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Son of a bitch

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Kublai Khan Antpile Comments
  1. No U

    This is the beefiest guitar tone of all time. No contest.

  2. Lívia AivíL

    Q delicia

  3. mmoser7

    Hell yeah! Reminds me this moment i heard Davidian from Machine Head the first time back in the 90s...

  4. Supreme Kai

    0:13 when u gotta take a shit

  5. Deft


  6. X NeverTryToCorner

    Scope anyone?

  7. morbidlust666

    He’s making those pinch harmonics talk 🤘🏾🤤


    I feel like drop kicking a elephant now.

  9. North Land

    siiiiick. damn.

  10. Carol Greenwood

    I need a 10 hour repeat

  11. Emph

    Sector 3.

  12. AudiLoveS4

    Just heard of these guys for the first time last Monday night, they were playing a show with wage war. They are fucking rowdy, was so much fun.

  13. Irma Vep

    This made me wet 🖤

  14. Gideon Whitehouse

    Those pinches with the vibrato are fucking naaaasssttyyyyyy

  15. Гелий Изюмов

    Это блядь ЗАЕБИСЬ!

    I think it' s pretty fuckin ' good

  16. Michel MONIER

    Just a Masterpiece

  17. Rashid Veitia

    Airsofters like this

  18. theFareulookinat

    I hate when the best songs are so fucking short

  19. Snuff Radu

    This makes me wanna play club penguin without my parents permission.


    Thats fuckin metal

  20. Ása-Þórr

    This makes me want to chew my water.

  21. Hassan M. Aljaberi

    Best 72 sec in my entire life

  22. Mica Harris

    The only way to start your day


    *metal riffs playing as you walk down the hallway...stubs toe on corner* "SHIT!!!" *riffs get harder as you look down and see you split your toenail down the middle* "SON OF A BITCH!!!" *more metal*


    90's groove metal with metalcore influences.
    What a boner.

  25. Lorenzo Stanzani

    666 likes :3

  26. michael johnson

    Is this the hole song? I hope not cause I need more now!!!!

  27. Mr. 0PT1C

    just tried to fist bump my bro to this jam. Ended up breaking his nose.

  28. B H

    I'm here because of the asian dudes

    shutupanddoitthen okay

    B H same! 🤣✌🤳

    cody drennan

    Link please

  29. Henry Lloyd.

    I’m here cause of the scary synchronized Asian men

    Donald Smith

    Aren't we all? Lmao

    SILV3R F0X

    Henry Lloyd. Me too

    Jake Jones

    I wish I knew what you meant

    Eli Power

    Henry Lloyd. I can’t find that video to save my life anymore!!

    Chris Joseph

    @Instagrambrekdowns has got it on his page, if you dont follow him already. I highly recommend it.

  30. Tartinatio

    this album is fucking sick

  31. mai joan


  32. Matt Rose

    It's like Eyes Up on steroids

  33. Zyglrox 84

    Still better than Gucci gang

  34. nikkmha

    This makes me want to sit on the TV and watch the couch

  35. countdabulous710

    Best shit to deadlift to fucking ever

  36. puchoo

    this shit is meant to pump a hulk into my bloodstream !

  37. cool dragonlorde

    I hate this song

  38. Teh Joshua Montañez Shit Show

    Well played

  39. tenaciousjoe24

    Best 1:12 of my life


    Pantera? xD

    Matthew Rare-din

    HECTOR JUNIOR pantera was beat down before beat down existed....pantera made breakdowns cool. They probly influenced every band you like lmfao were you in diapers when they were still together?

    Jake Jones

    Matthew Rare-din calm down fucking edgelord

  41. brutalmetalhead

    Men this song got me want to pet my dog aggressively but slowly at the same time

    GD Audio

    Nice European! Did you learn it in college?

  42. Joshua Hale

    Texas bred \m/

  43. Lucan Wells

    These Boizzzz are more raw'XD than a raw hot dog!

  44. Lucan Wells

    Man this song made me want to stroll on down to the pound and mawsh all the animals without a home to sleep

  45. lareauguitars

    Im gonna go fight myself

    Ben dover

    haha underrated comment!


    fucking perfect

    Karl Downes

    Don't, I foresee only 1 winner


    Who won?!

  46. Science Fiction

    Those pinch harmonics are fucking obnoxious. What a bunch of jerk offs.


    You know what else is obnoxious? Insulting a bunch of hardworking men for their art. At least try and make your side constructive.

    Science Fiction

    Indulgent and uninspiring.

    Andrew James

    youre fucking dumbbbb lol this shit bumps youre dumb as fuck to hate on this XDDDD hahahaha


    shits fuego

    James D

    Hmm yes quite shallow and pedantic

  47. ThatBritishGuy

    Lyrics changed my life

  48. Ricky Smart

    love this album already. xDlov the lyrics of this too btw

  49. blizzyb

    Wow these lyrics are so deep😳

    dmurdend x


    The Legacy Of Kaizer

    @Travis its a joke not a bullet, dont put it in your schoolmates


    @The Legacy Of Kaizer HAHAHAHAHA


    @Travis r/whoosh

  50. Yung Samurai

    Can ya'll make this into a big ol' flag I'll hang that ish up on my ceiling deadass 😱💀👹🔥

  51. TheCheekySpoon

    God damnnnnnnn

  52. CODEX41

    Sounds like spite

    Vasilias Kobliska

    Lol, ok buddy. You must be new to this genre of music if you think this sounds anything remotely like Spite


    Holy shit how the fuck do they sound like spite haha get the fuck outta here

    James D

    +Covenant of Heathenry No he said they sound like spite not Spite. lmao Because he keeps cursing like he's spiteful...

  53. Nikhail Gogia

    Already need 0:41 as a ringtone. Shiggity shaiiiyythh


    I know I'm a few months late, but figured I'd grant the request anyways.

    That should have the decryption key in the link. Cut it at 0:41,8. Hope you enjoy :)


    he say's "son of a bitch."

  54. Hatebreed55

    Siiiiiccckkkkkkk AF!!!!

  55. bloodmoon redglow

    Sick af man, im hyped

  56. Dirty Eddy


  57. Chris Hummel

    ooooo those squeelies really got me all turnt up baby

  58. GabrielPhegley66

    Eyes Up 2.0

  59. Gerald Rodriguez

    It’s always the groove of their breakdowns that get me to bop my head and make that face.

    ken bailey

    Gerald Rodriguez lmao I'm dying cuz I know exactly what face you mean 😂😂😂


    I literally only just found this band, and I audibly gasped when this song came on. It was like a "*gasp* Nnng" along with THAT face.


    That face?

    Joe Taylor

    Jared Dines face. 😩

  60. Raphael Neves

    This is going to be the heaviest album of the year /,,/