KSI - Noob Lyrics

The days have been so hard for me
Raindrops been falling on my face
Raindrops been falling on my face
Sometimes I feel like I'm in need of you
The nights have been so dark for me
Raindrops been falling on my face
Raindrops been falling on my face
Sometimes I feel like we have something true

It's that stupid boy you love and hate
Always had our issues but then after we would fornicate
But then you'd cry cause I had to go and leave again
Always buzzing cause you never wanna lose a friend
I know how much harder this whole thing was for you
Anger frustration from you, wanting to go back
To the place where all the dreams would come true
And you never cared for the money or the fame
And I did everything for you, you were my portrait on frame
But now it's all changed, all changed
Now we're on our separate lanes, separate lanes
Getting so emotional, when I start to think about it
I don't wanna think about it cause I wanna be the tough guy
That don't care about that stuff, but I can't
Tell you that I never really loved you but I can't, no I can't
No I can't, say that stuff about you man this is so hard
But you know I gotta focus on the things I gotta do

The days have been so hard for me
Raindrops been falling on my face
Raindrops been falling on my face
Sometimes I feel like I'm in need of you
The nights have been so dark for me
Raindrops been falling on my face
Raindrops been falling on my face
Sometimes I feel like we have something true

Well I hope you know I'm sorry, sorry for the stress
Sorry for the pain, sorry for all of the lies
I slowly turned you insane, no more hiding
No more characters, telling you exactly how I feel
No more barriers, you broke down my barriers
I broke down while writing this
Ain't it funny how it came to be like this
Guess I was a noob, cause I wasn't ready
You were just too perfect and it really scared me
Scared of that commitment
Back when all your friends would hate me
But I didn't care, no one understands
I was always there, but you was, but you was
Yeah I was, now I'm not
From how far we could've gone, now we'll never know
And I know I could just say lets try again
Start over, start again, go back to being friends
Build up that love again, but we know that never works
We tried it, never worked, we're just so different now
It's all so different now

The days have been so hard for me
Raindrops been falling on my face
Raindrops been falling on my face
Sometimes I feel like I'm in need of you
The nights have been so dark for me
Raindrops been falling on my face
Raindrops been falling on my face
Sometimes I feel like we have something true

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KSI Noob Comments
  1. alfie

    Tbh I just love hearing the raindrops been falling down my face

  2. Blitzz_FN

    We need reactions to this

  3. StealthJelly

    This is bare deep.

  4. s t

    i’m still bumpin this it’s about to be new years bruh

  5. Very hard Lad

    Didn’t know about this till disstracktions

  6. Shalini Tyagi

    Long time, still amazing

  7. Marcid


    youtube recommending this 12 months later

  8. Neelam Dhawan

    People still visiting this?

  9. alisha

    Harry’s a little shit tryna diss him with this it’s actually sad

  10. Cole

    ngl it's actually a banger, just wish the voice didn't sound so deep and edited lmao

  11. Vemund Enstad

    why haven't I heard this yet?

  12. db_theorise124

    Play it in 1.25x speed. It's far better

  13. Danken Donuts

    How have I not seen this until now

    Klevis World

    You weren't subbed to him before 2019?

    Danken Donuts

    @Klevis World ive been subbed to him since 2015


    is anybody still here ?

  15. Tobi

    Woah what is this?

  16. NotAshraaf

    damn this video got really less views

    Klevis World

    Because the video was privated , he only now made it public


    @Klevis World oh never new that

  17. Aiden Doull

    how only 100k

    Carl BB

    He didn't fully release it

  18. ManLikeWilding

    Why is this recommended

  19. Joel

    Nice one YouTube👍 Who else got this in their recommended a year later😂?

    Giorg18500 [GRANP]

    I just saw this on my recommended and I'm like "NO WAY how does this KSI video only have 170k views????"

  20. Sam Batchelor

    recommended December 2019 for some reason?

  21. TNM B34ST

    Damn so underrated

  22. R41NY

    the only good ksi music

  23. Burgerkjos TM

    Woah rude

  24. LFC Fan8

    Only 168k views wtf

  25. Wez

    This song actually bangs ngl

  26. Mullo

    Ksi was deleted this video now he is reuploaded this again lol

  27. Keith hicks

    Ive only just saw this?

  28. sgt. wolfy

    Me and my girlfriend.. well my ex girlfriend just broke up today and I relate to this so much like I’m literally sitting here in my room in tears cause all the memories of us are just flooding my mind. She was the best thing that ever happened to me and nothing will change the way I feel about her

    Keanu Pidgeon

    sgt. wolfy pussy

    sgt. wolfy

    Keanu Pidgeon how the fuck am I a pussy?. One can’t be a pussy just by expressing their feelings. You literally don’t know how it feels to loose someone that meant everything to you


    sgt. wolfy I’m sorry you’re going though this, believe me it does get better, took me 3 months of wallowing in my own self pity but came out and so can you

  29. Tank_m3_tanker

    What is this eh


    Pretty good yo


    I agree bro


    It's gonna be alright man
    It's gonna be alright

  30. Zennor

    Shit song

  31. Arcyiz

    Underrated Tune!

  32. Arilas Plays

    Roblox noob

  33. Shayaan Faruqui

    why does this have barely any views


    Shayaan Faruqui i think he made it public again recently


    It was unlisted for a while, I guess.

  34. Zohaib Khan

    Why is this getting reccommended to me now?

  35. Ore Draw

    This is so underrated💓

  36. Aaron

    This flopped

  37. 74DEADSMITH-141

    Who else is watching on the 12 December 2019

  38. qw8x

    Anyone here after the fight?

  39. sander kodasmaa

    why does this song have 160k views??

  40. Brandon M

    One year on and i'm still trying to find who sings the hook

  41. Deaken Little

    This is a banger JJ sad😭 love u JJ

  42. cool dj gaming and more

    This is wayyyy to underrated

  43. ShadrachThaProject TV

    This is actually good, it's coming from the heart, why would harry try and diss him with this ?

    Basic AF

    He's a fucking troll. He doesn't care lol.

  44. Gulam S

    Wow who’s here December 2019

  45. Sushi Trash

    I am one of jj's biggest fans like you all do. I enjoyed his videos and he is my inspiration. But not gonna lie, the moment this song was released, all I gotta say is jj hide this side of him well. He did laughs all the time on the sidemens video also on his own but I can tell jj hide his deeper side well. I love him and I feel him because Im on his stage at this point. I love you jj and congrats for the winning against Logan.

  46. iZig

    this shit hits hard every single time again, listening since when it came out.. its dark but sooo good. underrated.

  47. Bs Games

    This so underrated

  48. Son Froku

    One of the realest songs, we hear you JJ

  49. • Zulobey28 •

    The lyrics is so sad man i know jj has move on but i knew he will always remember their old memories with Seana . Well you always have to give all out before moving on .

  50. NotSoHarmful TV

    I got strong XXXtentacion vibes ⚂

  51. Gaming Squad


  52. it's oli random yt

    Who here after the fight👇

  53. Rahman Abdullayev

    Fuck those who would hate on this song. It is so underrated. JJ you good with a emotional song, though im pretty sure u don't like making this kind of songs. But u should know that this bangs.

    Kevin Lopez

    one of my favorite songs from jj. It's sad that not many people know about this song

  54. Sirzechs Quasar

    Wtf is this

  55. Joeisnumberone 29

    I feel like if this got more views and got massive they might have got back together cause she might not have seen this?

  56. Legend

    Plz sub if I see this

  57. Z0NIK _MnR

    Jide ur the most down to earth secretive person after hearing this. Now i feel the same pain u did afyer breaking up with seana

  58. Oliver Masih

    Who else thinks this song is sorta emotional

  59. Gloria Monk

    3,500th like on vid nice 👌. More ppl need to know about this song it’s actually good.

  60. lolpooman 098

    I feel bad for JJ

  61. Xordex GP

    If u see me lets not share this song cus its gonna remind jj of shauna pls guys dont show him this song again

  62. Super Erick

    This song is amazing. :)

  63. Sargent Goku

    when i first listened i thought it was a meme but a year in the future and i understand the lyrics and what it means it really hits me cause my friend whos a bit older than me is going through the same thing so i hope ksi has healed and stuff but damn the lyrics hit me

  64. Topstar

    💥 this is fireee

  65. Eric Mcloughlin

    I love this it’s my favorite song jj made. He needs to make more music like this, I do prefer it in his normal voice tho 🙌

  66. Qt y Ini

    I only heard this just today on a random playlist and I’m in love it deserves more views a lot more🥺🥺❤️❤️

  67. Qt y Ini

    I actuly love this

  68. SafeBroom

    Wow, JJ actually has a deeper side of himself, he hides this side of him well, good song,

    lisab theboss

    this is why hes always been my favorite since i found him back in 2014. After he left for music in 2016-2017 you can tell something was wrong and a lot of the music you can tell its about seana and how he wasnt a good bf or about his flaws but now hes learned and became even better than his past.

  69. xPsychoAngel666


  70. Mia condliffe

    Crying right now this hits hard if you listen to the lyrics and listen to the song without autotune it’s so deep and good man ❤️😢

  71. Justin Carballo

    This song is good but I think Medusa is better

  72. ANS

    Poor ksi

  73. Caleb Kassahun

    JJ could be the next Phora

  74. kieran_avilla

    does he play this at his shows?


    @K ok thnx mate

  75. Brizze Gaming

    so sad that this song went un noticed.

  76. Vxse ¿


  77. it's oli random yt

    What a song

  78. Andjela Petkovic

    Still one od favorite songs 😍

  79. Bankzitters maken het verschil.

    Why do I just find this now

  80. Deji is God

    this song hits me on so many different levels, i’ve listened to it so many times since it was released and it proves to the ksi haters that JJ actually has emotions and that he loved shauna so much, more people need to see it, best ksi song ever.

  81. Trippie Wrld

    I love this song like if u do

    Joshua Ermert

    James Ross ksi edits Keep forgetting ab this song


    oh goddamit yeah i love it


    Fuck. Off asking for likes

  82. YUNG Skii

    Yo this is pretty good gives off that tech 9ine vibe high key I love it

  83. 7axson

    Why this just have 133k views ?

  84. Sum Alse

    Why do people not like this

  85. Google Profile

    *R.I.P* shauna

    Adam H.

    Google Profile did she die

    Google Profile

    @Adam H. noo she up with him ksi

  86. HunterHCM

    I watch this when this had 30k

  87. JohnnY?!

    Brooo... It hits right in the feels

  88. Shortie and Gabe

    Why JJ is one of my favourites.

  89. lowforthewinbro

    We lit out here

  90. Aydin2oo

    The comment under me is not last

  91. Sensei Goku

    So nice but sad


    This is fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


    Make a video for this

  94. So apparently, you can change your name on Youtube

    This songs so nice... like the beaaatttt

  95. Ace Sam Warner

    Surprised logan didnt stoop low to use this against jj