Krystal Meyers - Lovely Traces Lyrics

I was consumed
By a life that I made
Destined to crash
Beat up and bruised
By the flashbacks of my own past
I tried to hide away
Till I heard you say

[Chorus 1]
Lovely traces fall behind you
Turn around and you will see
Lovely traces to remind you
Everything that you've been through
What it took to get you to me

All my mistakes
Regrettable choices I'd like to forget
But somehow you make
All that I wasted useful again
I thought I fell from grace
But you can't erase

[Chorus 2]
The lovely traces behind you
Turn around and you will see
Lovely traces to remind you
Everything that you've been through
What it took to get you to me

I lost my direction
'Cause I couldn't see
What a beautiful picture
You would complete in me

[Chorus 2]

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Krystal Meyers Lovely Traces Comments
  1. Enoque Santos

    Miss you, Krystal! 😘

  2. joao hardrock

    I Miss You Krystal Meyers😢😢

    Melissa Fuentealba

    +joao hardrock I Miss Her Too

  3. Chris Ghysel

    Never understood why some people need to find God to become a nice person. You should be nice because it's nice to be nice, not because of some religion or because you accept God into your life...

  4. Jean Castro

    Minha linda diva < 33333 forever


    i love i will love for ever to krystal meyers

  6. irhjma30000

    @fillysunray yes i can. read the book "i don't have enough faith to be an atheist" by norman geisler and frank turek :)

  7. irhjma30000

    This is beautiful and just what I needed to hear these lyrics are just incredible!

  8. irhjma30000

    @north3330 or :)

  9. raysita92

    i love is the song, is beautiful, god bless you!!!!!

  10. fillysunray

    Can you prove it?

  11. Kelia Coleman

    congradulations! I'm so happy that you chose Jesus as your choice over the world! Congrads! I'm soo Happy 4 you!

  12. Clifton Lowrey

    look for Kari Jobe video, much better

  13. mel organ

    Ok....I have just come across this girl on u tube.....why have I not heard her befor now?omg omg I love her music..I have listen to so many songs and they are all great!!All I can say is omg and I need to get her cd's. All I can say is wow .

  14. BFFFL16

    luv the screen name!

  15. 54spiritedwill54

    Oh, I love this song!!

  16. Mitch The Good Witch

    HI .............

  17. Secretly1nLove

    oops! i put only 4 stars but i totally meant to rate 5 stars =]

  18. Bethany

    I love this song. :)

  19. mendozafire

    Lovely traces
    thats so sad about krystal, but life isnt fair sometimes, like we all go through stuff, but theres always hope

  20. Sarah Rebekka

    i hat that to i thought it was all about me but later i saw that i have a beautifal life with friends and family
    it's a present from GOD
    GOD helps you to wen you ask
    my life is so mutch better than befor
    cause i believe in GOD

  21. LuvIsSin

    luv luv, luv luv luv
    LUV her!
    heard one song.. and got blown away:p
    Now I'm addicted, haha