Krystal Meyers - Anticonformity Lyrics

It's all around
Pressure from my so-called friends
It's all around
I'm measured by some stupid trend
It's all around
Everyone is just like them
It's all around
It's all around
It's all around

So I'm anticonformity
I don't try too hard to be
I'm not what you think you see
Inside I've made a change
And I'll never be the same

They conform
They conform
Forget about variety
Yeah they conform
They don't know what they believe
They conform
They conform
They conform


Image is overrated if it washes off in the rain
You know you gotta go deeper to go against the grain

[Chorus 2x]

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Krystal Meyers Anticonformity Comments
  1. robson souza

    Nostalgia, bons tempos anos 2000 pop rock pop punk.

  2. Gottespunk

    My favorite thing about this is that the singers dad (Rick Meyers) made "E-Sword" free bible software. e-sword dot net . Been using it many years.

  3. jessica thomas

    Great song. Shows Christian music can be any type of music.

  4. Ruhn Shnik

    Where in the world are you??!!!!

  5. singing4hope

    Can't believe it's been 10 years. Hope Krystal would come up with a new album.

  6. Pablo Azolin

    in the 2000s every fucking girl wanted to sound like Avril. But they don’t.

  7. Ness Natan

    2019! E eu ainda escuto ela, por onde está você loira? 😢

    Diogo Alone

    Ness Natan eu também mano, saudades..

    Ness Natan

    @Diogo Alone hauahaua

  8. CAROlina Lopez

    Amo esta epoca ❤

  9. Joshua Anderson

    I didn't even know she existed until 1 or 2 years after she quit. The first song by her that I ever heard was My Savior. Loved it and a couple years ago I looked her up and was so shook when I found out that she retired. To this day, i listen to all her music!

  10. Baconface McGee

    I had completely forgotten about her!!! I think this is the only song I’ve heard of hers.

  11. 荒川春美

    I still love this song. awesome! I am looking forward to singing songs in Japan again.

  12. Jess Black

    i want her christian pu$$y 😜

    Baconface McGee

    Rey 😵🔫

    Olivia Wysk

    that's not very christian

  13. Neto Pimenta

    Amo as músicas de krystal Myers ❤

  14. _Jenni_Jenni_ Jenni_

    Wow great songs !! Love all of them !!

  15. Aventurera

    this is awesome music…with rock we can call a lot of hearts for Christ

  16. Nathaniel Byers

    So much nostalgia.




    @Zachx same!

  17. bacon macon

    does she still make music?

  18. Judah Osboja

    So freaking cool to see this after forever

  19. B Mc

    What happened to her?

  20. Tâmela Emily CCB

    Ela é uma Rockeira apaixonada por Deus ❤❤

  21. Spooker Red Menace

    12 years later what is she doing ? anyone know last album was 2008 or 09. like a lot of Christian singers from the 00's .. where are they now... her twitter from 2009 said something about a repertory infection

  22. Carl Os

    kind of sounds like that song in shrek when he fights in the ring

  23. stacy martin

    i wanna drench krystal meyers face in my hot thick creamy semen

    stacy martin

    i want to fuck her face then slide my rock hard cock deep into her warm wet christian vagina

    stacy martin

    mmmmm yeah i can feel her wet christian vagina encasing my throbbing cock as i pump it in an out till i fill it with my hot thick creamy semen

    Reijo P.

    If you are Krystal Meyers's husband, there's nothing wrong with that. If you're not, that's very disrespectful, bro.

    stacy martin

    aww i dont give a fuck if its disrespectful or not  BRO

  24. kheren Quispmaza

    el genero no importa lo importante es transmitir el mensaje de Dios al mundo

    uri99 a

    tienes razón

  25. Jesse Bergmann

    Song is still awesome, and she's still absolutely beautiful

  26. Juliet White

    this looks like a wanna be avril lavigne holyyyy shit.

    Ruby Emy

    lol... not becuz I agree, but becuz what the hell r u sayin holyyyy shit... go to see all her works, she's so different than avril. Besides she doesn't sing anymore lol

  27. Daisie Cardona

    one of the few christian songs i can't sing at church

  28. Mari Paz Gonzalez Gonzalez

    esto viene de Dios ? NO


    +Mari Paz Gonzalez Gonzalez y eso a quién le importa? o.O

    Laura Happy

    hay metal, rock, hevy metal, vallenato, regueton, champeta criatiana... esos son generos musicales que algunos cristianos han decidió tomar transmitir el amor y mensaje de salvación de Dios.
    El producto(en este caso género musical) no es el problema, es como lo utilices.

    Max GamingHD

    MMM bueno es verdad pero mi opinion es que el regueton no es de dios

  29. Bob Morman

    I love this song!

    Bob Morman

    @***** Your dad Harold was right about installing that gutter through the eve.

    Bob Morman

    @***** I am not Rob Norman. I never claimed to be.

    Bob Morman

    @***** I have contacted a team of attorneys to countersue you if you proceed with the case. My case is worth 300 million plus treble damage. That's 1690 million total. Satan saved Chase from the poison.

    Bob Morman

    I have a degree in marketing, management, and smoking crack in Atlanta. I used to make 19k a year. I have been to prison for theft and lying about court cases, I am not Rob Norman.

  30. Mark Warner

    Her and Avril Lavigne should put together an all girl group ...

    Otniel Romeo

    Mark Warner I think that's a great idea! Krystal, Avril, Skye Sweetnam and Hayley Williams (only if she weren't in Paramore)


    lol. that would be interesting.

  31. Jeremy Asuncion

    Krystal is amazing. She looks pretty too, She's Avril Lavigne's Christian counterpart. I love them both. But I wonder what happened to Krystal now? Her first 2 albums were pop rock and her 3rd album was dance pop.


    +jeremyunderground41 I read she got married


    @***** I never knew she was in that kind of trouble.I am not rick meyers. I am Michael Craig Bryant. my Facebook page goes by craig bryant and look I my old videos and see my face. I as share some songs I made on Facebook page.

  32. Dayle O'Leary

    this song was my entire childhood. I use to think she was so rad, still is, like a cooler hilary duff (okay I take that back, a punk rock hilary duff) songs still my jam

    israel dias

    this song was my entire childhood yes yes My 18 eyars

  33. BlackWolves Productions

    Rob Norman, I would appreciate it if you would leave me out of your lying blog. I'm not 'Rick Meyers'. I'm Rose Lovejoy. Just look up the name and you'll find me. You'll also find that I'm a minor that you confused for a middle aged man that you are obsessed with. Leave me out of your blog posts or I will report you to wordpress for harassment and false reporting.

  34. leah alexander

    I loved this album! I wonder where all my cd's ended up...

  35. Travis Collins

    youtube: New German Emperor is the Second Coming of Chrsit

  36. Nicolas Olivieri


  37. WishesSailorMoon

    A lot like Avril


    The Christian version.

  38. David Dyrewolf

    What happened to dis girl?

    D.J. Clift

    @Chris Matt
    Oh, definitely.  She had *so* much talent.  I wish she didn't disappear, but such is life.  There are other good solo artists, though.


    @D.J. Clift
    waw I listened to some of her music between 2005 and 2006 and never heard of her since then !

    Cynical Succubus

    She's retired now. She works at her church with her fellow bandmate and now husband and i believe she has 2 children now. sooo.

    Baconface McGee

    David Dyrewolf The X-Files theme song starts playing...

    Baconface McGee

    DahliaConejita Oh.

  39. BlackWolves Productions

    No one listen to Rob Norman. She stopped tweeting because of a 'stalker' and the pictures were of Rob Norman's comments. This has been going on for over three years.

  40. leonardosdream777

    Hawk Nelson's drummer!


    Didn't realise.

  41. Gothmoth


  42. Jessica Caroline

    I love Krystal forever

  43. emma rock

    are you okay sir?

  44. mark tacher

    what your problem???

  45. Rob Norman

    P.S. and with "Because they are calling her Krystal Norman?" Yes, I noticed that and that would lead someone to say, "Then those people calling her Krystal Norman would be right!!!" I saw that and I thought it but God had me "say" something else, being just as valid because you noticed it. But what some do is it does not matter if you saw what was said and understood the whole thing, etc. if you did not say, exactly what they thought you'd say, "then to hell with you. Lets go kill him" they say.

  46. Amyx Komari

    So early 2000's pop-rock music <3

  47. jeffery leaver

    the message in this video is to be yourself and not to follow the trends and fads that most people live by being yourself and staying true to who you are that's true anti conformity
    which is what this song is about i aint religious at all but this song is freaking awesome i listen for the message that has meaning and this song has plenty

  48. Deyvid Henrrique

    very god!!!god bless

  49. Rob Norman

    I know you like castles.

  50. SamLoser2

    A Space Invaders shirt? NO WAY!!

  51. Rob Norman

    I did a search for Rick Meyers e-sword in Google to see how the video I made ranked (it in on page 2) and I noticed down page 2 there is a Rick Meyers Facebook page

    E-Sword: Rick Meyers | Facebook
    facebook ( dot com) pages/E-Sword-Rick-Meyers/355317397848215
    E-Sword: Rick Meyers. 1 likes · 0 talking about this.

    What I like, is the 1 likes (probably him in another name) and 0 people talking about it.

  52. Azael Shiller

    I miss her.

  53. Rob Norman

    Psalm 69:4 Those who hate me without a cause are more than the hairs of my head; Those who would destroy me are powerful, being wrongfully my enemies; What I did not steal, I then have to restore.

    These stupid trends put together by "religious" people, who don't have the brains or God given insight to do what they do, leads to that theft that we then have to rebuild. Theft of land that's ours, just as it is theirs, property they steal and destroy, even prisons some of them throw people in, all

  54. Rob Norman

    So, the song you hear above is written about people like Rick Meyers. No. It is a taste of what he is. These people are fooled by people like him. He is the one who leads astray.

  55. Rob Norman

    So, what I described and I am leaving out a whole lot more and worse events, that's worse than sending somone to the front lines of the battle and retreating because it was that then diabolical scheming to train in the wrong way to go (God trains us in the way we should go), then adding punishement to the right chice, then on top of that having his order out (to keep me from a real job) that God had to protect me from to keep me from.

    all to 1 Tim 4: In the latter who forbid marriage

  56. Rob Norman

    Then people wopul give me clothes since I had no ability to buy any because someone was tring to train me to go in the way I should not go and when I did not I'd lose my parking lots, and when I took them he asked, "isn't there something you want to ask me?" and I am thinking, ":not really because I am not gay or anything like that" and the next day I'd be kicked off that parking lot to make money.

    So, do you think my arch enemy enemy was behind this? I do!!!

  57. Rob Norman

    He who made himself my enemy is Rick Meyers as you know. When I left where I lived going in the opposite direction to where Krystal was supposed to be, to be with her, 2000 miles away, my phone would buzz when someone was mentioning a certain park. Then the next day someone drove up going to that parl and a van with women opened the door and smiled as I was talking to that guy, like how when you are tested at church and you argue your case, that knd of smile, and then when I did not go

  58. Julie Adams

    These comments are crazy haha

  59. Special and Separated P

    Well, good luck with the war you're fighting because it looks like two other guys are fighting the same exact war as you. And if I meet you in heaven, I guess I'll just have to ask Jesus about your whole Krystal and her dad issue. ;)

  60. Special and Separated P

    Well, I'm just thinking, that if Krystal was really your wife, then you probably wouldn't be here on Youtube bragging about it or hating on her dad. And even if everything you say about her dad is true, shouldn't you be using your actions to fix it instead of telling people on Youtube who are most likely going to not believe you??

  61. Special and Separated P

    "lol she married a guy"- This is a dependent clause in the structure it was used. It is not the complete statement. She stating sarcastically that Krystal "married a guy that can barely write one sentence in fluent, coherent, sensible english." It was a rhetorical question.

  62. Special and Separated P

    "foakenoldchixiedicks 3 days ago
    lol she married a guy that can barely write one sentence in fluent, coherent, sensible english?"
    Please don't leave out the truth. You only wrote the first part of that comment. I only checked because I've been seeing a lot of your comments on Krystal's videos. Krystal was probably not even close to being foakenoldchixiedicks. Let's just rock out for God and enjoy the song!!! :D

  63. Joshua Young

    You have some serious mental problems mate and you should seek help before you hurt someone. Your name is 'hotwomen122'. This is enough information for me to know that 1. You are not a man of God. 2. You are not the husband of Krystal Meyers and you aren't even close to being on the same level as her. And 3. You are completely full of crap.
    Do yourself a favor and go to a mental health clinic immediately.

  64. Many Pointless Videos

    I love her Space Invaders shirt!

  65. D.J. Clift

    I love this decade's rock, but artists like Krystal Meyers, Manafest, and Since October really make me miss last decade's rock. At least the latter two are still performing!

  66. 2bitgirly007

    I think the above (and below) poster is suffering from a emotional/physiological ailment, not a overzealous devotion to Christendom.

  67. Gabi Baltzley

    What the hell is wrong with you? You're the reason why people hate christians.

  68. Xu Peter

    Back in the 2005 I was a 10 years old boy , Saw this on MTV ,And this is my life first Album that I bought!

  69. Sarah Tierney

    love this song

  70. imaginexxx

    Are you okay? O.o

  71. MayRim301

    do you not have a life?

  72. imaginexxx

    I bought my first krystal meyers cd when I was 10 years old :) Because of her, this album introduced me to rock n roll. I fell in love with it and began listening to more types of rock music

  73. D.J. Clift

    When a debate turns into an argument is when I step out as far as YouTube comment conversations go. Open a blog. Since your posts are generally short, I recommend Tumblr. Then, send a link of said blog to the person whose attention you're trying to get. Do not keep making these hateful posts in YouTube or I will report you. Have a nice day. Be blessed :-)

  74. D.J. Clift

    That passage from Psalms is a bit outdated. In Matthew 5, Jesus calls us to love our enemies. And in John 3, Jesus tells us that God loved the world (not "the good people of the world") so much that He gave His one and only Son, so that EVERYONE who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.

    Do not hate people. Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you for it is a command from the Lord.

  75. D.J. Clift

    Why hatred at all? Hatred (of people) is wrong. We are called to love our enemies.

  76. D.J. Clift

    Or... how about you just post your opinions in a blog so that other people who just want to watch Krystal Meyers videos and not see your hateful comments can do just that.

  77. D.J. Clift

    Stop spamming Krystal Meyers videos.

  78. dunndudebemelol

    Oh I understand completely and I agree, I know I'm keeping things very basic because of the youtube comment box. I also while disagree with her message find the message it'self very refreshing it's nice to hear music actually be about something dear to the writer I feel it often really shows in the music! Still for better or worse I'm glad I am able to experience anything!

  79. dunndudebemelol

    clearly me and Krystal disagree on a few theological points! But I enjoy the music as I enjoy some quite extreme music lyrically also for example my like of Horde and of the "usual" black metal. Still I can see why you wouldent expect me to listen to this ha!

  80. dunndudebemelol

    Oh don't get me wrong I just know how youtube comments can end up ;). I don't belief at all and my lack of belief is strong but I find it irrelevant to the music, clearly me and Krystal disagree on a few theological points! But I enjoy the music as I enjoy some quite extreme music lyrically also for example my like of Horde and of the "usual" black metal. Still I can see why you wouldent expect me to listen to this ha!

  81. dunndudebemelol

    Well actually I'm an atheist so the "truth" I disagree on sadly. I get your point though and it is a good one, the issue I'm looking at it from is classification to take this to metal you have horde (unblack metal) or you have viking, pirate metal ect based on lyrical themes. As this is it's a type of music based on lyrical themes, I love her first two albums not so much anything after but of course the message in her music seems similar throughout. I think a lot of music makes arguments though.

  82. dunndudebemelol

    The difference is "Christian music"

  83. thisdisease777

    The Christian Avril Lavigne.

  84. David Mad

    Rebellion, rebellion, rebellion, rebellion times 1,000. That's how many times you have rebelled against God's command to let me and Krystal marry. Every time YOU put a woman by me that is not her(these are women YOU put there) , that's the fruit and the works of your REBELLION. This is PROOF you have the power but choose (obedience and heaven is choice) to not obey God but your traditions instead.

  85. David Mad

    No thanks. Not going to take that kind of risk. Do you see how your fucked up games do not play well with people in abject poverty, if it is in fact just a game??? Do you see?

  86. David Mad

    went there. A ecent place to get online where my dog could lie down with me and me in a fucking seat and not on a concrete step. What if it was okay till I said something else that was in their minds wrong and then the police were called and I was put in jial even over night, what would happen to my dog? They would probably take him to the shelter and I would have to use money I don;t have to get him out. Then when I got the money theys say he was adopted or accidently killed we are so sorry. No

  87. David Mad

    and tell me to leave. I saw othe people smoking there is why I thoyugh you could and they KNEW that. But that's the setup. So, then they cal;l the police and he difuses the situation and the lies and now if I were to go back agaisnt their demonic games (tradition) I would be tresspasing. So, then nice Phil (the night guy) says "Hi" like kinda implying it's cool to come here but at night and I was innocent both times but look at the risk. What if it is just a game like you all love so much and I

  88. David Mad

    And by "there" I mean unfairhill properties. Both times they kicked me of was a set up of the devil. A girl comes saying shit and I say well the shit she said was true except for armageddon now (like the devils can tell 1,000 truths to gte you to believe one lie) and they kick me off. I never said I liked the bitch. Then the next time, I did not know the fucking smoking laws. So, they had a couple complain on me (a setup) and then here comes the fat ass property management guy out of the blue

  89. MendingJess

    Agree, but I like her punk:D

  90. David Mad

    And that address is SOP so unless you want to gve me the keys to the home I have worked for and never received then that addres is what I will use. When I get a PO Box I wil use that, I guess. And about big tits on a nice looking girl. I don't care. But let me take your wife from you for three years and see if you look. Do not judge me by your standards. Unless you have lived my life you can't judge me..

  91. David Mad

    I said to this guy, "would you like your windows cleaned for a dollar" and he said "sure" So, I clean his windshield and he gives me 35 cents and says "this is for you." Thinking that is absurd and must be some kind of a pre-tip I continue and finish his windows and he says "here" and hands me a dme. Fourty five cents total. I said, "didn't you hear me say a dollar and he said no and I don't have a dollar anyway" That's about what people have thought of me here in comparision to their friends.


    NOT a very good one, lol her other songs are much better

  93. David Mad

    irriitate the hell out of me while they try to bend my rim to permanetly remove my ability to have my wheelchair. Thanks for all the proactive help here for the last yera and a half. NO help for that at all is the help I have gotten.

  94. David Mad

    "why are you spanking me?" So I am unable to discipline him in the wild as I have to have him outfitten to my wheelchair and so we canb get arond. My bicycle is a wheelchair and my disability is poverty. Every day is like this. It is like a knife wond that begins to heal overnight then only to have the deviles people stick their fingers in it every mourning and open it up and twist their fingers around in the wound. That's just one of the blessings of poverty that is designed to

  95. David Mad

    times as I go up the street and this ruins my day from the get go. It has been this way for a year and a half with people just lookinmg on or making these events happen. If I want to get him to stop I'd have to ge off my bike when I found a place to lock it or it would fall down and he would run off with it and him into the street or set it down and unchain him from the bike and to something else and that's like a five munute process then spank him and then he would be saying