KSI - Bow Down Lyrics

Uh, bow down to me
Self-doubt has been drowning me
I been doubting me
Been blind but now I see
'Cause I can't let the world miss out on me (nah)
Too special too hungry for more (Uh)
Been loyal, been ready for war (Yeah)
Been patient, been waiting before
Now it's time for my fucking applause

Ooh, I'ma show 'em what I'm made of
Just quit the day job
Don't need a label
I'm already major
Getting' that paper
Starting to make it
Special occasion
Drinking it straight, no chaser

If you're cut, I'm a different breed
Different class, make a different sleeve (Yeah)
You're you and I'm me
That's the main difference between make-believe
Different levels, we on different floors
World tours on my vision board (Board)
Taking calls but not taking yours (Nah)
Make a couple bags and I'm feeling poor

Our downtime is over (yeah, yeah)
We taking over (kill it, kill it)
Long live my soldiers (long live, ah)
Dough time like Homer (ay)
Show time, Verona (ay)

Uh, international shit
Flying over my old home
Graduated to the major leagues
I'ma treat this planet like a snow globe
Shake it up and watch the sky fall
Independent like July 4th
No more wait
'Bout to collaborate
Watch from hate and let that rain pour

I told 'em before that I ain't playin' with 'em
When they pass me the mic, go super Saiyan on 'em
Ain't nobody in my league, ain't nobody can compete
When I'm fucking up these beats
And we turnin' up the heat like

Don't ask me what loyalty means
Eight years deep, still reppin' the team
I'll be a soldier, 'til this shit's over
Never once quit or given up on the dream
Dedicated half my life to this
I forever wait and spent all night on this
I debated whether or not I would ever make it
But now I've got the torch, guarantee I'll never waste it

Our downtime is over (yeah, yeah)
We taking over (kill it, kill it)
Long live my soldiers (long live, ah)
Dough time like Homer (ay)
Show time, Verona

Our downtime is over
Now we taking over
Long live my soldiers
We fight 'til it's over
Our downtime is over
Now we taking over
Long live my soldiers
We ride 'til it's over

Bow down to me
Tell me how it feel
Just a YouTube rapper
Still I'm 'bout to make a mil
Selling twice as much as you do
Tell me, how does that feel?
I ain't never liked you and I prolly never will

I said, bow down to me
Tell me how it feel
Just a YouTube rapper
Still I'm 'bout to make a mil
Selling twice as much as you do
Tell me, how does that feel?
I ain't never liked you and I prolly never will

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KSI Bow Down Comments
  1. Vladi

    2:21 Best part of the song change my mind

  2. Trippie Wrld

    Fam Randolph fire in this song

  3. BZ KING

    Randolph op at this ting.

  4. DELETED Channel

    LOVE IT❤😍😍

  5. Justin Derion-McCullough

    Someone needs to get me this beat or remake it I'll pay

  6. xXTheMobileGamer Xx

    This is so underrated!!!!!

  7. Rashid Ali

    Most underrated song in the album

  8. Scott Noble

    Oh my god this beat needs reproducing it’s soooo good. Would actually pay someone to reprod this.

  9. Matthew Cullingford

    Underrated song 🔥

  10. SunnyArcade

    Defo the worst track on the album, the others are good tho.

  11. Simudin

    can someone get an instrumental of this song or an instrumental that has that type of vibe please???

  12. tdyerwestfield - OFTW OG

    This is my fave on the album.

  13. Viper


  14. kacper suszek

    Anyone got the instrumental for this?

  15. Jona Cadena

    First 5 seconds of the song tho, sounds like the background noise of a pokemon gym battle

    Ethan livingstone


  16. XCZER X

    Randolph hard af💥🔥

  17. bw off

    Agh 😂

  18. Whitedigger678

    the instrumental tho

  19. Bloodshed

    New age, old generic lyrics

  20. Insidious

    This beat makes me wanna ride it so hard and split some hot bars . Damn great job

  21. Kynection

    There was barely any JJ

  22. Lumify | Gil

    The production is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  23. Megan Wilson

    Jesus half the comments are just saying that Randolph is shit, no he is not they’re both absolutely amazing! Like stopppp saying JJ is better they both have flaws with their music and they both have different styles of singing/rapping and they’re both so good at what they do!


    @Daniel NYO agree

  24. VladyPJ

    Gg jj the new beast

  25. Suckya Mum

    Beat Is acc 🔥😍🍁

  26. Durag Kappa

    2:21 best easily

  27. Ebodureza

    Randolph is too sick in this song

  28. Aquative

    This sick ass beat tho

  29. Max T

    Where can find only the beat?

  30. Emmanuel Alagbala

    "treat the world like a snowglobe
    Shake it up and watch the sky fall"

    Well darn randy

  31. Bassem Hany

    This is the most epic one to me <3

  32. roger howie

    Randolf and Ksi are =

  33. Tommy Davies

    Randolph says im a different breed in like every tradk

    Coastal Beats

    like dax says he's a janitor

  34. Harry Pegg

    Bro this whole album on 1.25x playback speed is on another level fuck me

  35. Turtle


    *I could honestly listen to this beat all day*

    Aaa Aaa

    Turtle it’s in Kingsway sample library by allen Ritter and frank dukes

    WICK _

    Turtle I could listen to the one that starts the song

  36. DoubleASkills

    Might be my fave one

  37. Jaffar AlZaqqah


  38. no body

    randolph is fucking destroying this album

  39. DarX TV

    "selling twice as much as you do , tell me how does that feel... I ain't ever liked you and I prolly' never will"

    Now, there is no one else Randolph has beef with except Deji. That's why I believe most of this is aimed at Deji.
    He's a business man and a camera man. He's implying that he makes much more then the person he's aiming for from those 2 jobs. And Randolph has never spoke shit to anyone, or anyone has never spoken shit about Randolph. It's always been Deji shit talking (no hate just a theory). And why would Randolph talk smack about someone when he hasn't been mentioned anyway?


    Deji was so sensitive about his channel that is why

    DarX TV

    @JoshEntertainment I mean your not wrong xD

  40. Killerz 720


  41. Michael Buckley

    Unpopular opinion Randolph’s verse is better


    Really popular opinion

    Chrystion Howard

    JJ doesn't even get a verse

    Horse Cock Express

    JJ doesnt even have a verse dumbass lmao

  42. Amine


    HOBBIT cadillac

    it was the only song on the album produced by randolph btw

  43. Faheem Hussain

    Best song

  44. Angel Olague

    Best song right here, we need more KSI

  45. Ben Green

    Randolph is on this barely

  46. Tank

    Jeeeeeez jj you pulled a mad tingggggggg👏absolutely fire

  47. Random Channel

    This one needs a video..
    It would be dope.
    Right jj..
    I know ur reading this right now....

    Mehzie. US

    Warlord_youtube No, no he isn’t.

    Lazar E90

    Warlord this is not JJ's channel this is fan who uploads his music here

  48. Random Channel

    That line
    Long live my soilder forever...

    Samesung 6 series

    Warlord_youtube nice spellin

    Ryan Lima

    Samesung 6 series nice spelling

    Samesung 6 series

    Ksis Sister its called slang u bean bag

  49. Stipsy

    Actually insane

  50. AMRO king

    Get rid of that guitar bro

    Daniel Platt

    AMRO king he’s slacking on that heart

    what's good?

    @Daniel Platt and he slacked you with a heart😂


    Which guitar

  51. Fat kid teddy


  52. Shane Striano

    This bumps

  53. Kyden Brown

    Underated 🔥

  54. Xeno Gamer

    Can we get a ksi only album, Randolph and ksi's flow are so different

    usman mnbvcxzlkjhgfdsapoiuytrewq

    Randolphs singing was acc amazing in all the songs


    Thats the point bro that contrast is what makes this duo so good

    Sneyker Medrano

    That's the thing there so different they go together good

    blood hound

    I understand where you are coming from but I do like collabs they do
    I hope they both do a solo album

    DL 2201

    It is coming he comfired it on some interviews
    He will talk indirectly about some private stuff he never shared before

  55. DanTheMan 3515

    Best song on the album🙌

  56. Declan Hepburn

    Tank album

    Lusungu And Kondwani Nkhoma

    love that

  57. DL 2201

    KSI said "Long live my soldiers, long live" like some old man lol

  58. Boone Shockley

    Fav song out of all the album

  59. JGE Music

    track gets good from 02:13 onwards tbf

  60. luke martin

    Ksi is half decent but Randolph is a fat stupid cunt

  61. Jon S

    Independent like July 4th🔥

    Donnie Darko

    Nigga dissed his own country


    @Donnie Darko he's from the uk

    Donnie Darko

    @wilmore the 4th of july is the u.s. celebrating us defeating the u.k. for independence
    Therefore by referencing it he is dissing his country

    WICK _

    Lil Kloroxxx not much of a diss, just because he’s from that country doesn’t mean that he doesn’t want the US to have their independence

  62. Nathan

    Love this

  63. Commander1SUV

    The beat kinda trash, Randolph actually rapping but then uses that autotune to sound like a Z tech nav, if it had more of a beat the beat would sound like a hip hop beat or similar, however this song the worst in the album for sure, although that slowed down beat at the end is nice cuz it gets rid of that idk trash guitar Melody

    S15 Wolf 44

    Commander1SU you don’t like the beat ok that’s fine don’t try to be a tough guy talking shit in the comments man get over it Yeah ik the beat was a little bit to off btw


    The beat is dope And the chords used in this are kinda dope

    Judge Victorio

    @Commander1SUV you don't know anything about producing lmfao


    @S15 Wolf 44 tough guy how Dafuq am I being the tough guy I'm just questioning the other dude who thinks I'm not allowed to criticize anything without doing it myself idiot also if your agreeing with me why are you arguing smh
    Sry am I being "the tough guy"
    Also I'm only talking shit cuz I commented a review on a song which was fair cuz free speech and now ive got ppl who are either ksi fanboys or some ppl who disagree with my opinion trying to argue with me, if ppl are trying to make their arguments based on if I'm a professional music creater and critic like I work for some high end company who reviews music then I'm going to say something, I'm just a dude who loves music and will criticize it however I want but mofo's tryna come at me so if I answer back sry if I'm being a "tough guy" smh


    @Judge Victorio right and you do?? Stfu

  64. ZeCube

    Fuck all the people who are disappointed, this is lit af

  65. Noel Tony

    im actually kinda liking this duo!!

  66. Braidan Tighe


    Luke Walsh

    Braidan Tighe same on the hole album only little few alright songs...smh🤦🏽‍♂️

  67. Jw x

    this is legit lit asf