Rucka Rucka (Who?)
Please go drown and shut up
Every Google image looking like you taking dick up
I've sold more than all your albums, all with just an EP
How's it feel to know a Tuber's killing you? I'm OP

Racist pagan with shit music, why'd you even sell it?
No-one wants to hear a deformed Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Nigga please you're irrelevant
I'm the one to make you relevant
Arrogant asshole got me hoping you get fucked by an elephant

I'm done here trying to fake this peace
Too much noise when I take my keys
Lamborghini for the furniture
Your shitty vids are so amateur
Dog-eat-dog and a Michael Vikk
Break your face with a falcon kick
I'ma savage, yeah you know that now
Tiny man taking L's right now

Suck your mum you stupid racist boring piece of shit
Take these L's and shove it up where you release the shitty words you spit
Black man ending it, your career, I'ma make you go vegan
Nah we ain't even
Rucka Rucka alleyoop

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  1. Star wars fan

    KSI is in coronananana

  2. Eric Scrofano

    This guys a pussy

  3. 122 122

    The only reason i watched this video is because Rucka was in it. Not for any of your content ksi. Rucka makes you relevant.

  4. theawesomeguy

    Rucka and ksi need to do more work together... xD Would be hilarious

  5. Jay Bro

    hold on, you said you are a savage, does that mean you are a maverick?? we lost him to logan

  6. CeeLo Aust Plays

    LoL 😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣

  7. SIXXER 77

    Youd best back off Rucka the god will smite thee

  8. Jacob Ramirez

    RuckaRucka is stupid and rude

  9. RandyPKsNubs

    "One black man to another" KSI actually took it seriously and put skin tones up, bro he is trolling you...

  10. Anthony Hanson

    Ur content sucks I rather watch jake Paul and I hate jake Paul

  11. Anthony Hanson

    Ksi ur just like all London ppl

  12. Anthony Hanson

    @KSI ur a stupid nigga from London I dumb bitch

  13. TheReal FoxxyFox


  14. William Dumont

    God damn bro don't be a pussy it's just a joke

  15. Sardistic

    Shut the fuck up.

  16. NotSoPro Guy

    Well i hate racists but i like racist jokes.

  17. Kamen Rider

    ksi your the gayest guy

  18. Tim Eoin Kröll

    Isn't Rucka Rucka Ali a jew? (I mean for real) How can he be racist

  19. SpriteMoon1

    rucka rucka ali

  20. James Gryffindor

    Where is the difference in him saying nibba and you calling him motherfu**er?

  21. Jeremy Day

    Im late.. but ksi ant shit to ruckus lyrics

  22. Estevan Martinez

    Rucka Rucka is better than ksi

  23. Nick Kozulin

    Just because you have content doesn’t make it good content

  24. the noobie gamer

    Rucka is trolling you so bad and imma die of laughter

    Also you suck at rapping, like wow

  25. rose Capone

    Fuck Rucka Rucka

  26. Needs More Protein

    It’s kinda funny how hard KSI tries to be funny.

  27. Waldo Pelser

    Ali I said it. This beef is the funniest online ever!

  28. Blank0The0New

    why this black dude so salty ?

  29. Gamingwith Dave

    Dumbest video ive ever watched.

  30. scott shepard

    get over it chicken chaser

  31. Emanuel rodriguez

    You should fight him in a boxing match. Knock his ass out

  32. Pete Lehner

    Rucka is funny. Been listening for a few years.

  33. Tyler Lucas

    Ksi I love you're videos but I'm sorry but rucka rucka is a god troller compared to you

  34. AmKam Omega

    KSI just got whooooshed before whoooosh existed.

  35. JK47 J


  36. Nick .W

    Did KSI's dad not teach him what a joke is?

  37. owenardouin_

    let’s watch one of your videos!

    *pulls up deji’s video*

  38. BehindYour House

    Your a different kinda black though

  39. BehindYour House

    Love Ruka

  40. Big Fat Spud

    Best DISS TRACK Ever

  41. thechemmakingcourier

    rucka is better than ksi

  42. Ghozt and Associates

    He makes fun of everybody not just blacks. So chill.

  43. Richmanzz

    He is just mad because rucka rucka Ali has made better music than ksi when he only makes music vids just to say he’s rich so ksi u should live all of your money to the hungry kids in Africa so yeah

    Balton Plays Minecraft

    please go drown and shut up

  44. Jack McGivern

    Next fight coming up?

  45. Grindcore Rager 67

    1:49 "So cringe."

    Me: Not quite as cringe as putting a football on the thumbnail of a rugby video (KSI did this).

  46. IMspookyLOL

    Is no one gonna point out rucka is taking a bath?

  47. Anime Related

    Conten conten CONTEN

  48. Victor Hamilton

    Wow there’s a first.. a black guy who can’t rap

  49. MisdaFire INFEXUS

    Maybe u should shut up

  50. OnePlusAim

    Some of those videos are 2 years apart

  51. Gill Sab

    KSI diss was just ok lets be honest

  52. Squlm

    Imagine telling this Ksi right here he would be in a professional boxing match

  53. OnePlusAim


  54. OnePlusAim

    Wrekt by Rucka XD

  55. Morlack

    Rucka killed him

  56. the big cheese I like juicy toes

    He has some noice calf's tho not gonna lie

  57. David Taylor

    Ruka ruka lol ksi does one verse and says he beat him weres the bar ksi. Clown boy

  58. John Fritz

    Rucka Rucka Ali is hilarious but also racist as fuck.

  59. Allen Boettcher

    Damn. He trolled you so hard you made a video about him.

  60. Henri Khasky

    Stop messing with Rucka, at least he has more dignity than you

  61. Just anostrich

    Man KSI Eminem dissed u too man.

  62. LJeffy

    All the mad people in the comments 3 years later😂😂

  63. u mom lol

    u racist

  64. naynay sploogle

    Dude i've been into Rucka Rucka Ali since I was like 14. back in 2008 or 9 Crazy how comedy and even music suddenly has a problem and bone to pick with everyone. When I was a kid most ppl grew the fck up and didn't let others bother them

  65. Un Real

    Oh! The title isn’t referring to replies that are racist, it’s referring to a racist who replied. Rucka isn’t actually racist though.

  66. Carolina to the Caribbean

    I guess he failed to see that Rucka satirizes the shit outta EVERYONE

  67. FaZe GAY

    Rucka is great

  68. ImNotWorriedBro

    I love you rucka. Fuck Ksi

  69. Zhang Chi

    Impotent Rage


    Rucka my nucka

  71. Savagesolider101

    Rucka is god

  72. Mohammed rifaii

    Dude both of you are a waste of oxygen😂

  73. Adam Padilla

    Fuck all you stupid ass comments defending racist-ass rucka

  74. Musa Khurram

    He made ksi the monster and disstrack

  75. Gyrenaica 135


  76. 1manuscriptman

    Someone stole Rucka's chest.

  77. Piano Fry

    Bro calm down I'm Hispanic he makes fun of everyone and everything don't get your nuts in a bunch.

  78. youngswager 1245

    Fuck KSU how dare he come after are meme lord and yes we all said aaaaaaallllllllllliiiiiiiiiiiii no but for real nigga you got more Ruka support on this video than your own fans

  79. King Labinnac

    I hope KSI didnt actually take Rucka serious... lol

  80. Michael Bacan

    Ya KSI you basicly copy people he got right

  81. henlo

    The bathtub of Rucks Rucks reminded me of something he tried to do in 2006 why did he fail?

  82. Brad Petrick

    I'm a ruckas nucka but ksi's song was good.

  83. Dillan Mistry

    Recommend 2020?

  84. Plank Hill

    KSI is painfully unfunny, which makes sense because he never got the joke.

  85. Pedro Pereira

    Tbh to this day this was KSI's best rap ever


    And it was still trash

  86. LeafyisHere

    Rucka Rucka ali is a massive troll grow the fuck up

  87. griff perkins

    Is this bitch still a thing? Really ksi your a fucking hypocrite, and worse than that your so drunk off the smell of minor success. Try creating something, anything for example I create mods for to use on games like fallout 4 and team fortress 2. Signed an angry twink.

  88. KUAROO

    I think Rucka is a Logan Paul fan.

  89. pope jon paul 11

    When ksi was born god said awh shit i burnt another one

  90. christopher holbert

    KSI be mad takin this crap for real it’s satire dude

  91. Adan231

    3:49 where the beast was born


    Adan231 3:48*

  92. Bobo Djaló

    This man is real racist

  93. Cavin Lee

    I love how he put both of his shitty songs

  94. redsniffer

    When ksi Doesnt get it

  95. yeah man

    JJ couldn’t rap.

    El Perro

    yeah man you neither kid

    yeah man

    Fulz Jäger For fucks sake, he couldn’t rap, he’s not that bad now, you’re so salty hahahaha