K.T. Oslin - Tear Time Lyrics

Tear time starts without warning
Sometimes night sometimes morning
All it takes is the smallest thought of you
And then tear time starts crying all night through

Tear, it's that time again
Tear time, crying time again
Starts, all the hurt begins
Without warning

Some days my eyes stay dry
Sometimes I forget but why
Why it brings new tears to cry until morning

All it takes is the smallest thought of you
Then tear time
Starts crying all night through

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K.T. Oslin Tear Time Comments
  1. TM Rezzek

    Good cover. But Wilma Burgess' original version is more low-key and heartbreaking and gives you a sense of that awful 3:00 AM loneliness.

  2. Hello, Everybody: Kate Smith!

    I love this song! This has a 1940s feel.

  3. Music101ization

    I like Dave and Sugars version best.

  4. wilburscott

    @Michinil I used to think she was kinda cute when I was younger!

  5. TheGarretdeas

    This is a very sultry version of the song that seems tailor-made for KT's voice and personality.

  6. Michele Barton Thomas

    yea, K.T. has a great voice!

  7. GettnBooted

    oh why not wilburscott? too cheesey for ya? lol i liked em but admit they were also mighty cheesy!! lol...thanks for all your uploads it' a lot of work but you make me happy!! GB!:):)

  8. wilburscott

    @shuffle877 Thanks! I was drawing major blanks as to who recorded it first. I know Dave & Sugar did it back in the late 70's...never really got into their music hehe

  9. shuffle877

    Nice cover version of this one. Wilma Burgess had the original version on Decca in about 1966 or so.