Kublai Khan - 8 Years Lyrics

8 years ago life took from me

Just under 16 you were ripped away from me
Watching my family weep for my brother's life
Tragedy had come for me
Wearing a fake face for other people's sake

You never left me
Your spirit dwells within me
While apathy rots in his seat
Don't you fucking look at me

In the court room you asked for my forgiveness
A family left with nothing but flowers and memories
Your sympathy means nothing to me
No apology will heal my family
No forgiveness

8 years inside for murder, mother fucker
Not long enough, you should have suffered longer
Now you're free and you wanna be happy
I bet you'd love to forget my family

No pity for you
I can't forgive you
Thomas Thorn, this is for you
Thomas Thorn, no forgiveness

8 years to the day

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Kublai Khan 8 Years Comments
  1. God

    I have listened to this for 3 hours on repeat and honestly I still can't get enough of this masterpiece, very sad lyrics but also surges my anger. ಠ ͜ʖಠ

  2. Chino Moreno

    I wanna skull fuck the guy who killed his brother.

  3. Desi Thug


  4. Gage Wright

    Can someone edit peanut butter baby doing the "Ugh" at the beginning and then link it to me?


    I would like this link to

  5. Sarcastrophe 810

    Dude, this band tho 🔥

  6. ThePhoenix1860

    this isnt any metalcore in my opinion. This sounds more like BEATDOWN MFUCKER now :D Love this shit

  7. ZybeZ

    Jesus Christ.

  8. Joe Taylor

    It doesn't get any better than this bridge.

  9. Douglas Moulton

    FUCK this band is so nasty like I'm in class and can barely resist the urge to lose my shit

  10. lastditch727

    So fkn raw. Love this band

  11. spud696

    THE DRUMS in this song, goddamn!

  12. I Like Concerts

    Hope Thomas came across this, fuckin' scum

  13. Asd Asda

    seeing them live kicks the shit outta digi

  14. FlatOutEntertainment

    The lesson here: Don't run red lights.

  15. annonymous2112

    Wait so this guys brother ran a red light and died? I've been listening to this band all morning and if this is what "beat down" has come to than....omg this is the bitchiest shit ever. Hates cops because CNN told him to. Hates on the victim of a traffic accident....fucking waaaahhh.

    Eric Stewart

    Thorn was drunk and ran a light killing Eric's brother. Not the other way around.

  16. Marcus DeBusk

    Calling him out! Damn

  17. Parkway Driver

    The same thing happend here in Serbia...child dead cause of red light...we need to wash our governments and system

  18. Norm Mallett

    Sounds kinda like bury your dead.. both great bands..

  19. Steven Baker

    1:21 is one of the nastiest riffs of 2017


    Steven Baker 2:39 on

  20. JM Franklin

    This is what a coat hanger abortion sounds like..... Goddamn

  21. Lord Rogue

    Didn't plan to have my asshole fucked but here we are

  22. That Dude


  23. K n o c k e d L o o s e

    Dude may be free from prison, but he ain't free from the horrors this world can offer,... yet😈


    Bruh pretty much prison is where the guy was safe now he has to look over his shoulders for the rest of his life

  24. Eddy Verdecia

    Idk about anyone else, but 1:20 is the dirtiest shit I’ve heard in a long time

    That Dude

    soooooo nasty

    Marcus DeBusk

    Listen to spite ied

    Tyler Wimberley

    @Marcus DeBusk truth

    John Kitchen

    Came here to say this. That groove change is absolutely crushing.


    They have reached the top of metalcore with this release

  26. Vibe-Beat omri maimoni

    this is weird

  27. kietnik

    best of their albums

  28. Dannyboy \m/

    Does anyone know wot he says at the very end??? Can't make it out

    Vile Graves

    Dannyboy \m/ sounds like "confusion begins"

    Dannyboy \m/

    Chase Pearson yes bro that's it. Nice one. Big up \m/

  29. Andre Masghati

    This album is fucking killer. This song is so damn heavy. This album is up there with deadringer

  30. Chancelor Collins

    Partly his brothers fault too for running the red light

    eric English

    Chancelor the drunk driver ran the light dip shit

  31. Hardcore Dad

    Shredding gnar

  32. Jesse Peento

    the tone on their ep made them perfect gotta keep that

  33. Derk Ender

    wicked shit

  34. Gnomecannibal

    Only 8 years. Mother fucker deserves life.

  35. Lucan Wells

    Before you voice your peasant opinion on the vocals; They are PERFECT. Now MOSH

    Clark Cantrell

    Matt has some of the nastiest vocals Ive heard. They are crazy live

    Amri Amri

    lets make circle pit

  36. Eric Gonzalez

    Sick as voice fuck these dudes.

  37. Ethan Boyce

    This song is fucking Texas bar fight

    Synth Runner


    H D

    Round 1 fight

    Charles Nicklestein

    "Texan Bar Fight" Now why isn't this the name of a Metal Band already? Maybe Southern/Country Metal.

  38. Dylan Barnes

    Now I hate this mother fucker, Thomas Thorn, too. Fuck that guy.

    Adam Tracy

    Did they talk about this in Still Here off their last album too? “Drunk driver killed my brother Shawn” or something like that?


    yes, its says "My brother shawn a drunk driver killed"

  39. Ben Kerley

    Vocals could probably use some work

    Larry DaLobsta

    Ben Kerley go listen to smoke and mirrors and tell me this shit isn't 10X better. This shit sounds good as fuck, there is no need to be better, this is Matt


    Go see em live and then try to tell me they need work. Matts vocals are so emotional

    Marcus DeBusk

    Larry DaLobsta this is kublai khan. Fuck him


    Vocals are top notch. Get fucked Ben

  40. Hatebreed55

    Great new album...heavy AF!!

  41. Kosta Zarikos

    The vocal effects r off

  42. John Patrick

    these lyrics are bone chilling. god damn

  43. Dirty Eddy

    I feel.

    The Kim In The North

    hey adolf... dictatorship is so fucking cool right?

    James D

    +The Kim In The North Lol THATS your main problem with Hitler..??

  44. Didier Maldini


  45. Lina Osorio

    I love this.