KRS-One - Biterz Lyrics

We know, yeah it's all in they flow
Yeah it's all in they show
They some bite, bite, bite, bite, biterz

Everybody know KRS-One, he is a writer
Original lyrics and routines
No biting, no biter
Prime reciter
I gets the news because I'm tighter, graffiti writer
But now I'm talking about these biterz
What's a biter?
A biter's unoriginal, a biter's predictable
Skills minimal, yo these dudes are pitiful
They conserts are wack, I don't even try to go to them
They open they mouth and I hear the radio all over them
Remember in them early days when we was coming up
You had to be original, yep with dope lyric and your cut
Every day and every night you had to practice and come up
With the dopest rhymes that'll make a crowd of people say buck-buck
Everybody had they own style, ran they own lane
Everybody had a profile, ran they own game
Every DJ had his own style, broke his own name
Now it's lame, everything rap was against it became

[Chorus x4]

Listen to they lyrics and they style, you know they biterz
They listening to the radio, then they claim they write it
But it does get deeper, all the wheeling and dealing
When the society we live in, is all about stealing
And these ignorant rapper they bring creativity down
Now one is using they mind, they just scrounging around
So a biter is a unoriginal style stealer
They see you drink tequila, so they wanna drink tequila
You say mommy or poppy, they say mommy or poppy
They really have no original ideas, they just copy
And people walking around, hollow like that
If death was the new sting, they would follow the path
They not led by the inner, they led by the outer
So they led every hour by anybody with power
Be original, be authentic, be you
But every emcee test the mic with a "one, two"

[Chorus x4]

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