Kristiansen, Alice - Cut U Down Lyrics

I just wanna burn this bridge to see
If you'll come right back to me
Said if I cut you down
Would you turn right back around
If I cut you down
Would you turn right back around

She drink too much
I drink too much
My heart gets scuffed I cant get clean
Fight then make up
Smear your make up
Then we wake up
And feel guilty
Now I'm lying dead
In the middle of this bed
On a starship with you
Going lightspeed like ghosts
Wanna fall back
Inside of a love we had
Misremembering the past
And I might be psycho yeah
They don't get faded like me
Or stay up like me
Still got the marks from the way you bite me

I just wanna burn this bridge to see
If you'll come right back to me
Said if I cut you down
Would you turn right back around
If I cut you down
Would you turn right back around

She took my coat
When she wasn't cold
Took my hope but she played me
She cutthroat
Cut my rope
Not loving enough to just hang me
Now I'm lying down
In the middle of this town
That we moved to for you
But I'm solo cant get up
I just want a taste
Cuz you left me with a plate
Empty as a heartbreak
I'm in no state to give up no
They don't get faded like me
Or stay up like me
Still got the marks from the way you bite me

I just wanna burn this bridge to see
If you'll come right back to me
Said if I cut you down
Would you turn right back around
If I cut you down
Would you turn right back around

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