Kris Kristofferson - Third World War Lyrics

Where the young men's brave new visions threaten old men's selfish dreams
And they try to crush the spirit with their money and machines
And they call it communism because they don't know what it means
In the third world war

And the rich keep getting richer and as wrong as they are right
And the poor become the victims of the armies of the night
And the odds are never even and their skins are never white
In the third world war

Broken rules and dirty warriors spreading lies and secret funds
Can't defeat the Campesino with their money and their guns
'Cause he's fighting for his future and his Freedom and his sons
In the third world war

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Kris Kristofferson Third World War Comments
  1. shoulderghost1

    Just too much truth in these only all too profound lines! It hasn't gotten any better since Kris wrote them. It's actually way worse!

  2. Alex Zambra

    Great song. Hope all the lyrics are not true.

  3. Nora Brockhaus

    He tells it like it is.

  4. Angela Smith

    Kris can make everyone embarrassed they ever tried to write a song. Willie said he must have lived a thousand lives a thousand times

  5. PeaceSeekr

    I loved Kris and his music since I was a Hippie in College back in the early 70s. I bought an 8 track tape with John Denver on one side and Kris was on the other side. It took awhile for my liberal friends to realize that not all country is right wing hick music.