KSI - Uncontrollable Lyrics

Yeah, yeah
Mmm, yeah

Lit it up, I'm the one that's feeling on fire (it's lit)
Live it up, looking at my G, we go higher
I earned the whole shit, hope you're hearing that
Come at man and I'll make a man go
Flowing my riches, making wishes
For all these bitches, yeah
Haters so vicious, making riches
In all these cities, yeah
Hate going shopping, people popping
For all these pictures, yeah
Say that I'm flopping, still you copping
So why you knocking at my door?
I don't care about what you wanna do, I just ignore
You can't keep on charging like a bull, I'm at the door
I'ma dress up how I fucking like, it's my decor
I'ma fuck up how I fucking like (wait)
Nigga I'm independent, no-one talking that condescending
Say that my time is ending, still I kill it and go and send it
I'm in control, doing shit you don't know
I'm ascending, living, winning, moving like I'm J Cole (and)

I can do what I want, I can do what I want (mmm)
I can do what I want and no-one, no-one here stopping me (na)
No-one, no-one here stopping me (na)

Gotta let them know I'm uncontrollable
I'm ruling when they roll with me
I done let them know I'm uncontrollable
Being who I wanna be (yeah, yeah)
No way, no way, no way, no way, no way, you're controlling me
No way, no way, no way, no way, no way, you're not owning me
I don't wanna know, I'm here with the dough
Counting all the blessings and I live it all fo' sho'

[Big Zuu:]
Yo, see I'm something that you can't control
They don't want to see me mad, that they can't control
I make moves and tell my accountant roll
I ain't part of the system, I can't enrol
Said I'm due to blow, like when the blast implodes
From the inside out, man I keep it real
I can tell that they're fake, but I can't expose
And I've got that drive, I don't need the gas
Man I'm something like the cars that charge on road
I'm in hearts, I'm in master mode
Hustler by nature, can't you hear my grafter tone?
Won't stop 'til the shard's my home
It's the b-i-g, man are bigger than a barge
Man talk bad and they're getting on my nerves
They used to say reason with the work
Man I done [?] before I'm getting from my verse
I bet they're all regretting all their words
Try war man, I'll send him in a herse
From a ends where bruddas bust weapons and they skr
Said I see it as a blessing and a curse
It made me diverse when I've been through worse
But now they can't fuck with the plans
Man are happy where I am now I'm finishing first
Yeah, and I'm making moves
I don't care for hating zuu
I'll start hotting up kids like real quick start blazing youtes
You'll see bare gun fingers but there won't be no raving crew
Man have been one of the best, I can't lie, it's the blatant truth
And I can show them evidence
It's black and white like the change of presidents
Man are big 'ere like the side of elephants
You're talking bare with your big mouth
You sound like a bird you pelican
I don't really care about relevance
Like if they don't know then I'm telling them
I'll put their favourite emcee in the grave and bury them
Guess what I've got accumulating
Send shots to any crew that's hating
Flex gods, MTP formation
Walk in the rave, we don't need no creditation
I don't really care about the pagans
I can see the devils in their words
It's a man who they're demonstrating
Oh you didn't catch that bar?
Well guess what, that's 'cause I'm steps ahead
I don't play with dough but still I stretch the bread
Like, tryna get the full package
Like the back's nice but the breasts are dead
Couple park guys but the rest are dreds
That I take your girl, that's once she left your bed
And now you're vexed and stressed
Man are breaking hearts so protect your chest, like

I can do what I want, I can do what I want (mmm)
I can do what I want and no-one, no-one here stopping me
No-one, no-one here stopping me

Gotta let them know I'm uncontrollable
I'm ruling when they roll with me
I done let them know I'm uncontrollable
Being who I wanna be (yeah, yeah)
No way, no way, no way, no way, no way, you're controlling me
No way, no way, no way, no way, no way, you're not owning me
I don't wanna know, I'm here with the dough
Counting all the blessings and I live it all fo' sho'

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