Kristian Stanfill - Draw Near Lyrics

Here I quiet my soul
You are all that I seek
Still within me the worries of life
Here my heart is at peace

I draw near
I draw near to You
You draw near
You draw near to me

Here I lay my life down
Cast my cares at Your feet
Jesus here in this moment with You
I have all that I need

Jesus You alone are my hiding place
My all in all
My everything

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Kristian Stanfill Draw Near Comments
  1. Braden Shaw

    I first did not know what this song was, and then when I was reading my prayer booklet it told me to listen to this song. This is a really good song.

  2. Margarita Lopez

    4:54 is my favorite part of this song! I want to be near to you, Jesus! I want to come close to, you! <3

  3. Aplmn4221

    Fantastic Video! Thank you!
    Hey just 1 suggestion: when the song goes "And I draw near, I dreaw near"
    Shouldn't "dreaw" be "draw"? Is that a spelling error?
    I point this out only because I'd love to use this for our Celebrate Recovery ministry.
    Thank you again!

    A River With No End

    @Aplmn4221 2000 views and no one told me!
    Here's the update: