K.T. Oslin - Still On My Mind Lyrics

My lips on the bottle
My hands on the phone
Well, I'm callin' everybody
Nobody's home
I found your number
I wonder if it's the same
Hello, long distance
Won't you get me to that man again

'Cause you're still on my mind
Still on my mind
Oh, I'm still missin' pieces
From this broken heart of mine
Now don't get me wrong here
I don't do this kind of thing every day
I was just doin' a little drinkin'
Doin' a little thinkin'
And it brought you to my mind again
I was feelin' lonesome
Feelin' my wine
Now I feel like I need to talk to someone
From those good ole times

Still on my mind
Still on my mind
I'm still missin' pieces
From this broken heart of mine
This broken heart of mine
This broken heart of mine

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K.T. Oslin Still On My Mind Comments
  1. C Freeman

    Today's female country artist need to sit and watch this beautiful icon juss one ttime.....and take notes on what they seen and heard.......when I hear KT OSLIN sing she makes me feel and believe every word. The absolute best ....and she isn't even trying to sing she just SINGS

  2. Georgianne Taylor

    You are still on my my mind

  3. Jim Stevens

    What a voice. I would like to have been the one.

  4. 64Typhoon Fever

    What a perfect recording this is. Her voice, the backup harmonies, and the clarity of all the instruments, melding together to tell a sweet story. I miss her.

  5. Donna Nitura

    Who noticed still was misspelled on title. She definitely one of the greatest singers of all time.

  6. Calvin Mercer

    Still listening to KT in 2019.

  7. Calvin Mercer

    I never get tired of listening to her.

  8. Audrey Barrett

    Still love her 2019 💝

  9. Gina Bellot

    I love this Lady .she wasnt around long enough . she is right there with Reba in my book . truly miss her

  10. Pristine Properties

    Her voice is just otherworldly to me.

  11. Joyce Joyea

    Still listen listening to her music ♥️!

  12. kathryn causey

    love this woman,have for years,and ilove her music.Smartest,multi-talented,witty,funniest person god ever made.Love you...KT

    Jon D

    She's also a great song writer and composer she is a malty TALENT. HAS A GREAT VOICE AND JUST LOVES THE BLUES. JUST A GORGEOUS WOMEN!!!!!GRANDPAWWW LOL

  13. antonio lasley

    a classy, sassy, and brassy lady with lots of talent love k.t. i would love to hang out with her

  14. msreeves1144

    this is good as it get's just love KT

  15. Francis Tomjr

    Love this song, first time I heard it. Felt I connected to it..CILLA

  16. christine zawislak

    Always will be one of my favourite singers!

  17. shsdoyle3

    This song is so true.... how many times have we had a wine or 7 and felt the urge to call someone we once loved.... I love this woman.

  18. Debra Soileau

    I had my baby boy in the 80 when the 80 lady come out

  19. Debra Soileau

    love you KC big fan

  20. Sebastiao Peres

    Canta muito , parabéns .

  21. Selesia Byrd

    What a voice. I had this cassette and played it every day on the way to and from school.

  22. Sandra Harrison

    Awesomeness at it's best!!  Love her.

  23. Jane Doe


  24. Lucky Charm Studio

    I love K.T. Oslin.

  25. Arkansas Red

    Pure white soul.

  26. Van Hoyle

    Not only is she beautiful, I could listen to her sing all night long.

  27. Mavis Kingbird

    Dynamic voice. Love her style...I can listen to her music all night long..over and over...

  28. mike olden

    love her voice

  29. marianne moraales

    She has the best Voice ever ~ this song is a reflection of my life ~ awsome!

  30. strawman8

    Great talent and thanks for postin.

  31. bradford71us

    Fabulous song and lovely video.

  32. digger89784

    One more beautiful lady, such a crystal clear voice in all her songs Ilove her and her music

  33. MsShadowgirl123

    this is so me im sorry but what am i to do when you work all your life to only get nothing when you come home to nothing and you ask spend time with me and only this you get is "im sorry im sleepy" when he dose't work, or do anything.....

  34. Lee Johnson

    Wonderful! It is so good to hear something different from her. Fantastic voice, awesome talent--what feeling.

  35. dave lewis

    this is great

  36. Belle Buchanan

    This Lady is absolutly awesome. I love her music, have from day 1. Im so glad I can come here and listen to her thanks, Belle.

  37. Joe Hunt

    Thanks for posting! One of my special favorites of K.T.'s songs. Is there anyone out there who has K.T. singing "River in the Rain" from a TV special honoring Roger Miller? She was wonderful and I wish she had recorded it on CD. K.T. Oslin is a wonderful performer, one of the true legends.

  38. GreenJenny87

    I love this album, thank you very much for posting, could you please post the rest of the album, Pretty Please.