Kristian Stanfill - Kingdom Lyrics

Stand up and heed heaven's call
Coming to us one and all
To live love and give love
To those who don't know of
The lavish and true love of God

We are the kingdom of God
We are an army of love
We carry truth to the world
We are the kingdom of God

Now join together as one
The time for rejoicing has come
Evil will tremble
When God's saints assemble
Yes, now His salvation is here

I am, you are, we are the kingdom

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Kristian Stanfill Kingdom Comments
  1. azadeh sarafraz

    I need to check ur vitals first.

  2. Kmac4him

    This is NOT our world. We don't belong here, we belong to the Kingdom of God. God wrote our home destination on our hearts and we always long for it and desire to serve it first!

  3. Seline Ire

    They Play this song at my church! :D always so welcome<3 c:

  4. bubblestar3

    <3 keep on Loving Kristian <3 ;3

  5. Herkeless

    Awesome song. Period.

  6. tas4435

    i first saw him at the live love conference thats what that picture comes from

  7. Tara Wells

    I love this song i went to live love and he was there and performed this live! He is awesome!!!!

  8. hai_dreamers

    at YoshiGod1 O MY GOSH ME TOOOO!!!

  9. Savannah Sophia

    @christopher0310 lol yea

  10. daviddwk

    the memory of camp :D

  11. Nomesay1

    Dude I went to challenge 2010 also and i got to talk to him and he signed my hat :) he is totally out there just to worship God and you can so tell when he is up there on stage that he is just worshiping God. Its amazing what God can do. :)

  12. croddawg

    being from hawaii, we dont get many concerts...but challenge 2010 was amazing...i was jumping in the front for most of kristian;s songz cuz i could feel the spirit in the building :)

  13. Erin Richardson

    he is great!!! i got to hear him at Challenge 2010 and i got to meet him and talk to him he is AMAZING!!!! :D

  14. Otaku1015

    I went too challnge tooo it was sooooooooooooo much fun im not even kidding

  15. Monica Keever

    @YoshiGod1 omg me 2!!!

  16. Ashton Parker

    love this song! i am the second poster for this video! ;)

  17. crayolahoe

    Ressurectonn was amazinuhhh((:
    I loved it front row all day everydaayy((:

  18. Carla Chapel

    Great! He came to my church last year,and we all really enjoyed him and the whole band!

  19. Ashely Lee

    I <3 this Song it is ssssoooo Awesome

  20. Kate Ortiz

    I have his pick and one of the guitarist matts pick and i got a poster signed by them (:

  21. NhLives

    Woo Rez' 2010'! I'm the guy in week two, that when Kristian brought up "Sweet potato Pie" i shouted woo!...Then Kristian said i looked like him randomly. >.> AND DUH, THIS SONG ROCKS. Did i forget something? :)

    -Jeff (White Oak United Methodist Youth\Red Bank, Tennessee)

  22. Ashlyn Kelly

    I agree ! Kristian was GREAT! i was also at ressurection in gatlinburg , tn. and i hope and pray that him and lookadoo will be there next year. ahhh i cant wait till ressurection 2011 ! [:

  23. sheisinlovewithjoe

    Kristian is awesome!! I went to the Resurrection thing in Gatlinburg, TN It was so awesome!! And so spiritual i suggest that if you are a youth and love God you should go next year!!

  24. WorldOfChances2GiveU

    i love this song, i heard a band cover it.They we're awesome and so is he.This song is amazing
    anyways God bless

  25. neopong13

    Thank yo so MUCH! FOR POSTING THIS UP!!!
    Such an amazing song!

  26. Jessica Park

    :D love this

  27. dude908200

    Kristian is awsome and meet him in person at camp gotell hes awsome

  28. Alexis Whitmire

    LOVE this song! SOOO glad you posted.