KSI - Lamborghini Lyrics

Got rocks on my wrist, that shit you can't resist
Cash flow greater than the haters hating on my jizz
Riding in your face, looking like I found a damn genie
Riding in my Lamborghini

La-Lamborghini, La-Lamborghini
Bitch, I know you see me in my Lamborghini
La-Lamborghini, La-Lamborghini
Ride so quick, you would think I'm Houdini

Been in the game since Namco
Bring it back, I'm fully gassed, yo
Vroom, vroom, in my brand new Lambo
Juiced up, and I don't give a damn, yo
Going 120, and that's my slowest
On a one-way lane, like Lois
Who's that? Superman's bitch
Wanna see what happens when I touch the Superman switch?
Ride with more peers than Morgan
Drive past bloggers that are walking
I taunt them, Matt Lees, can you see me?
Riding in my Lamborghini

La-Lamborghini, La-Lamborghini
Bitch, I know you see me in my Lamborghini
La-Lamborghini, La-Lamborghini
Ride so quick, you would think I'm Houdini

[P Money:]
I be at home on the Xbox
Lord of the Mics in the background, slewing MCs with dreadlocks
Snap that party, told this girl "come round"
Chick's long-tempered but her head top
She goes hard till my head drops
It's all eyes when we connect
Doggystyle and a Playboy bunny from downstairs, upstairs
Sound like a pet shop
Guys wanna hype on man
Call KSI, come yours and I'll put you in a headlock
I've been around since CoD 4
Search and Destroy hardcore G3 with a red dot
Haters get treated like a ho
You can tell them suck my dick and get lost
Paparazzi wanna take pics when I'm out with my son
You can all get headshots
This flow's like Formula One
Cause I use the track like DRS
Quickly boosting the PRS
She's going ape when I beat her chest
Bro, it's mad
You can tell Rihanna come see me
Might have to speed dial in that genie
JJ, lend me the Lamborghini

La-Lamborghini, La-Lamborghini
Bitch, I know you see me in my Lamborghini
La-Lamborghini, La-Lamborghini
Ride so quick, you would think I'm Houdini

When my Lambo on the track, fall back
When I'm riding at speed, get that neck crack
Blazing on the engine, everybody looking back
Like I'm shooting, gratata, got them going, "fuck that"
Raise the fucking doors, I said make it look
Like a fucking eagle, like I'm starting wars
Dictating with my V12 deagle, speeds ain't even legal
Scaring people, we ain't equal
Danny Glover ain't got shit on my motherfucking lethal weapon
Armageddon sounding when the man arrives
When we hype I come alive, like a 5 Alive
On the drive 21 years, smashing up the scene
And I keep on winning, like I'm Mr Charlie Sheen

La-Lamborghini, La-Lamborghini
Bitch, I know you see me in my Lamborghini
La-Lamborghini, La-Lamborghini
Ride so quick, you would think I'm Houdini

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KSI Lamborghini Comments
  1. DGD Alt

    Kids, if you have any shame left, don't ask anyone if they saw this video after that boxing match. I've seen this music clip back when it actually dropped, back when i was invested in watching almost every Sidemen member on youtube (KSI, Miniminter, Bazinga, Vikstar123, etc... (even W2S)), back when i cared about FIFA, back when JJ and Deji were making funny videos in early 2010's. I still to this day unironically like this song.

    Having memories like these are worth more that yours with KSI vs Logan, to be honest. Get a real childhood.

  2. Blackfire BOSS

    Don't mess with ksi

  3. Blackfire BOSS

    This Song Like gang 💯💀 🔥🔥🔥

  4. Ar Official

    1:20 best rapping
    Me: Ahhhhhh! Bhuh stop

  5. Blackfire BOSS

    JJ Let's go 🔥 "/ yeah yeah

  6. Dylan Wilson

    Fuck this actually banged jj

  7. Kirby Explains the joke

    Only here because of Noahsnoah, I his content is good if you’re tolerant of fortnite and/or other games such as minecraft (fuck minecraft)


    Fortnite is cringe

  8. Gavin pye

    Everybody who is watching this came after the fight

  9. Christian Lucio

    0:23 🤣🤣🤣

  10. Don Dexter

    Ksi next chief keef

  11. Juan Donoban

    Ksi is a bich

  12. David Dizi

    P Money is sickkk


    Ksi you're in the rap game as much as the cheerleaders in waterboy

  14. Chronic Deanツ

    Who’s here after jj won and juice wrld died 😇

  15. Tater Tots

    Who else is here because of memeouls

  16. Samrat Das YT

    Who is here after watching mo vlogs Lamborghini

  17. Blank

    Watching KSI's most viewed video for nostalgia

  18. ThatØneLegend

    *Ahh... Back when Dax was nothing but a janitor.... The good ol' days..*

  19. Ethan godfrey


  20. Magic

    Well I wanna do that last thing but I just cba

  21. TheMadBoyChannel

    amazing KSI is the best

  22. XI_Fire_IXツ

    Who else is here from noahsnoah?

  23. Yãmåkö ćhãń

    me: Hey dad wanna get a lambo?
    Dad: yes.
    *Dad's mind be like **1:08*

  24. syedabdur raheem

    When jj filmed 🎞 this Dax was a janitor 🧹

  25. FootballPlayz


  26. Maxbotnick

    Death Grips be like

  27. LIL NIK

    2019? Like

  28. Kawak Legend

    Lalamborghini wearing a 1$ beanie

  29. قرد

    This nigga Drives a Lambo Wearing a 2$ Beanie

  30. Dj Water

    Fawk the pools

  31. Mystical_ Pxnda

    Who give him the crack

  32. Sniffie 56

    This song defined this decade

  33. Machine Gamer

    Meme song

  34. Arhowannah Dani

    Lamborghini song but im a proooo at game but im a gamer

  35. epic gamer

    People who disliked are dicks

  36. Toby Roberts

    ‘You incompetent fuck, learn to drive slow’

  37. Mom's Spaghetti

    KSI made a song about his car and how it goes very fast

  38. Someone liked your comment

    Christmas day

  39. Lord Fellaini

    The nostalgia hit me harder than my dad's belt

  40. Mohamad Rifa'i

    People who dislike this likes ferraris

  41. B Lewis

    Had to listen on 1.25x
    This cranks

  42. SamaraAngel1

    That car is a Lamborghini but they decorated it

  43. BigBonkers

    The songs better if you speed it up by 1.25x

  44. Shwan Awn

    "bitch you can see me," -ksi, "you can't see me," - John Cena. Hmmmmmmmmm.....

  45. ShamaLama DingDong

    Petition to make LA Lamborghini V2?


    He doesnt have it anymore

  46. jrc football

    How have I never heard this but know both of they're lyrics

  47. Jack Vaughan

    Watching on Xmas! Anyone else?

    XxBoss BlakexX

    Hell ya have a nice christmas btw

    Jack Vaughan

    @XxBoss BlakexX you too brother ❤

  48. Tomix

    Nice bentley😁


  49. Joz3 Mtps

    Inglês pagando de foda nos eua

  50. Mamir Hussain

    Sick song fam loving the car

  51. Lightning

    How to flex with ksi .....

  52. Alika Arkenova

    то чувство когда взял на прокат ламбу хахахах

  53. syedabdur raheem

    Who is listening to this after the boxing match ?

  54. 100,00 Subscribers With No Videos

    People who play this song in there cars should only play it if they have a lambo

  55. Smrkec Snif

    December 2019?

  56. ツHidTheBush


  57. staff acction

    UR SOUL CAN BE den bet u can't resist

  58. junior collins14

    Anyone there after the ksi fight??

  59. Hype man CAM

    😭Funniest song if he was serious I’m dead

  60. Fergon11 gaming

    who’s watching this in december 2019 or jan 2020

  61. Mesoderm


  62. Victor Diogo

    Aqui é Brasil caralho

  63. Xavier Gamer55

    Ksi sucks

  64. Artur

    Your better then Jake paul

    Athu Llll

    U mean He is better than Jake and Logan Paul

  65. Luis lopez

    He totally got a concussion

  66. Narayanan Vamanan nampootiri

    Lets give this amazing song at least 88million likes

  67. Russell Foord

    Omg jelly

  68. stephin plays

    You jelly it is lamborgani lik3 if you asist 😌

  69. I am a boss at minecraft


    Blaze Gaming

    It’s La not black

  70. Jose Rijal

    I'm watching this after pewds my new car Lol

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    Niggaaaa hen that needs bodyguards. CHIKEN!

  72. Atleta Lobão

    Quem veio pelo felipe neto????

  73. MineCraft172818

    Still coming back here once in a while, who else?

  74. Azaliah Weekes

    I had to turn down the volume on my headphones because I nearly went deaf.

  75. Pot of Sudocrem

    P Moneys flow tho 😯🔥🔥🔥

    Jesus bejar

    Sup wyd

  76. Rita Platt

    I just realized purple lambo is a complete rip off of this lol xD

  77. Cunt spanker 420 69

    Thats purple you fucking idiot

  78. awsome lit and cool

    i hate ksi

  79. Cunt spanker 420 69

    If you set the speed to 1:25x speed it actually resembles a song

  80. I am a boss at minecraft

    1:53 RAP i can't understand

  81. Mylo isaac

    2019 anyone

  82. lhm gaming

    The only good ksi song

  83. Shiju Xavier

    To all the people saying “who is here after ksi won” yes.... that’s how time works......


    Well fuck🤣

  84. djordje andjelkovic


  85. 100k subs with 1 egg


  86. Shiwei Hu

    Anyone still listens to this in 2019

  87. JAI HIND

    So rustic.

  88. Chili Boy

    Who’s 2020 and above?🤔🔪

  89. NOIZY 69

    I absolutely HATE the old KSI but the new KSI is amazing

  90. HellTab s

    Watch at 1.25 speed for better expreince

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    Anyone know what car that is?🤔

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    Labogini haha haha😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Şøůł Bøý

    He a ass

  94. Caolan Brown


  95. the algerian gamer boy

    Dax would never buy a lambo and make a tune just about it