religion.

  90. Tomáš Polák

    End is awsome

  91. AwkwardBlackGal

    Love the lyrics

  92. Kevin Redd

    to say Matt is ignorant because of your belief in God is different, is ignorant. Get your bible thumping ass in the pit and get fucking wrecked.


    He didn't say that Matt is ignorant because his beliefs differ, he was saying that there is ignorance in the lyrics because the existence of the person of Christ is absolutely factual. We didn't make Him up he was a real guy, the real question (Which is the crux of christianity as whole) is do you believe that Jesus is who He says He is? The Son of God who came as a sacrifice for our forgiveness as sinful humans. Now, here is where everything goes south... many christians judge and hate and in the past have killed over disagreement of this central question, which is NOT JUSTIFIABLE! It's fucked up that that happens because that is NOT what Christ advocates at all. People are stupid and selfish, and that, I believe is what fuels the anger toward "God" or the idea of God or christianity and christians, is people who flaunt their so-called "Faith" and make a horrible representation of the person of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. As a believer whom himself struggles with issues of faith and doxology on a regular basis, I understand where the lyrics come from, but to say that we "Made up Christ to keep control" is just not true. In fact, Christ caused a pretty big stir which ended up in him being executed in order to keep control. Quite the opposite.


    Needless to say this song is a banger and I'd be in the pit just the same haha

    Kevin Redd

    lol go write another paragraph about how hard you are bro

    Kris McCleary

    Ezekiel Rojo i fucking kek'd. I'm with you dude. Everyone is crying about the lyrics as if they've never heard of anti-religious bands. And the whole "Jesus was real" is an absolute myth. There is no actual evidence that he ever existed, martyr or not

  93. HopeToTheWEAK

    Sad that these cucks are from Texas. Leftist communist dogs

    Uriah Graves


    Zachary De Los Santos

    Fuck off already. Go to back to Breitbart.

    Jayce O'Rourke

    Hello Mr America, you need to chill the fuck out and stop putting political tags on everyone.

    Gideon _

    Texas is republican, what the fuck are you talking about? How can they be leftist or communist LOL

    Madson Barbosa

    They don't worship the zombie Roman hippie. So here comes the tears from the Christcucks.

  94. Bmeijer777

    It's funny how the lyrics arent historically true. Christ was real, it's up to you what you believe who he was but he wasn't created by imagination. There is historical proof he existed

    Madson Barbosa

    Bmeijer777 Jesus Christ is not real. He is a mixture of Roman solar deities. Esus, Dionysus and Sol Invictus in particular. That's why there is Divine cannibalism in Christianity. It's handed down from the previous cults. Jesus is as real as hercules.


    Literally no contemporary evidence of his existence exists

    Too Much Sus

    He was real but he didn't do half the shit they say he did. The lyrics allude to his image in our modern culture being piece together

    Phillip Clark

    @Noah Diaz-Granados looks like we've got ourselves a bootlicker

    Matthew Giordano

    Aaron Facciolini Thats not what the bible says:) redeemer, savior, sustainer, God, King, never sinned. I think thats pretty special

  95. Z Yearwood



    This is a different vision/ video than the others.
    Digging the hair cut matt


    Diego Soto haha I’m a big fan of kublai
    Have all their albums

    Diego Soto

    SAIYANLINEAGE \\\\\\\ niiice. I love them, although this song ain't for me haha.


    You again? fck!

    Chris Bruchak

    What hair cut? He HASNT cut it. Lol

    King Patback

    literally just tied it back haha