Kristiansen, Alice - Moon And Back Lyrics

I'm talking in circles
Can't get out of my head
I cry at commercials
And I never make the bed
And I'm pulling your last thread
When I'm coming unraveled

Baby to the moon and back
You still love me more than that
When my skies are gray and
My whole world is shaking
To the moon and back
You love me more than that

When you go quiet
And won't let your guard down
I hear through the silence
That you're trying to figure it out
You're trying to make me proud
Believe me now

Baby to the moon and back
I still love you more than that
When your skies are gray and
Your whole world is shaking
To the moon and back
I love you more than that

We may fall but we'll keep on going
We may break but we won't stay broken
Through the cracks in the road the flowers grow
For you see our storm clouds forming
And the sun won't rise in the morning
You should know

Baby to the moon and back
I will love you more than that
When your skies are gray and
Your whole world is shaking
To the moon and back
I love you more than that
To the moon and back
I love you more than that

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Kristiansen, Alice Moon And Back Comments
  1. Timmy Turner

    Awe she’s so pretty! She sounds like she looks!

  2. uma devi

    I came here after listening to teahyung from BTS play it and I am happy that I decided to come here . U deserve more . This song is soo beautiful and your voice is angelic . I hope u get what u deserve.

  3. Gray bunny


  4. Mohan Magar

    I will never tired of listening to this song even for 10,000 hrs.

  5. Solo Axe

    I stopped eating so I could listen to this

  6. norpah abd muin

    ur voice is almost like zara larson. but yours better

  7. norpah abd muin

    i love u from the first time i heard this song

  8. alvio adhafi

    im so sorry, i regret, im promise ill never do that again. up to you, just remember ill try and i wont see you sad and not happy again. god always bless you

  9. alvio adhafi

    i still love you more than that

  10. alvio adhafi

    i love you to the moon and back

  11. Leo Junior

    This song is perfect! Thanks to Youtube random playlist brought me here.

  12. Morgan Bedford

    it’s a long story but this song means so so much to me

  13. Alyssa Faye Castillo

    Calling out to all the producers out there that could be watching this Please sign her She deserves more than what she's getting This is talent at its best😍😍😍

  14. Venus Rose

    I didn't know Taehyung liked this song until recently, after I added it to my playlist

  15. Chia Mee Yang

    Hey Alice! I've been a fan for a really long time, and I love you so much! I've always wanted to perform this song for so long and I finally found a purpose to sing it. I was wondering you have a karaoke version of the this song available for use? This song is an all time favorite of mine, and by the way, Marilyn is a heart throb!!!

  16. 박성우

    Very charming voice..👍
    목소리가 너무 매력적입니다..👍

  17. enchantresses 21

    This song is literally one of my fav which i can be never tired of listening. I was so happy when taehyung played it in his "V live" I was like, you too huh??💜☺

  18. mey malngiang

    I love you. You go girl. I'll follow you no matter how many YouTube channel you gonna make. You deserve so much more

  19. 黃dustar

    so beautiful song....💜👑

  20. Dayvideo

    Is this a cover of another song?

  21. anaro kim

    I am a fan of your work, please continue!!! good luck :)

  22. anaro kim

    This song always remember me of my crush. I love him in secrety, it is very hard, but I am trying my best to be ok. When I listen to this song, i always remember of him. His eyes, his voice....

  23. Kawaii Kimchaii

    its all taehyung lol
    사랑해요 태태 <3<3

  24. 례비

    1 hour plz.........

  25. myosotid

    This song is so beautiful.
    Thank you for creating ♡

  26. sheena asis

    Beautiful song. 💜 Taehyung brought me here.

  27. Rajvee Shah

    You are amazing! Keep it up! ❤❤

  28. Rem Puii

    So proud that I know this song long way before army enter and spam the comment section, Alice Kristiansen will always be my no.1 artist

  29. ValBvb_R11

    You will blow up one day for sure! Keep going 😊

  30. Bangtan freak

    Let's not talk about who brought us here and admire her melancholic voice and touching song. You are an amazing singer Alice.💜
    And tbh i Don't even know if Tae played this or not.

  31. сергей K

    Hello from Russia

  32. Rollinghypogrif240


  33. Long nguyen duc

    i love her voice

  34. Maya Wulan

    Your voice like angel 😍😍😍😍😍

  35. Vic S.

    Theres beauty here

  36. Willdaaa S

    Taehyung took me here💕💕 She's beyond talented

  37. 고은별

    I love you

  38. infires man

    So hopefully a lot of armys came here bcs of taehyung

  39. I will cut your Diddly

    This song is utterly divine

  40. Nara Kim

    Taehyung đã đưa mình đến đây, bài hát rất hay <3

  41. Daniela Fernanda Castellanos

    i just cried with this song

  42. Bts Dna

    Omg omg i didnt know that she's the one that covered ocean eyes. What an angelic voice!!!

  43. 지나가는사람_

    Guys I don't know who taehyung is..,, I just want to enjoy this song

  44. 歐庭豪

    how to live in the underrated world?
    : what is BTS?

  45. Rick King

    Alice just sang this to me my dreams

  46. Dancin Monkey

    Amazing!!! You have a great voice!!!

  47. Erick Pm

    wooooow 😘😍

  48. Miranda Dove

    Am I the only one that Taehyung didn't send?

  49. Edlene De Gracia

    This song just randomly slipped on YouTube and I've been feeling like I was attacked by the song. So search for it and I go check out the comment section and everyone's here commenting about Kim Taehyung.

    And He is the first person that comes to mind after I heard this song.

    Omg! I'm shaking. No joke.

  50. 黃dustar

    aging and aging......, Taehyung, V, thank you 💜

  51. Yesica LIMA

    V bts haces lonque quieres conmigo...aki por ti..pero si que vales la pena...UOY EVOL

  52. Ebony Foley


  53. R.L Trivedi

    Tae tae , thanks a lot. Just because of u i got to know about this beautiful song ❤ 💕 💗 💖

  54. 나비

    Why isn't it on Melon or other music sites? Please give it I beg you. 😭😭😭😭

  55. Eliseo Agapay

    Thank u taetae 💜
    Truly a beautiful song

  56. 태태

    It remindes me of taehyung💜 i'll keep it as a ringtone it's so soothing💜

  57. Joe DiSantis

    Never heard this beautiful song until now.It struck me with its depth and feeling.This is a song you wanted to hear before it became too late.

  58. Simon DV

    Fak this is awesome

  59. Muketsu The Great Sage of The East

    i figured it out, you sound to much like lana del rey and not enough like "Alice Kristiansen" you have a better voice than her so you should use your own style

  60. Benja Meek

    Absolutely Beautiful Music!

  61. Muketsu The Great Sage of The East

    i love your voice, your music is excellent but your covers are even better so i think theres something missing from your songs and thats a catchiness that sticks to people so they feel like they have to hear it again and it gets stuck in their head, but really you have amazing talent and are very beautiful you should definitely have more views and subscribers but maybe your time is yet to come, we will see, Peace and Love <3

  62. Matthias Schorer

    So wonderful!!! Thank you for this song ❤️

  63. JC caranay

    I love kim taehyung and im crying if i hear this song💜💜💜💜💜😙😙😙😙

  64. Laura Jones

    I’m bitter I didn’t hear this before my wedding, it would have made a beautiful first dance song for my husband and I! Gorgeous voice and melody.

  65. Jaya Vannila

    Yep.. From Kim Tae Hyung's live to this wonderful piece of musical art...! To the Moon and Back I love you more than that...💜 #BTS #MoonandBack #AliceKristiansen

  66. ccbbh4477223

    YouTube provides such a platform for a beautiful girl with a great voice. Hope you truly make it sweetheart you truly should. Don't ever give up kid.

  67. Stefanogam

    👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 applauses from Italy :)

  68. Boo boo the fool


  69. taecci

    99.99% is from tae brought me here
    .1% others


  70. taecci

    Tae's fav song became my fav song too💜like all I want and this👻

  71. no jam no life SWAG

    Such a wonderful songs. 😔
    But seriously every time I listen to this song .. taehyung always comes to my mind 😂💜

  72. 김땡땡

    i love this song ONLY because of her beautiful voice💕 she will be very famous and popular more than now😌

  73. Sarak S

    Been listening to this for so long through Lyric Video Channel. Then I fall in love with your cover Born To Die, and just realized this is your song. ❤️

  74. CupCake Present

    Why this video is not hit million views?? Sorry for wrong grammar

  75. Winter Bear TeTe

    Kim Taehyung drag me here .Whoaaa my mind just blown away. His music test is really out of the world. Thanks baby Taetae for dragging me here.

  76. jayjay gaming

    Taekook lead me here to this beautiful song.

  77. Dawn Charlonne

    I love you Kevin to the moon and back..forever and always

  78. yu singularity

    Beautiful song💜💜

  79. T G

    This is the perfect song for a fan fiction I am about to finish but it literally fits perfectly I am so sad 😭 I recently found this song and I love it so much!!!!

  80. decalcomania

    Everyone in the comments came from Tae lmaoo,,, me too🥺💜

  81. renia kozanidi

    I love this song so much when i feel lonely (24/24) i listen it and feel chils in my body i love it 🙂 so much.....

  82. Camille. gnt

    Thanks taehyung

  83. 웅냥냥

    노래 좋다

  84. Herbst Fluss

    This is such a powerful song. The first time I heard it properly, I cried a lot, so much. It made me think of many things but most importantly, I felt grateful for my husband's love and support. I realized this is perfect to describe our relationship. Thank you.

    (Found it through BTS' Taehyung's Vlive, too btw)

  85. CÍCERA Freitas

    thaks Tae for this!

  86. Liliana Wu

    Taehyung 🤩

  87. H H

    This is the first time Ive heard your song but, It is my favorite. I really like your song. Thank you.

  88. J - EDITS

    Taehyung bring me here I always cry when I listen to the song

  89. 黃dustar

    FANTASTIC ......

  90. sunny c

    I like this song very much.♡
    Taehyung~ thanks!!!♡

  91. Dany TV

    Thank you TaeTae💜💜💜💜

  92. Raffy Kali

    Credits to this song

  93. with peace

    멜론 왜 없냐구ㅠㅠ

  94. Andrea Kim •VkooKimJeon•

    Llegue a esta canción por casualidad y ahora me encanta. Merece ser escuchada por más personas, ser más conocida.
    Luego de un tiempo se me da por ver los comentarios y me doy cuenta que ésta canción era la que Taehyung puso en un live, las cosas de la vida ahre

  95. Omarkiwi1

    God.. your voice is so calming, one day you will get big.. please remember us <3

  96. NewStart GT

    I'm here bcoz of BTS V Kim Taehyung 💜 now i'm loving this song 💜💜💜

  97. Zel B.

    After hearing this from Taehyung... i fell in love right away to this song... 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  98. Farah Aziz

    Yes, come here from Tae vlive. Hi Alice. I'm sorry I didn't see you before. Now I'm here as a new fan. Your voice is great