Kristian Stanfill - The Stand Lyrics

You stood before creation
Eternity within Your hand
You spoke the earth into motion
My soul now to stand

You stood before my failure
Carried the Cross for my shame
My sin weighed upon Your shoulders
My soul now to stand

So what can I say
What can I do
But offer this heart O God
Completely to You

So I'll walk upon salvation
Your Spirit alive in me
This life to declare Your promise
My soul now to stand


So I'll stand
With arms high and heart abandoned
In awe of the One who gave it all

So I'll stand
My soul Lord to You surrendered
All I am is Yours

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Kristian Stanfill The Stand Comments
  1. Nathan Wuerch

    The Stand (Kristian Stanfill) - LYRICS

  2. Jennifer Taylor

    Love this song how the lyrics just praises God and how he created the world and its sound as a worship song I listen to this song a lot because it touches my heart

  3. Keira Gramps

    the song is gorgeous and so is God!

  4. Keira Gramps

    love the song. God you are one of a kind. let everyone love you. guys don't hate god for he loves you. Praise the lord everyone! no matter if you don't like him love him he is our heavenly father he created us.

  5. Victoria Ma

    i have also loved this song ever since I heard it at church and heard my cousin sing it many times

  6. Peggy Membreno

    I have always loved this song . Beautiful song

  7. kenji angeles

    Lord Jesus, restore my heart and soul
    and to be with u..

    masquerade Tomlinson

    how's your life

  8. Joe Bullock

    the ones who disliked are the true haters

  9. Daniela Rutz

    Richtig schön! :)

  10. Justin Miller

    So I'll stand with arms high and heart abandoned in awe of the one who gave it all 

  11. Caleb Drago

    I love this song

  12. Liessel Riviera

    One day I couldn't sleep and The Lord revealed this song in my insomnia I went to YouTube and I started listening to this song after that I felt asleep !! God is good

  13. Jayme Battaglia

    Love this song. It's All for Jesus :)

  14. Gissel Mejia

    God is amazing. every time i hear this song almist make me cry.

  15. Sam Ward

    Kristian, I absolutely adore your music and your rendition of this song! Much love your way

  16. kewlcat193

    4:58.... so much power

  17. Blue Eyed Shy Guy

    I worry about that all the time.. in fact to much some times. I want to honor God and lift my hands in submission and adornment but I dont want to be "praying in the streets" you know? Its a hard mix. Still, our God deserves anything and everything we have to give Him no matter where we are. We just need to be sure its about God and not for the sake of ourselves being perceived as Holy.

  18. TheAlexloklok

    It is on the deluxe/special edition only,

  19. TheAlexloklok

    You do realize that Awakening is a recording of the Passion conferences. It is a joint album recorded by many Christian artists.

  20. TraceguyRune

    God is Great! <3

  21. Kimberly Rodriguez

    I love this song We sang this song at convention at Austin at the Capitol #GodIsGood

  22. Kaylee Roach

    I love this song its amazing shame on the one dislike

  23. PinTECH

    I am in love with this song

  24. Shalom Liddick

    With heart abandoned in awe of the One who gave it all.. I love You LORD JESUS!

  25. Victoria Thompson

    i'll stand with arms high and heart abandoned of the one who gave it all!! this song is soooo good:) i will never be shamed of being a Christian ever!! I LOVE THE LORD!!! XOXOXOX peace

  26. Amber Tomlinson-Horan

    neither am i and i love this song sooo much i even put it as my facebook status <3 <3 this song is soo touching

  27. coffeeaddict11

    I get the most amazing feeling when I listen to this song. My heart and soul belongs to God & Jesus.

  28. SilencedMatrix

    Amazing Song!

  29. Justin Todd

    This is one of the best worship song I have ever heard... GLORY TO GOD

  30. nae Carriaga

    Life this song

  31. Ed Brown

    Love this song

  32. Rudy Topete

    This song is my spirit crying out to the Lord. 3:30 is the moment for us as believers to stand and worship our Lord.