KSI - Pull Up Lyrics

Drip and sip
Drip and sip
Block, block, block

Pull up, pull up in the gold, I'm bleadin'
Why them other man need feedin'
I don't wanna go Bombe
Dem man don't know what I do when I go from Bealing
Leadin' the pack in black and I'm on with the bat
Snapping with the phone and dat
Bust up on man with a duster
Put 'em on the drip and sip blockbuster

Win, win, win, that's the only M.O.
Ring ring ring, I reply with N-O
Call me Leno, had it hot, ha
Switch up the ting as I hit bellow
Switch up the ting as I drink mellow
Switch up the ting in my black and yellow, so fresh, clean
Saw the ting and she popped like hello
Drink from the bottle, I'm making a puddle
Call up the server to clean up the bubbles
She want a slip of the glorious
Like I'm the warrior
She want a taste of the double
Holy moly, that's a holy rollie
Drippin', drippin'
Icy skippin'
Showin', dippin'
Like 'em curvy
Fucking early
Curb the callin'
Why's she falling? So annoying
(Oh my God)

Keep up the feeling of not feeling cold
Switch up on man if he now wanna flinch
Pussyhole, you're tryna save life with a clinch
Fishing the net, I'm OP with the bait
118, 118, no debate
Letting them know I can never be late
CEO, bitch

Pull up, pull up in the gold, I'm bleadin'
Why them other man need feedin'
I don't wanna go Bombe
Dem man don't know what I do when I go from Bealing
Leadin' the pack in black and I'm on with a bat
Snapping with the phone and dat
Bust up on man with a duster
Put 'em on the drip and sip blockbuster

Trust, pull up, pull up, silent, can't pree me
I'm a Nike man, ACG me
I'm alright, fam, don't want freebies
SJW's can't PC me
Lyrics trouble you? Yeah man, me three
That's why man I write bars fam, easy
Don't like what I say? SMD please
Didn't do nothing last time, man, CA

Pull up, pull up outside and meet me
About drugs, what? Boots or GP?
About plug, what? AC/DC?
About tug, what? Ropes in PE?
About slugs, what? Garden, green leaf?
Chat 'bout guns, you wish fam, genie
Piss yourself every time man see me
Soon as I say "Bonjour", fam, "oui oui"

Pull up, pull up them stats and see please
On road, online and TV
Durag, cane row or big greasy
Afro like Risky Roadz DVD
You're a Game Boy Color, I'm PC
You can take part but you can't compete, see
'Cause man's foundation, you can't beat me
Better luck next time GG

Pull up, pull up, vinyl or CD
Either one, fam, bust that wheelie
At your door like SKY or BT
Shake man up, get grimy and greezy
Road runner, dun told man, meep meep
RT1 not a dino GT
One wheel up to the sky like ET
Jake 100 stylie, you see me

Pull up, pull up in the gold, I'm bleadin'
Why them other man need feedin'
I don't wanna go Bombe
Dem man don't know what I do when I go from Bealing
Leadin' the pack in black and I'm on with the bat
Snapping with the phone and dat
Bust up on man with a duster
Put 'em on the drip and sip blockbuster

Crown for the teeth
Royalty when I'm speakin' the beef
I'm a G when it comes to the guap
I get M's when I play
I get M's when I stop
I get blem when I trade the devil for that lettuce
Watch me grow like I'm Madison Pettis
Styrofoam my ten piece
Then I get the bag I popped from last week
I gun lean on that runway
2-18 on that one way
Feeling like Hamilton, F1
The key on the board when they're needing me
They never play me before, now they feeling me
Diamonds, I know she adore when I'm dealing them
I'm rolling heavy
Don't try to press
Make you ugly like Betty

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KSI Pull Up Comments
  1. patuZ boyZ


  2. IAmMagma

    This song hits so hard

  3. Green Plastic Watering Can

    JME why did you do this? :(

  4. Lambo

    who made this legendary beat !!??

  5. Jamie Hutchison

    JME'S flow tho

  6. gxbe_ yt

    Most underrated ksi song

  7. Dang It

    The fact that Jj couldn't lift his hands up got me pissed off😂

  8. Zeno Dragon

    Pull up in the gor down billy

  9. Ivor Sarvas

    Fireeee 🔥

  10. just_badra

    JME killed it hard, he made it look like his song

  11. SimpleShebang

    shut up

  12. WasWeißIch

    Who's here after this song got released

    David Rodríguez

    WasWeißIch obviously

  13. Centerlink -_-

    Anyone remember how shit creature was

  14. Spicy Bullet

    This song is lit!!!

  15. mgds

    Petition to make it his walk out song in the vs Jake Paul fight!
    Spam it on his reddit until he responds

  16. Joshua Jackiewicz

    Straight up fire

  17. Round Earther

    This is trash

  18. PK Shaz

    JME rapped every English word, and even 3 french words wtf

  19. Zain Ahmed

    It’s the end for Logan

  20. Jawad Anani

    this is the best video innit

  21. Ali Imran

    JME ruins the song

  22. Josh90b LiquidSky Community

    Jake Paul 2020 - Better luck next time GG

  23. Rae The Flying Squirrel

    This is my favourite ksi song still

  24. UTFT

    Someone go meet him


    *Can we just appreciate how good KONSTANTIN is, the cinematography is brilliant*

  26. Tejalkera_Msp love


  27. Wasim Garrebill

    Oooooohh my gooohhddd

  28. Zk Gaming

    JMEs part sounds like he’s singing his abcs 😂

  29. THE PlayStation GAMER

    Best song Kai got

  30. dascaff Guy

    really good song but why is dax in the last scene in a newspaper???

  31. Famm Fear

    Smashed it with this tune

  32. Liberty Prime

    I feel bad for the person who put all of those newspapers on the wall only to realise he has to take all of it off

  33. LearnToRage

    Everyone who thinks ksi is famouse he got the w ofc he is!😙

  34. GrimIsFat

    Ksi be using the galvaknuckles on people


    Petition for Ksi to @ jme

  36. Jonathan Perkins

    "Piss yourself every time man see me when i say bonjour fam oui oui"


  37. Marley Swarbz

    *watches Peaky Blinders once* KSI:

  38. DarcyIsLame



  39. UzaiR Master

    “Pull up pull up I’m a goated freezer”

  40. OfficialTrIpLeJ.GGroveGang

    I've listened to JME for years and he has got sick flow man is serious about this

  41. DH Koka

    Keep up-like
    Pull up-comment

  42. Sync lo0by

    I swear if ksi dies young like most rappers if he’s murdered my someone I will be pissed as he is one of the last legends that I like .

    Olajide Olatunji

    Ethan Macdonald he won’t since he’s mainly a YouTuber.

    Sync lo0by

    He’s still a rapper though he does a lot of music videos and rap when tho yes he does do a lot of YT vids

  43. hh hhh


  44. Funtcase Badonde

    Ksi should do more with JME!

  45. Nathanr016

    This is one of the best songs ever

  46. nope nope

    It's wake up call

  47. Fun with Fearne

    I think KSI and stormzy should do a song

  48. Amir Hamssa

    Can we all just stop asking for likes it's annoying

    Like to agree


    It aint gonna work fam

  49. Yousuf 132_

    This music video just makes the song better

  50. Dr. Spiff

    black thanos?

  51. TheAShabzgamingswagHD1250


  52. Aierek

    One of his most underrated works

  53. Jad Kleb

    Nobody like this I wanna keep it 369 k likes plz

  54. CalJP

    Who's here after tobi and manny made JJ look bad 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️


    it wasnt thaaat good stop hyping him


    @Themoonman better than all of jjs stuff bar maybe pull up


    @CalJP not really in my opinion


    @Themoonman fair enough, each to their own init

  55. فنجال بن دله . قبل 9 سنوات

    ابو عابد؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟

  56. Antonio hall

    Pull up

  57. dogdoctor7 77/ lewis

    I prefer this to wake up call

  58. Deadpool 238

    We all know harry has the best disstracts

  59. Domingo Jones

    Watched this on acid. Couldn’t take it

  60. jayden thackway


  61. Brian Mcgrotty

    Make another song with jme

  62. Stonixx_YT

    Petition to make this KSI walk out song vs mr.leaked sparring footage (Jake Paul)

  63. Maxi Millainmus

    Reload it R E L O A D I T !!!

  64. Astronomical

    “SJW’s can’t PC me ” I fuckin love it

  65. Koumori

    Bring back goals of the week

  66. Sebastian Breytenbach

    Such a great song and music video

  67. Tony Ofori

    Damn fireeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  68. Raphael Knoops

    This song for the walk out vs jake paul

  69. Jack Robbo

    2020 gang business

  70. Fahzeg

    Music video is underrated

  71. Kleogaming TV

    is it just me,or did i have some indian accent in this song

  72. Craig Tyler

    Who is here because they're disappointed with Wake up call ??

  73. Kai Hill

    KSI is the best at making music videos 👍

  74. SpaZ _90.3456781

    KSI is now gunna be the best rapper of the millennium

  75. Amina Gaznfar

    Way don t you can make a new song about that stupide jack Paul hay I AM talking to you KSI

  76. Ice205X

    whos here after KSI beat jake?


    This video is kind of mad.

  78. Stephen Duggan

    JJ being a mobster actually looks pretty awesome NGL

  79. C4Z Carlos

    Remember this comment after KSI beats Jake pool

  80. Dawud Khan

    peaky blinders shit

    Zaki Hydar

    that's shite compared to this

  81. Mia Cabildo

    Who’s here after wake up call?

  82. FB_ EXJ

    I personally love this song

  83. Da Caped Crusader

    This is gotta be ksi's best song

  84. Itzhamishh

    Putting that grass in my ass

  85. Spider Man

    Pull up pull up in the gold I’m leading,
    KSI’s hairline’s receding


    2nd time I’ve seen this. Wilddd

  86. Cargo

    Dude JME’s part sounds like a part of a FIFA soundtrack

  87. Khalid Karram

    KSI will destroy jake Paul ❄️💯

  88. Chilena 300

    Ksi should walk out to this song against Jake paul

  89. loner maniac

    RIP gib

  90. MR Y

    Still fire from your neighbors

  91. MM11 Gamer

    Maaaaaaaad song

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    Definitely his best tune