Kristiansen, Alice - Easy Lyrics

I remember sneaking out
Porch steps creaking now
Hoping that we weren't too loud
I remember thinking that
If we keep on drinking
We'll be warm when the sun goes down

And would you mind sleeping in the car?
'Cause we left the lights on, killed the battery
And it won't start
Could we make the most of the dark?
'Cause I left the lights on, killed the battery

When you watch me like that
You watch me like that
You watch me
When you watch me like that
I forget I've been lonely
Do you want me like that?
You want me like that
You want me
'Cause I want you like that
So could we let it be easy?

We could go swimming now
Smoking, get some in'n'out
Do you ever miss being ten years old?
'Cause this is kinda feeling like
Cheating on your bedtime
These days no one's waiting up at home

Would you mind sleeping under stars?
'Cause I couldn't stand it
If we missed our chance to take it too far
Could we make the most of the dark?
'Cause I couldn't stand it
Knowing that we never took it too far

When you watch me like that
You watch me like that
You watch me
When you watch me like that
I forget I've been lonely
Do you want me like that?
You want me like that
You want me
'Cause I want you like that
So could we let it be easy?

Lean back
Are you falling asleep?
Head lights catching
The whites of your eyes and you're looking at me

When you watch me like that
You watch me like that
You watch me
When you watch me like that
I forget I've been lonely
Do you want me like that?
You want me like that
You want me
'Cause I want you like that
So could we let it be easy?

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Kristiansen, Alice Easy Comments
  1. Abner Gomez


  2. Beatriz Borges

    ♥️ só pra deixar registrado quando essa música for muito famosa ♥️

  3. Kate Huppe

    Why did it take me almost a year to find this song?!

  4. Insert Name

    I love this song. I just wish everyone could hear it. I'll do my best to make people around me listen to this song anyway.

  5. Pat Lopez porter

    Love the song 😮💜 i hope it’s on Spotify I’m adding it to my “feel like a nostalgic beautiful femme fatale walking on the streets” playlist

  6. Aysha Arif

    why did this song disappear off spotify?

  7. Muketsu The Great Sage of The East

    this sounds more like alice, i love it

  8. Eric Julian Castellar Eslait

    There should be the option of give a super like :')

  9. chamberlain.

    Why was it removed from Spotify?

  10. Eric Julian Castellar Eslait

    I can't hear this song in Spotify anymore, anyone knows why?

    Francesca Bordin

    Eric Julian Castellar Eslait i know!! i thought i had lost it forever cause i didn’t remember the title but thank god i found it again. by the way i tried dming Alice on ig hoping she’ll see and do something about it

    Eric Julian Castellar Eslait

    When she noticed the problem, she should do something, I hope :)

    c’est la vie

    i asked her on twitter and she said that the song will come back soon :)

    Francesca Bordin

    c’est la vie thank you ❤️

    Eric Julian Castellar Eslait

    @c’est la vie Thanks you :')

  11. shania marcella


  12. miaka183

    Hope this song will get more recognition it deserves!

  13. shelbyfrowns

    OBSESSED with this song. It’s on repeat.
    Brought me to your channel and all your covers! Love it

  14. Maka C.


  15. Rosen Balabanov

    my fav song of yours

  16. Liz Scott

    Holy moly dis is fire

  17. Santo Roy

    Yo I love the vibes on this channel

  18. kalopisa . caim


  19. Peter DePaola

    i love this song, i found it on spotify via random autoplay and it is by far my fav now

  20. Alli Gator

    Newest obsession 😍😍😍

  21. Colleen Music


  22. Ali Colak

    Marry me plz

  23. zzzzz Smileyy


  24. di kră


  25. Nur E Ferdous

    I really don't understand why and HOW people are sleeping on your talent. Been subscribed almost since the beginning and you push yourself to bring out more talent everytime. Really hope you get all the success and happiness you deserve Alice

  26. Danielle Lamothe

    Are the chords to this posted anywhere ?

  27. Candace Howard

    Love it!

  28. znemyrkce II

    might be a lil late on this but holy shit this is so frigging gooddddd

  29. Googlor Snooglor

    I freaking love this song.... it’s actually such a bop

  30. Ray Morwell

    perfect as hell

  31. tricia t


  32. Aghata Bitelo

    _I LOVE IT_

  33. Alla Alanazi

    Alice this song is sooo beautiful and breathtaking 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡!!

  34. Halcyon Zhang

    I hate that this girl's talent doesn't get enough attention it deserves!!!

  35. Violet Hill

    What a JAM. Your song-writing is getting so lit.

  36. Athenea Castillo

    this is beautiful i feel bad for not listening to it when it first came out.

  37. Adventures with Jillian

    I got the notification on Spotify when I woke up, and I shit you not, as soon as I heard the hook I squealed and said, "yes Alice! yes!"

  38. Nadine Nuraisyah

    very good....... love u 😍

  39. Sunny Sky

    Amazing ❤️

  40. carrie

    just discovered your channel and i’m in love with you and your voice omg!! you’re so incredibly talented and beautiful wtf

  41. Byron Mohammed

    sis.... yes pls

  42. braden perkins

    PHENOMENAL! I’m obsessed ♡

  43. Daniel Adshead

    Beautiful song Alice, I cannot wait for the video clip 😀👍

  44. Matt Chavie

    I like the videos before they start at this point.

  45. Millennials Path

    Pretty awesome.. good job alice

  46. Danian Maguire Music

    Was not expecting this. It’s fire 🤙

  47. Zer0


  48. Test Test

    Sounds like a mixture of „Saints“ and „Lost in Translation“. Love it!

  49. Gabriel Caetano

    Holy shit, this made me shook

  50. Zainab Mujahid

    ok bruv why is this so underrated.

  51. Saarthak Kerketta

    Pls do a cover on
    Stand by me - skylar grey

  52. Jason Burchard

    Your music and lyrics bring strength to the soul and very inspirational ✌

  53. Emily Jennings

    i think it is a pretty song but the writing is pretty average. i appreciate her effort and am looking forward to her future endeavors.

  54. Leftclot

    who is painting all these cover arts for you!!

  55. Nadiah

    this needs to trend

  56. Brook

    I love the lyrics this is so good 😭

  57. Katie


  58. Eva Luutchi


  59. Thiago Oliveira

    This is fantastic, princess Alice. I love watching you.

  60. blake friday

    a whole ass mood though

  61. Ole

    I really like this song

  62. Bon Sunramirez

    You are amazing.

  63. Ainsley Smith

    Can't believe how far you've come! Been listening to you for years and your voice has always been angelic but you've really developed more fully as an artist. Great lyrics and great music mixing, solid production

  64. Mysterious Mystery

    U r awesome 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  65. Sarah Berry

    God damn I needed this right now, love it 💕💕

  66. Llamar

    Listen at 1.25x 😩♥️

  67. in na


  68. Riya Ranga

    Thank you for blessing my ears❤️

  69. nonchalantd

    cute painting

  70. Jay Friedrichs

    alice is gun blow up soon... Good to know I was an OG fan (':

  71. 빛나리


  72. • maura •

    This is fucking amazing what the hell this is going on repeat

  73. snj prl

    Love the new sound! Can’t wait for you to embark on your musical journey even further next year! Definitely my new favorite song!

  74. M Miyatan


  75. moses santos

    woahh 🌊

  76. Maci Ritter

    I like it😌👌🏽 Issa bop

  77. lauren mackenzie

    Heck yeah! We need more of this sound

  78. Rachel Brooklyn


  79. Whatever This is

    “Could we let it be easy” why did my heart start beating twice as fast??

  80. Winterchild

    i love your music so much, alice ♥

  81. Natasha

    i love this so much! <3

  82. Samira Sousa

    I already love it so much ♡♡

  83. abigail

    this is so so good!!

  84. Iván Reyes González

    we need more from you alice damn, this is great

  85. Bunga Prita Andini


  86. DaisyMallard

    Sounds so good and I love the artwork! 😍

  87. Elains Banains

    So I dont think you showed all you got because vocally you're better than it came off in this song. Yk i love you and this will still be on my spotify playlist just because of the nice lyrics cause soundwise this is not my kind of music (just personal preference). And i am very curious what your album will be like if you do one. I hope you choose a wider range of styles to incorporate in an EP so maybe more listeners will enjoy your music ♡ i hope you see this as a respectful constructive critisizing because I really mean no harm.

    Carly I

    I agree! This music type is so mainstream, while she has such a unique voice! She can actually sing! I just don't think this "pop" genre fits her voice, I believe it surpresses her potential.

  88. JayFree


  89. 곽혜민

    Jon Bellion vibes!!! Love it so much <3

  90. Danilo Oliveira

    It's amazing honey ❤

  91. Val Hafer

    I LOVE ITT!!!! amazing.

  92. Val Hafer

    i need the lyricsss

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    ISSA BOP!!!!! 👏👏

  94. Rayan Bersan

    I love your latest releases, so good