Krystal Meyers - Can't Stay Lyrics

My obsessions get the best of me
And lately I've felt incomplete
Whenever I try to pull through
I slip further away from you

I'm sick of all this tension
My sanity can't be found
And I don't wanna go on living like you're not around

It's time
I have to draw the line
It's gone way too far now
I won't wait another day
I need you to fill the empty space
And take me from this place
I can't stay

I'm sorry that I've been so cold
My excuses are pitiful
I've done all I can to gain control
But you are the hand I need to hold

I'm not capable of saving myself
I've finally figured out how to rely on someone else


I can't stay [whispered 4x]

[Chorus 2x]

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Krystal Meyers Can't Stay Comments
  1. irhjma30000

    This isn't my favorite style of music but the beginning instrumental is really sick and these lyrics are JUST what I need to hear!!! Oh wow incredible! They are amazing!

  2. Kelia Coleman

    Love this song!!

  3. ashleywelks

    should I do na custic cover of this song??

  4. 54spiritedwill54

    totally cool!!! =D

  5. Desert Moon

    Not a wannabee? Look at the new "video"! O.O

  6. Desert Moon

    Video may be bad but she does NOT suck! O.O

  7. HocusPocusLuver1993

    ♥ this song!

  8. brenda

    first time hearing this! its great!

  9. Kellie O'Brien

    srry...I was really tired....

  10. Kayla Way

    it's KRYSTAL.

    with a K.


  11. Gabby12194

    She never did drugs.
    She said that she stood her ground and didn't take drugs.

  12. Christina S

    GAH! i LOVE this song. I love krsytal meyers. her voice is soo amazing. and the lyrics are just like "POW!" perfect.

  13. XxTemptedAngelxX


  14. Jennie Postemus

    John 3:16
    "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."

  15. XxTemptedAngelxX

    I lurve this song!!

  16. EztliCuetlachtli

    Great your awessome Krystle!

  17. shohna


  18. Desert Moon

    Who's better vocally and lyrically: Avril or Krystal??



    muy buena creativiad amosito!