KSI - Ares (Quadeca Diss Track) Lyrics

Hm Hm Hm
Hm Hm Hm Hm
You dare test me


Ares looking down on the boy feeling like he at the top
Now you better listen 'cos this nigga never wanted hippodrome
But I gotta let them know you're a flop
Not a single boom with 4 records on the trot
Now the little Ben was mad that his records never popped
'Till he spoke about his idol
Now he's going viral
Biggest song you'll ever make is author of the bible
I'm the creed of the crop
The rocky with the cash
While you're tryna say the words
Suffering succotash
Baby panicking awkward like mannequin
Motherfucker we're battling
This the fall of the Anakin
Make you missing like Madaleine
You're a fan
FIFA to the football to the rapping
My reply got you jizzing was fishing and baited the stan
Please don't speak again
Hold up with your venting
Ain't it wonderful
That I'm out here reinventing your career

Keep it measure for measure where is your Isabella (Hm)
Shorty left and you struggled to keep it all together (Ay)
Not the first time you're dissing remember me and Weller
Looking back at the reinstating that you're a fan forever

Fuck your grade 5
You don't need to lie
Glad I made you better 'cos your other shit was dry
Had to make you wait 'cos I'm always up lifting
Scrawny with your size maybe try some weightlifting
Between me and you
No one wants to be you
Looked at your past even you know it's true
Look at that baby face, look at that baby face
You can't intimidate
Boy it's my creed to assassinate
I'm not one to agitate
Crying that my roster overpowered like the Golden State
Corny rappers try'na build a coup so they can elevate
No one's even ever heard of you
Until I commentated and slated
Got irritated and hated
But deep inside you're elated
You even tweeted and rated the lyrical miracle
This you peaking at pinnacle
Taste of your medicine going and flowing at minimal
Show me you're unusual
Spit a verse where I'm not as a feature
Bet it's never better than the dissing at your teacher
Bet it never blows up all according to your preacher
Calculated moves
I'm the instigator
Forever in my shadow blessing like your given name
I'm drinking desperado you can't even do the same
Commend your new bravado
Thank me 'cos I'm here to blame
And if we ever played
I'll still beat you at a Fifa game

Stop it man you ain't that
Poor man's Hopsin now wanna box
Please, you're gonna get dropped
Now crypt wanna hop on my dick
Stupid little prick you were never involved
You can rap fast but you can't make a hit
Lullaby Rap or die hope you die, bitch
I got no label
And I always kill it like Cain and Abel
Can't be broke, I'll revoke your progress
'Cos I am the table
You bitches are botching
I'm the one that they paid to be watching
You tried with the diss
Got you bare views with the vids
Tried to score but you missed

I am the king of the drama
Cream of the crop
I'm the new age farmer
Puppet man I don't stop it man
I give all the shit with no karma
I am untouchable I got the rocket fuel
I am unstoppable nothing impossible
Album impeccable touring while winning as me
Years in the game and I do it so easily
"I'm a Celebrity" called for me
I said no to that shit
I don't need to eat dick
I'm self made in this bitch
I'm like Raid when I spray
People die when I prey
People lie when I slay
Jack of all trades and I mastered it all as I win
Bring out the Perry and prove I'm a king

This shit's easy for me
All day, every day
Another one
Ay ay, ay ay
Ay ay
GG Motherfucker

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KSI Ares (Quadeca Diss Track) Comments
  1. Its Division

    This is a good song but not a good diss track. His flow is dope.

  2. Shchroochy Rock

    quedaca blowed you out of the wind but ksi is a big nerd

  3. Eugorn

    Is no one gonna talk about the fact that KSI changed this comment section to be least liked to top rated

    Ao Hu

    eh, just checked the top comments, i don't know why he did as most of them are just praising him

  4. IcantThinkOfAUsername

    This song is actually sick. Quadeca’s is sick too, but in my opinion this is on another level. The flow is just insane


    IcantThinkOfAUsername I like
    Quadeca’s song way better but this is a nice song aswell

  5. ŁøSëŘ •SAV•

    It would be nice if I could understand what you say then maybe just maybe there a 1% it would be a good music video like you gotta be a very special ed moron to make the raps you make lmao sorry

    Roblox Blueboyjohnny18

    Ikr are the special needs sorry lmao


    Are u stupid ?

    Élīås Såmīmî

    Well I mean you are a loser sooooo I guess I won't attack you

  6. Ali A

    Omg best YouTuber ever

  7. Emma Roucoulet

    You are dum you should ck

  8. gacha boi

    he uses too much baby words.

  9. Psicho_ Gacha

    I LOVE U❤😊🥰☺️


    Between me and you nobody wants to be you!

  10. Aniket Mohanty

    Yo idk if he had a ghostwriter or what, but I hope his lyrics get back to this level

    Sweaty Ghoul trooper

    Uno reverse card

  11. Abdullah Taher

    Yo Talk about perfect

  12. Spectxr_Clipzz

    Imo quadeca won but still, this track is sick


    Yeah but KSI's disstrack is still more enjoybal than Quadeca

  13. Ben 10-Inches

    No one won this. But KSI's track sounds way better. They both just dissed random shit lol.

    Panagiotis Venieris

    sounds way better? lol

    Ben 10-Inches

    @Panagiotis Venieris yes

    Justin Anderson

    Ben 10-Inches ur dumb

  14. Sebastian Zamora

    Am i the only one who thinks ksi won?, quadeca in his disstrack just said things about jj's hairline jj's girlfriend and jj's friends, and fr it wasn't even that good, just check it again and compare it, jj's lyrics are insane and his flow is unique

    Im gonna put the words meaning that people didnt understand:

    Hippodrome: place where the romans watched horse races, doing reference to ares and the roman culture

    Succotash: dissease that people have when their mouth doesnt work very well, doing reference to quadeca's mouth

    Author of the bible part: he's saying that quadeca has never made a good track but when he does one of jj ("his idol") now is like the author of the bible, like a god or some shit like that

    Im the table part: jj speak about this one is something about botchamania i didnt understood it so im gonna skip it

    Desperado part: is an alcohol drink, in that moment quadeca was 18 and in america you have to be 21 to drink alcohol

    Also jj responded to EVERYTHING that quadeca said on his disstrack

    (*big up*)

    Joseph Collects

    How is him drinking alcohol a diss to Quadeca? 🤦‍♂️


    jj's words/bars are more simple to understand, quadeca's bars were more complex


    jjs flow has been used a thousand times, his bars were melodramatic, they were simple disses.
    i think the only reason people even considere ksi winning is because quadecas from the uk and dont want the biggest uk youtuber to be beat by a no body american


    Joseph Collects it was supposed to be a joke on that line if you didn’t know🤷🏻‍♂️


    so wait, he never wanted a horse racing track?

  15. Kieran King XD

    The person below me is the biggest gay boy of them all


    Not wrong, it's a person calling the song shit

  16. Young RewindZ

    Bro you're sorry you had to use the fact that he's a fan to diss him twice quit your rap career you got that wack shit


    @yxngLiam if im being honest he probably can, this was kinda shit, i only like the fast part and the second half


    the comment above you says "The person below me is the biggest gay boy of them all"

    Young RewindZ

    @Guunky exactly. People just getting distracted by that beat and not actually listening to the lyrics that he's putting out, which are not only very simple but half of it is just a bunch of random shit which another comment pointed out quite well. The first 2 dudes to reply are just tryna be a ksi dickriders

    Young RewindZ

    @yxngLiam here lemme comment some good disses for you to check out, Hit em up, no Vaseline, checkmate, the invasion all 3 parts. That's only a pinch full of great diss tracks. Don't try to defend this hot garbage


    @Guunky yes true

  17. Azaliah Weekes

    He should make a Dax disstrack

    Craig Himself

    There is already a Dax diss track in this

    Young RewindZ

    Bro he don't want the smoke with dax tf is wrong with you


    Dax is garbage.

    Young RewindZ

    @viggokan some may say that but this dude here rapping...he does not want the smoke

  18. Quadeca is amazing At rapping

    Don’t hate but I only like the switch up anyone else agree??

    how to properly clean your plastic computer

    ksi got the W

    Quadeca is amazing At rapping

    how to properly clean your plastic computer yea boi

  19. Star

    the person below me is logan paul

    Quadeca is amazing At rapping

    Star shut up


    @Quadeca is amazing At rapping Shut up

    Whiskey Sour BB

    Operation shut up

    Silvally Crusher

    True someone is a Logan Paul fan

    Whiskey Sour BB

    I meant it the other way round 😬

  20. Silent99

    yo this ksi guy is pretty stupid i think logan paul is better at rapping lol ksi is stupid subscribe to logan paul he's better

    Silvally Crusher

    Swatzy in it

    Silvally Crusher

    He got dropped by KSI

    Rajiv Gosine

    did you sneeze while typing this

    Silvally Crusher

    @Rajiv Gosine dayuum


    how much crack did you take

  21. how to properly clean your plastic computer

    the person above me is logan paul

  22. Tamim Thajudeen

    Deji then Like
    KSI then comment

    Abdullah Taher

    Tamim Thajudeen ksi

    Dylan Roman

    Tamim Thajudeen

  23. Sub to me for no reason at all Nigga

    Who is here after Nick signed his death contract (He made a diss at Eminem and it was trash)

  24. Noviad

    This sounds better as a song than insecure... Then again so did Rap devil to killshot

  25. Danthecooly

    2:11 super sick part

  26. viggokan

    He destroyed quadeca

    Abdullah Taher

    viggokan hell ya he did

  27. RyanHung

    This song bangs

  28. VeNoM Oasis

    This song bangs now that everybody is off of quadeca’s dick

    FSRx DynamO

    VeNoM Oasis bro are you still in 2018

    VeNoM Oasis

    FSRx DynamO wut?

  29. Kailey Brunner

    yall that say hes good you mite wanna get your ears checked XD hes F*** trash bro like wtf

    Dylan Lobo

    Your opinion but millions of people disagree.

    Trxpz Tornado

    U 9 yr olds should just go back to play roblox

    Kailey Brunner

    @lion thank u

    Kailey Brunner

    @Trxpz Tornado yo i am not no f****** 9 yr like tf

    Kailey Brunner

    @Jamison edits ?

  30. Alex Ward

    Why JJ be setting the comments to new instead of top?

    bubblenugget 15

    you can set it yourself

    poke lover

    @bubblenugget 15 Bill Nye the science guy

  31. xd heywait4me

    As much as I hate KSI, this kinda slaps.

    Chris Guevara

    Why do you hate him

    poke lover

    I really like

  32. Johnathan Khan

    Ksi won the fight against logan paul in a split decision like for ksi

    poke lover

    @Ducks Of Duty yea

  33. Labib Sarker

    Use me as a W for JJ

    Ducks Of Duty

    Labib Sarker *no I don’t think I will*

    Labib Sarker

    @Ducks Of Duty nah bro please

  34. toby lee

    why are all the comments like an hour auo

  35. Quantumz

    The person below is a hot milf

    Labib Sarker

    Thanks fam

  36. Dalveer Roudh

    All of these comments say, "The person above me and below me." You need to act your age. Stop acting like kids. 😂😂

    Dalveer Roudh

    @Tergee dont get so triggered. Just a comment 😂😂


    Dalveer Roudh ur the one getting triggered, you made the comment calling everyone kids for doing a meme

    Dalveer Roudh

    @thedanridge nope. im fine


    Dalveer Roudh also those above and below comments were “just a comment” too 😂

    Dalveer Roudh

    @Tergee Your not wrong 😂

  37. Patryk Kadlubowski

    Use me as a «W for quadeca» button

    Patryk Kadlubowski

    poke lover yes

    poke lover

    @Patryk Kadlubowski no

    how to properly clean your plastic computer

    use me as a button

  38. Faguette

    the person below me will grab popcorn and watch the guy that commented below him die

  39. Grumza

    the comment below me is going to tragically die before he meets ksi


    Grumza im dead 😂😂😭😭😭😂

  40. X A_H

    Let's Gooooooooo

  41. why you mad

    The comment above mine is going to meet ksi


    Quadeca won


    Not really

  42. Whiskey Sour BB

    How are the comments minutes ago

  43. Braylon Howard

    KSI staring is so serious

  44. MR x

    Ur Trash Maan 👇👇👇

  45. Z3r0

    The person above me is gonna be James Charles next boyfriend

  46. Z3r0

    I’m KSI

  47. filipserek

    the person above me is ksi

  48. Liquefey /:

    I love this flow

  49. Xx_mad_xx

    The guy that said “the person below is Logan” is Logan

  50. PHUL clan

    The person below is Logan

  51. xdr

    yo im logan

  52. how to properly clean your plastic computer

    the person above me is logan paul

  53. Seungyounluvr

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    steve mifsud no shit sherlock


    steve mifsud you are too smh

  54. HNR_Leafer

    Also the guy below my last comment is being a cucklord comment simp and trying to get likes.

  55. HNR_Leafer

    lmao, all 3 of you are gay.

    The Gamer

    HNR_Leafer nah ur gay

  56. Zeven 7

    “I am the table” ksi 2018

  57. ahmet karaaslan

    Yes you are

  58. Thor Z Army

    Im not gay

  59. The Gamer

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  61. Kostasolol rockie

    The person above me doesnt know what he is talking about

  62. abdullah alyamani

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    Sayem Rahman

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  77. Bryan Playz

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  89. mansour GTCT

    I love the beat

  90. Rona Jakupi

    Almost all my class mates like Logan or don't know Logan or you I'm probably the only one that thinks ksi is better.(it's true)

  91. Sokketz.

    Enforcer Strikes is a nonce

  92. Enforcer Strikes

    The person below me is Kenny Murphy


    Enforcer Strikes what the f

    Finn Behrens

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  93. Kenny Murphy