Kristiansen, Alice - Marilyn Lyrics

Just one drop in the ocean
Turned me into a reckless tidal wave
Car crashing in slow motion
You want to but you just can't look away

See through in pink one more drink
For the silent silhouettes sitting in the hall
You never talk cause you know that's what draws me to you
Even when I wish for more

You like me more when I need you
And I need you more than I'm supposed to do so
Tell me what happens in the end
Marilyn Marilyn Marilyn

You wear me well at midnight
I hang on your arm and laugh with all your friends
Your fluorescent under city lights
At your best you're magic even if it's just pretend

You like me more when I need you
And I need you more than I'm supposed to do
Tell me what happens in the end
Marilyn Marilyn Marilyn
Marilyn Marilyn Marilyn

I need you more than I want to
You need me more than you say you do
Tell me now what happens in the end
Tell me now what happens in the end

You like me more when I need you
I need you more than I'm supposed to do
Tell me what happens in the end
Marilyn Marilyn Marilyn

I like you more when I'm lonely
You like me more when I'm on my knees
Tell me what happens in the end
Marilyn Marilyn Marilyn

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Kristiansen, Alice Marilyn Comments
  1. Julien Rogue

    J'écoute ce son quand je dois faire le vide, il me rappelle qu'il existe de la douceur infinie dans ce monde ☼

  2. Your Guitar Buddy

    Obsessed with this song right now

  3. Michael John

    Honestly obsessed with this song

  4. azanay

    This is so beautiful you're a blessing ♥

  5. i m


    i m

    Come to zagreb

  6. The Phoenix

    Marriage is a ring not a chain

  7. Gracie Tollefson

    Defiantly the best of the EP :)

  8. The Phoenix

    I’ll tell you what happens ... that you. Love can make a cancer cry

  9. The Phoenix

    I’d say your great 🌨

  10. Smg Sabrina

    I love this song I know this got nothing to talk about what am about to say but every time I think I want to give up or when am sad I think of pairs and listen to this song and just imagine am in pairs and having a good life just makes my day💕😌

  11. Blue Ribbon

    Je repart bye mon cœur

  12. Blue Ribbon

    Et Ryan ne peux empêcher cela .. mon père est refusé de pénétrer dans ma demeure pour ne pas entre ouvert porte noir

  13. Blue Ribbon

    Je T aime femme enfant ..m'y wife

  14. Blue Ribbon

    Ne T arrenge plus a faire peur ou base vibration ok tu es naturellement belle alors reste le

  15. Blue Ribbon

    Est ce moi Kennedy pour Kanada .. explique moi plus ..

  16. Blue Ribbon

    Tu voix tu me écrit dans mon ordi même si pas connecté a internet

  17. ARVD

    This is really smooth! I like. Don't stop making music.

  18. borntodie

    love you so much ❤ so talented and beautiful ❤

  19. lukas weger

    What BPM IS IT ?

  20. ur mom thinks im cute

    this song makes me go “🥺👉🏽👈🏽”

  21. Benedict Shogunle

    this song hit different with that playback speed on 0.75

  22. Alli Gator

    20 seconds in and I'm obsessed. LOVE THIS SO MUCH!! <3

  23. Siena Messer

    I love ur music so much - it is so relatable to me Thankyou xx

  24. Taylor Sceeles

    I like every single one of your videos.

  25. Renee K

    does anyone have the chords?? this is one of my favorite songs and I want to play it so badly, but I cant find the chords or tabs anywhere online and I'm terrible at figuring that stuff out myself :(

  26. Pavel Pavlov

    Очень жаль, что я не слышал тебя раньше. Великолепный голос! Теперь и в России о тебе знают тоже.

  27. Sophie

    anyone know the meaning of this song? it’s such a beautiful song!

  28. Bianca Picchi

    Her voice is like velvet if that even makes senss

  29. themikeeest

    You’ll always be one of my favorite artists. Love ya, Alice 😍✨

  30. Elena Chang

    This is so original and so you - can't wait for more! I love this video ♥️

  31. Nikki

    Incredible. Stunning.

  32. Paulina Covarrubias

    I’m in love with your style

  33. Aphrodite

    I love u

  34. baby's breath

    the begining of this song is similar to wayamaya by lana del rey.

  35. Elle Reinato

    I just am so happy that I got to hear this masterpiece

  36. Criixel

    I love that ❤️

  37. charles vail

    Your songs light a candle that helps show us the way to a better place. (...a quote from Buddha that i pretty much mangled) Basically, thanks for making such wonderful songs :) !!!

  38. ian santos

    Who knows her before the BLEW UP?

  39. b1468 x

    you appear as an ad then I click immediately <3

  40. Simon TV

    you like me more when I am on my knees what does that mean?

  41. Lucas Becalotto


  42. angelo casadei

    Loved it.

  43. Waa 7


  44. elenxio

    Уси пуси

  45. Ciel Au

    What a beautiful voice.

  46. Messi Goat

    It's a beautiful song I think this song is the one that will get you famous just promote it more

  47. Christina Rita Hage

    I'm sooo gonna cover that song!!!! More people should hear this. It's perfect

  48. Gogu Pãduche

    #Alice Kristiansen:
    As long as you don't become as Shinead O'Connor, it's no problem in losing your mind for a bit, to experience (sentimental) things. Anyway, that's THE SMALLEST problem you have. The biggest (which should keep you relatively "awake" until you solve it) is finding your place in this World.
    Love somebody in the real life*(!), get married, have children, and LIVE! The immortality of the soul and body consist of procreating yourself through your children. If you don't do that, you have lived for nothing, and when you die, it's like you have never existed at all. This is the primordial Zamolxian** les of immortality, of the Gods Race (a.k.a. Surya Vansha etc..), the Hyperboreans/Pelasgians/Dacians. Learn from this ancient wisdom. Otherwise their passed over (to us) wisdom will die with us, and us along with it.

    * getting a bit hurt in the real life, you constructed a fantasy world if yours where you feel safe, in order to not get hurt anymore, in any way, by anybody. Unfortunatelly that world is a fake copy of the real world, without which that fantasy world wouldn't exist at all.
    Get out of your dreams, and create them into the real world. Otherwise you wil disipate like mist at some point, without real substance to let behind.

    ** God, Zeus, EL, Him, The Creator, Zamolse (Zamislitoru Lumii), Dumuzi, Dumnezeu etc.

    Have a nice day @Alice Kristiansen ❤

  49. Lana Hashem

    the aesthetic is unreal✨🥺😍

  50. drifting melodies

    today I'm down for no reason I can't play guitar I can't play games I can't write songs .so I'm drinking beer listening to you ..and I'm soothed

  51. Priyansh Joshi

    Oh my God, finally her own song is here 💚💚

  52. Cosmic Indian

    Underrated 💚

  53. jerizwien j

    Alice : Marilyn.. Marilyn.. Marilyn

    My brain : Monroe.. Monroe.. Monroe

  54. The Petty Cancer

    Alice kristiansen ft lana del ray soon i pray

  55. Dangercus Bae

    she reminds me of Astrid S. two fucking icons!

  56. Daniel Iskandar

    Love your voice alice . Love & peace from #malaysia

  57. Bad habit

    Thisnsong sound like summer on heaven. If that makes sense

  58. Felipe Emmert

    Como eu amo essa mulher meu deus

  59. Kathleen

    literally five seconds and I fell in love

  60. Salome Rodriguez Vela

    This is great

  61. WolfieLuna.

    Wow Ur voice

  62. Taha Ahmar


  63. Isaak Hmingmawizuala

    My ideal woman.......aaaaaaaa.... ams dead ... where can I get one 🚀😔

  64. Alexatron

    Can't stop listening to this song 🤍

  65. louise belcher

    Sorry I know u r straight but this song gives me beautiful gay vibes

  66. louise belcher

    Girl I think you found your sound!!!

  67. Albert Seymore

    These 5 Dislikes must be some personal haters. Lolz.

    Amazing job! 👏

  68. Erza Scarlet

    god, i love this song ♡ thank you for this masterpiece

  69. nana idk

    this is so beautiful 💖

  70. Ilsa S

    it makes me happy that i've known of you since your cover days, it's great to see you make your own music

  71. Ai Mori


  72. Lucas Becalotto

    wow girl I LOVE IT

  73. Fai th


  74. Godfella

    video edit on point, voice is soothing and the music overall is pretty sweet.

  75. Ciel Vin Le Hillier Bout

    Tu as raison je crack cold Colt -45 tabarouette,, pourquoi Sy humide dehors !! C'est parce que Marie-Fille est Humide :) ,, Je croix que c' est Le Saint-GrââL du Krist,,,

  76. Ciel Vin Le Hillier Bout

    Tu me touche beaucoup avec petite fleur et La Reine de Pierre, m1SS1on-Mère,
    me touche plus maintenant avec plus de calme et en conscience,, et te voir lui montrée Ta Louange,,,
    Tsey quand je pense que j'ai pas de souvenir de vie antérieur me fais croire que vous aussi,,, Toi , Te sens Lié a Marie profondément !! Qui me fais pensé a une annonce publicitaire de cuisine ---- une fille dis a son frère que c'est étrange de voir ta blonde qui ressemble tellement a Maman !! lol ,,, je sort un peu prendre vitamine Sun !!

  77. Lucille Sharpe

    This reminds me so much to Lana del Rey😻

  78. _X _


  79. *Mechanical Breathing*

    cant stop coming back to this. help

  80. Santiago Leon

    Me encanto

  81. Agatha Gómez

    I love it. It's deep and authentic and it shows you can give more than your own versions of different songs from different artists. This is not just your own version, but your own and true self

  82. Agatha Gómez

    If I knew you were going to release original music I would've prepared myself for this moment

  83. Debby Flandess

    This is the best advice.

  84. Yoru sz

    it's sad how you waste talent making generic indie music

  85. Amèlie

    there are no words to describe the way your voice makes me feel and how soothing it is

  86. Isabel Leite

    you’re awesome

  87. Isabelle Santos

    Such a beautiful song ❤

  88. Constanza Mua

    I love it 💕

  89. Tara Walzer-Kuharic

    this is gorgeous

  90. cheryolv.

    The visuals are great

  91. Mike Lindsey

    Beautiful video and absolutely beautiful song my friend you are amazing! I love to hear you sing you have such a beautiful and sweet voice! 🙂

  92. Hana Elfelchawy

    you have an exquisite talent and beauty. i’m adore you and i’m very mesmerized by you.

  93. The Gødz

    Great song❤❤❤❤