KSI - Earthquake Lyrics

You know you fucked up, bro
You know you fucked up
You know?
Tommy Gun shit

How much wood can the woodchuck chuck
If the woodchuck looked like you? (bitch)
I'ma have fun, when the nigga here done
Yeah, the woodchuck would chuck none
Think you're a big man with a shrimp dick, man
I'ma click-click-clack
I'ma tell 'em how I see it
The only bitch that I'll bitch slap, turn you into riff raff
Nigga, I'ma kill 'em with the red blade
Gotta lift the fat when you get laid
You a waste of time like a blunt blade
Em and your mum need my upgrade
L for days, I'm switching plays
I fuck with FaZe, the no-scope then I hit and blaze
In the same room we both know you can't afford
You need my shit so take the shit
Your content shit, your Twitch is shit, your 'gram is shit
I find it hella funny needing Cal to help save your shit
You really are a pussy (shit)
Tell me, are you clean or a bushy?
Don't fuck with you or that dumb one Ohio nigga
I took aim and I pulled the trigger
In the end tell me, in the end who'll be bigger?
Yeah, yeah not you nigga, 'cause I'ma 8-figure all time pro
Not at the top so you really don't know
Keep playing PUB, only game I see you winning as my enemy
The 3rd degree, the guarantee, na you don't wanna battle me
'Cause I'ma leave you in the dirt like a sesame
Brother you are not ready, top heavy prick with the pot belly, Rob Kelley, woah

You think that the diss at your king is the wise thing to do while I'm feeding you?
I'ma keep calling you fat 'cause that's all of the shit that I see in you
All 6 side boys hating 'cause this nigga was the man in the whole group
Nigga in the room, writing words for the tomb, 'cause I come in with a 6 feet

Earthquake, earthquake
Yeah, see a nigga move then earthquake, earthquake
Yeah, see a nigga lose then earthquake, earthquake
Game over
You ain't ready for business, you on the run, fitness

Are you fat or you pregnant
Like a mix of a dyke and a feminist
Fat rolls on your stomach and your neck and wrists
Cross eyed Ron Weasley with the breasts and shit
Everyone in Sidemen is irrelevant
What views did you get before heaven sent
KSI to your life let's measure it
That's none and y'all been his bitch ever since
How you so fat but your bank is not?
And you're living in the house JJ done bought
I'ma wait til your weight is lost
Gotta live with your boobs like Megan from Drake and Josh
All the titles is aimed for me
Another diss track trend that was made for me
PewDiePie fell off, it's a shame to see
Yeah his views ain't the same, like he changed beliefs
Yeah, they always hate on me, I don't listen
I'm too busy getting laid, Hawaiian necklace
I don't want to talk about those Ohio bitches
Talk shit but they soft like Brian Griffin (ay)
Pullin' up to my house that's a no-no
Come again you gon' get the action like a GoPro
Jake, how you get dropped from your own show?
Try so hard to ride the wave like a rowboat
But you gon' float, that's your girl? Ugh!
Yeah you cuffed the wrong one like a dumb cop
Nick come out the closet, why you wear that same shit every day like Spongebob?

[KSI & RiceGum:]
All these niggas thinking they can speak
Still I'm making more than them a week
These pussies on contract, don't bother trying or replying with a comeback

You think that the diss at your king is the wise thing to do while I'm feeding you?
I'ma keep calling you fat 'cause that's all of the shit that I see in you
All 6 side boys hating 'cause this nigga was the man in the whole group
Nigga in the room, writing words for the tomb, 'cause I come in with a 6 feet

Earthquake, earthquake
Yeah, see a nigga move then earthquake, earthquake
Yeah, see a nigga lose then earthquake, earthquake
Game over
You ain't ready for business, you on the run, fitness

Yo, you thought I forgot about you little boy?
Yo, these niggas ain't ready. Yeah!

Little boy tryna get involved, come on then, come on then
Let's get involved, you prick
Posh boy, now wanna rap
Posh boy, now when I scrap
Posh boy, bout to get clapped
By the end of the verse, you're gonna wish you never did that
Wish you never hit back, just a little boy get a feeling when I get him with a click click click clack

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KSI Earthquake Comments
  1. UTFT

    Ricegum fell off its a shame to see, yeah his views ain’t the same like he changed beliefs

  2. Zømbie._ 13

    *_Plz ReDelete ! ! !_*

  3. TomShow GM

    Je took the woodchuck part of john cenas 😱😱😱😱😱 https://youtu.be/2MXW7ggRdQ8. Look at number 3 😱😱

  4. Maxi Millainmus

    rapper turned druggie

  5. Percs Lol

    This song made me wanna go on a diet😂😂

  6. blackburn rovers

    This is so crap 😂

  7. Hexy Kenny

    This song describes Nate Garner perfect

  8. Salma Akter

    Think ur a big man with a shrimp duck manI lmma click click click

  9. Salma Akter

    Imma have fun when this nigga here done.yeah the woodchuck woodchuck none

  10. Salma Akter

    How much can the wood can a wood chuck chuck if the woodchuck look like u

  11. Salma Akter

    Tommy gun shit

  12. Salma Akter

    U know u fumed up

  13. Dislike my Video

    “Pewdiepie fell off”

    Few years later
    Pewdiepie gets 100m
    Rice gum looses subs

    Erick -_-

    Copy&paste? Ok

  14. Jessamyn Inglis

    this is actually the worse version of earfquake by tyler the creator

  15. WiND

    did he allow you to put it if he wants it deleted he wants it so noone sees so why you post?

    Erick -_-

    He put it on private

  16. Charlie CC8

    the real reason he deleted the video is because his line got memed

  17. Soul Destroyer

    F Logan Paul

  18. Cropz _M4T30

    Still private
    R.I.P this sick song

  19. aayden simms

    "how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck look like to you" -ksi

  20. Hylix

    can someone edit out Rice’s shit verse

  21. Clouvdz

    hi gwuygs

  22. Kai Grant

    Y does he have a fidget spinner

  23. BARBARA the barbarian

    KSIs parts were actually good (not the text obviously) like it sounds badass , but Ricegum? That dude looked like 3rd grader next to KSI 😂

  24. max nitro

    I hate when Ksi put this on private

  25. FreddieO

    Wow JJ really don’t give a fuck. Still private 😂

  26. Critical

    I remember why he put this in private 😂

  27. Silver Kidd

    KSI Petty LMAO

  28. TheQuitto

    Why did he make it private

    Nix the Mutant

    rice gum in an interview said that logan would win basically ksi felt betrayed

  29. all tea all shade

    yo i didn’t even know he took it down wtf

  30. Emilio Santos

    "everyone in sidemen is irrelevant"
    yet W2S has 4M more subs than him

    Erick -_-

    That's one member 😂 but rice fell off so like yeah 😂

    Tom Savage

    @Erick -_- Wroteshaw fell off too tho. He barely even uploads anymore. They're both irrelevant now.

    Erick -_-

    @Tom Savage w2s isn't irrelevant though. Hes been uploading lately as for rice, he just stopped uploading

    Tom Savage

    @Erick -_- True but neither are as consistent or as popular as they used to be.

  31. Tom Savage

    0:30 Dude looks like Chris from Family Guy lol

  32. santoryuuzoro

    i came to check it's still privated

  33. Axi Archive

    In all honesty i'm not sure why this was deleted, this disstrack is golden

    Erick -_-

    It wasn't deleted

  34. Massin Ihs

    that was fireeeeee damn

  35. mindofgames

    Take it off bro he dosent want it on youtube so just delete it

  36. Spiner Elk9

    I only disliked this video because dumb Ricegum is here

  37. suga stole my wig .

    *why would he put this on private😧 This is actually fire 🔥🤦‍♀️*

  38. ClassyfrIe


  39. DarkPandaLord

    *Summary:* "You're fat."

  40. Cryptical

    He was actually serious about this, i thought it was just for the video lol

  41. Biss Lea

    He actually privated I feel like he totally forgot that he even privated it lol

  42. VGBC P3rs0na

    1:18 - 2:51

  43. SergeantSpicay

    Ksi got no rhymes

  44. Pablo Weldago

    Guess Ricegum really fucked up

  45. OlioBGMOTI - Bulgaria

    How many views did this have ?

    Erick -_-

    Like 33mil+ views 😂

  46. AkWolfByteGaming

    Lmao rice carried this anyways

  47. Very hard Lad

    HoW MuCh cOuLd a WoOdChuCk cHuCk iF tHe WoOdChUcK cHuCk LoOkEd LiKe YoU

    What a bar


    You have ricegum in clip thats.....

  49. viktororange

    Jj did it on Private?!?!? I thought it was fake! Oof

  50. Rursum _

    Look at him now

  51. tan hanjing

    his only using his right hand lol

  52. Alpha Aliii


  53. Noor M

    You cant make fun of someone if there fat its not nice like JJ you need to learn more then that even Deji knows that

    Cherilox Entertainment

    Lol ksi deleted this

    Erick -_-

    Bruh 🤦🏽‍♂️

  54. Lime

    How to become a clown in less than 4 minutes

  55. _ VIGGLE_

    No one

    Literally no one

    Rice gum “iM ToO bUsy GeTtiNg LaId, HaWaiiAn NeCkLacE”

  56. KingDari 443

    the real reason he deleted this is because ethan is skinny now


    Nope. because of rice.

  57. SJ xano

    completely dead

  58. Toki

    He really put it on private 🤣🤣🤣🤣


    0:05 is for RiceGum because he supports logan

  60. Void

    Ethan better do a remix of earthquake but, instead of Ricegum, its DAX

  61. Asus Maxpro

    Ga pernah bosen sama lagu ini enak coy

  62. Foxx vfx

    Rice gum got clout because of his raps

  63. It’s Cultrion

    Ricegums verse is shit

  64. FanQgum Srry

    Rice gum’s part Was fire

  65. Richard Lara

    This gay asf 😂

  66. Sasuke uzmike

    Jake is a king he better then any youtuber

  67. The Raging 50

    KSU is a mumble rapper

  68. Milø

    It’s acc still probated lol

  69. Lucas Catalano

    Bro Jj legit made it private 😂😂😂😂

  70. winter merlyn

    Rice's shirt looks like it's about crush him under its weight

  71. Lil Water

    Bruh all this diss track is just fat shaming him 😂

    Teddy Jr M.

    Lil Water Yep but what can they do now lol


    its literally 2020

    Terris Bland

    Qlizky right😂

  72. James Millar

    Rice’s verse is kinda fire

  73. xxTOENAILxx

    Who else saw the video and straight away searched it up to see if he actually private’s it 😂

  74. Cool Man M

    If ksi vs rice Diss war happens it WILL be the best one

  75. FLSeerzyx

    beats nice but lyrics....... meh

  76. Paul Pimentel

    Rice gum going for Logan Paul 0:05

  77. Thots Go away

    Yeah he actually put it on private

  78. The Man in The Yellow Hat

    Well you just lost millions if view JJ


    he's at a point where he couldn't give less of a fuck

  79. JessieMedia

    Ricegum: Says Logan Paul will win
    KSI: 0:05

  80. Christopher Racine

    Why did he put it on private?

    mason partridge

    Christopher Racine because rice said logan was going to win the fight

  81. AryanPlayz

    delete this.

  82. Supra Mayro

    Like Ethan said even the beat sounds fat

  83. Márton Csorba

    Until the video will be available , guess I will watch it here

  84. Mexwell Music 2

    I Hope Eminem & Logic & 50 Cent Used This Beat To Taking Nick Cannon Down

    Eminem & Logic ft.50 Cent - The Severed (Nick Cannon Disstrack)

    Míster Saitama el desmarcador de ruptura

    Easy for them

    Mexwell Music 2

    @Míster Saitama el desmarcador de ruptura Oh? lol

    Míster Saitama el desmarcador de ruptura

    @Mexwell Music 2

    Yeah dude this is a waste of time for all of them

  85. Maliakeleofa Emelio

    not going to lie ricegum sucks at rapping,

  86. Tobi Animates

    How much can a woodcuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood

  87. awesome dude

    Jj put it on private keep it that way🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  88. jy1 ch3n

    Ksi's bar was actually cheap ngl

  89. SASG HQ

    Ricegum just said JJ is irrelevant

  90. Fortnut playz

    I feel bad for the guy who represents ethan Payne for being fat I fell bad

  91. Ghulam Ruqia

    Ksi fell off his bed.thats the cause of the earthquake

  92. OverFlowLyrical

    RiceGum didn’t fucking “Betray him” there are clips of him saying that KSI was gonna win. The clip shown was cropped so it sounded like he said Logan was gonna win.

  93. sorry for being a idiot ugh kill me please

    He actually put it on private 😂

  94. JKB48

    I remember I went absolutely crazy when he dropped this song

  95. Johnny Brown

    this shows how weak they are making disses but than deleting it...pffff